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Observations: The QandO Podcast for 30 Oct 11

In this podcast, Bruce Michael, and Dale discuss college loans and baseball.

The direct link to the podcast can be found here.


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3 Responses to Observations: The QandO Podcast for 30 Oct 11

  • Haven’t listened to this podcast yet (I am a couple of weeks behind) but have been listening to the ones in the past.  I wanted to point out a problem that I have assumed you guys knew about but seems to be getting worse rather than better.  I cannot hear Michael Wade well at all.  Dale and McQ come through nicely, but Michael, is very, very quiet.  I listen while driving in the car and am always using the volume button because I have to turn it up (significantly) to barely hear Michael, while I about jump out of my seat when either of the other two start talking after Michael.  I just finished Oct 23rd and the problem seemed worse on that one than some of the ones in the past.
    I enjoy your podcasts.  Hope there is a simple way to fix this.

  • Eh, maybe I posted too soon.  I just listened on my computer and it sounds fine.  My car stereo system must have a notch filter for Michael’s voice 🙁
    Sorry to bug you,