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The left’s new “global warming?” Income inequality

Apparently income inequality is the new cult of the left. And they intend upon exploiting it to their advantage.   Never mind the fact that It makes the same sort of erroneous assumptions as does global warming:  A) that there’s a perfect temperature for the earth and B) man is screwing it up.

Income inequality makes two such assumptions: A) economics is a zero sum game so when the rich get more the poor get less,  B) income classes are static. 

Finally, in the case of both, the solution is government intervention.  In the case of global warming the solution is to tax us back into the stone age to prevent the production of CO2 and maintain whatever temperature target they’re gunning for.  In the case of income inequality, the solution is government taxing the “rich” and redistributing their income to ensure the rich don’t get more than their “fair share”.  That’s sort of like that perfect temperature I was talking about .. who gets to decide what is a “fair share?”

Of course it plays into the left’s love of class warfare.  Such warfare allows the left, which seems to have an ingrained guilt about succeeding and being richer or better off than others, to use these issues to a) assuage that guilt and b) use government as an instrument of utopian change (social engineering).

One of the most attractive aspects of this nation’s founding was the fact that government was formed to fulfill and entirely different role than it had traditionally to that point.  It was chartered to be an institution that protected the rights of the people who were the sovereigns and in charge.  Government was to be a sort of “night watchman” who protected us from force and fraud both internally and externally.   And to discharge those duties the government was given certainly powers to do so.

But never envisioned or entertained was the idea that government would intrude to such an extent as it has today.  That’s because those who wrote the founding document understood what freedom and liberty meant.   And they also realized that any intrusion by government in areas other than that of protecting rights actually meant violating rights.   Certainly not the rights of all, but it must violate rights, such as that to property, to take from one and give to another under such flimsy pretexts such as those presented by income inequality and global warming.

Government intrusion and cronyism (both economic and political) are rampant now (and not just on the left).  The system is horribly corrupted, the government far too intrusive and the left continues to try to change government’s focus from night watchman to Candyman.

Unfortunately, they seem to have had far more success than they should have or we wouldn’t be discussing this right now or noting the seriousness which one has to take these issues.

The level of intrusion and cronyism (both economic and political) will end up destroying this country.   It is well on its way now.  And all of it being done in the name of fairness, equality and compassion. 

There is no fairness involved in taking something someone earned and giving it to someone who hasn’t earned it.  There’s no equality involved in shackling one person to the needs of another.  And it certainly isn’t compassionate to make someone dependent on another.

But that’s where the left wants to take us.


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