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Democrats increasingly down on ObamaCare

Very interesting survey concerning ObamaCare.  Kaiser Family Foundation does a monthly tracking poll.  Their October poll yielded some surprise results.  Note that this comes as we have been learning more and more about the details of the ObamaCare law:

  • After remaining roughly evenly split for most of the last year and a half, this month’s tracking poll found more of the public expressing negative views towards the law. In October, about half (51%) say they have an unfavorable view of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), while 34 percent have a favorable view, a low point in Kaiser polls since the law was passed. While Democrats continue to be substantially more supportive of the law than independents or Republicans, the change in favorability this month was driven by waning enthusiasm for the law among Democrats, among whom the share with a favorable view dropped from nearly two-thirds in September to just over half (52%) in October.
  • Americans are more than twice as likely this month to say the law won’t make much difference for them and their families as they are to say they’ll be better off under the law.  Forty-four percent say health reform won’t make much difference to them personally, up from 34 percent in September. Meanwhile 18 percent say they and their families will be better off, down from 27 percent last month. (The share who thinks they’ll be worse off personally held steady at roughly three in ten, where it has been since the law passed in 2010.) Here, too, changes in views among Democrats helped shape the overall change. 

That’s a bit of a sea-change on the Democratic side.

It’s also significant for another reason.  It makes the case for repeal stronger.  While Republicans have always been against it, that’s been fairly easy for Democrats to wave off.  Indies are a little harder to wave off.  But when other Democrats are less supportive of the law, to the point that fewer and fewer have an favorable view of the law, well that makes it increasingly harder for Democrats to justify keeping it.

Something is causing their support to erode and the GOP needs to figure out what it is and use it to make their case.

As election time nears, this is an issue they can use as a secondary one to the economy.  It was unpopular when it passed.  It has remained mostly unpopular and, with this sort of poll, we see the unpopularity expanding into Democratic ranks.  It appears it is something the GOP could get majority consensus on.


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18 Responses to Democrats increasingly down on ObamaCare

  • I think there’s a fundamental misunderstanding on the part of the public. Laws are passed and people expect immediate results. I wonder how many people actually know that the law actually doesn’t go into effect until 2014. And yes, I realize that there are some parts effective now. Pre-existing condition restrictions, keeping kids on until 26 etc.
    The reality of the law, and an intended consequence, was to give out some goodies now and save the worst parts for post 2012. The effect is that the number of beneficiaries of the immediate changes are small relative to the total population. No matter how successful the implementation, this success pales in comparison to 9% unemployment and all the other issues at the top of our heads.
    There’s another factor at work. Our new family health insurance plan has fewer “benefits” and an 18% higher cost. And I know we are not the only ones seeing those kinds of outsized increases in cost. Connecting the dots for most people see the bad news and associate it with the new health care law.
    Nancy, we’ve seen what’s in it and we like it even less!

    • I think Democrats thought it would lower their payments, but instead, they keep going up and up and up to cover the goodies.
      Meanwhile, how many people joined those exchanges? Not many.

  • ObamaCare will barely be mentioned, by Democrats and probably by Obama himself, in the 2012 campaign. Hope and Change, that was so long ago. Now it will be “the rich must be put in their place” and “Barack saved America.”

    • Critics of the health care takeover might make their point better by calling it a more proper name: ObamaPelosiCare.
      The radical leftists in Congress put that bill together.  Remind people how they short-circuited the Senate and marched that smiling shrew with her giant gavel in front of the protestors.

  • In Realityville, America does NOT like much of anything that Bad Luck Barry has shown them.
    President Triple-D (despair, decline, divide).  I guess we could add “deficit” and “deceive”.
    Feel free to add your own…

  • Problem is they’re probably down because its not in full swing fast enough and doesn’t go far enough.  They see it as a failure of execution and of principle.

    • “They see it as a failure of execution and of principle.”
      should read
      “They see it as a failure of execution and not of principle.”

  • I’ve always been opposed to Obamacare, because I think that healthcare is the responsibility of the states. But I support it because Obama is just dreamy and healthcare is a moral right. Not a natural right, mind you, which doesn’t exist. But we can through politics create or remove any right, and we caring people on the left have decided that healthcare is a right. While openly opposing the government probably shouldn’t be, because it creates all kinds of irresponsible dissension. Unless it’s done by fresh-faced kids in tents, who are not the least bit smelly and you guys should stop talking about that.

    So there. Now shut up with your natural rights stuff from Meses and Adam Smythe and those people. They don’t count. I certainly didn’t include them in the course I taught on historical philosophers. So they’re not important.

    And shut up about how something can’t be a right if someone else must be coerced into supplying it. That’s not true, because… oh, look over there, another magenta caterpillar with Sarah Palin’s face. Um, we’re done talking about the rights thing, aren’t we? Or was my handwave of a perfectly logical argument too abrupt?

    Anyway, I have certainly not seen any decrease in support for Obamacare here in the faculty lounge. Nope, we think people are just about to rise up and sing its praises. Or at least smile knowingly to themselves about how wonderful it is. You’ll see. I think you’ll be surprised by how much everyone will love Obamacare. Your thinking is so 20th century, and you’re being left behind.

    I have not used any of those phrases recently, have I? And don’t start up about how they are meaningless and just a way for me to sound smug and superior without actually making any sort or argument whatsoever. I do make the arguments, over at my blog, where you should totally be visiting as often as possible to read how lyrics from Styx and Alan Parsons can be combined with schlocky dialog from Star Wars to produce deep philosophical insights.

    You should totally come over there, and comment too. Just read the others there, and you’ll see how they think I’m brilliant. And that’s not either because I ban the ones who effectively challenge me.

    So shut up about how my banning policy is much more restrictive than the one here. It’s not. I banned them because those nasty people refused to give me their real name , so that I could report them to the Committee for Public Safety. That’s all.

    So let’s just agree to stop talking about that, and then we won’t even have to discuss the fact that Dale thinks I should be banned here, but somehow I still am able to come back whenever I want and spread my wisdom around. Out of the goodness of my heart and my desire to keep you poor righties from being left behind in the 20th century, of course.

    Certainly not because it feeds my ego to talk down to you guys. My ego is perfectly fine, thank you very much. I’m smart and I have an advanced degree, and darn it, people like me.

    So don’t you dare start up about how someone so supposedly smart ended up dodging moose on the way to teach bored undergraduates at a school 99% of Americans have never heard of and which doesn’t even have a PhD program, all for low pay. I love my work because I’m spiritual and stuff, and money doesn’t matter to me. It’s just like a dense rightie to judge someone by actual accomplishments instead of spiritual things and advanced degrees. You meanies.