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OWS in a nutshell

Jim Geraghty’s “Morning Jolt” (besides a quote from one of my posts – thank you) had this from blogger Brady Cremeens .  It sums up OWS, as I’ve watched it over the weeks, pretty well.  And, as usual the irony impaired left has missed it completely.

Cremeen’s discussion is spot on:

In a hilariously idiotic display of irony, Occupy Wall Street is experiencing firsthand the failure of the system they are clamoring for. They squabbled over how to properly distribute the over half a million dollars in donations they received.  Some people felt they deserved more because they were doing more activist work, versus those who spent their occupying days playing drum circles or doing, well, nothing. What’s incredible is that the same people arguing over how to redistribute the wealth given them are pushing for a complete American system of wealth redistribution. They see no correlation between their own inability to “fairly” distribute money and that government mandated wealth distribution would just assuredly fail as well, but on a massive, nation-shaking economic scale.

Similarly, the kitchen staff at Occupy Wall Street ran into problems when they felt they shouldn’t have to prepare food for the “homeless and free loaders”. In summary, the group fighting for a socialist nation where everyone is equal regardless of output refuses to serve those who aren’t doing their share. Apparently, hypocrisy and irony are foreign concepts to the Occupy crowd.

What is perhaps most disconcerting is not that a few college kids and hippies are upset about student loans and mortgages, but that this clearly sordid movement has the complete support of major players in the American political system and media. Elizabeth Warren claims to be the “brains behind Occupy Wall Street” (insert joke here), Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and the President himself have all spoken in support of the protests.

It’s the apparent discovery that their system doesn’t work right in the middle of demanding that system be imposed which has me laughing and shaking my head.

The metaphor he uses is perfect:

Asking “Where did the Occupy movement go wrong?” is akin to musing “Where did Michael Moore’s fitness regime fall apart?” The answer: early, often, all over the place.

Yet for some reason, the left, Democrats and the media are embracing it.

The big question is “why”?   Why do they consider this a valuable movement to which they want to attach their political credibility?  What happens when, and it will, it all goes sour.

Consider (from Ace of Spades):

Verum Serum has been on this doggedly. For reporting the truth, of course, Mother Jones and left-wing blogs like Alternet  implied he was part of a right-wing "smear campaign."

Girls are getting raped at these events. That is not particularly the Occupiers’ fault. In any group, there will be some criminals.

What is their fault is discouraging the girls from reporting the rapes, in the interest of PR for the movement. Apparently talking the position that girls should just close their eyes and think of England.

The ABC report John partially praises fails to mention that fact about Occupy.

In a video by Lee Stranahan and Brandon Darby, one disgruntled Occupier is leaving, because someone on the Sanitation Team (???) took a swing at him, and then the Public Relations Praetorian Guard immediately swept in and began telling him no one took a swing at him.

These droids? What droids? Oh these droids.

These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

Again, if the charges weren’t so serious, the situation would be entirely laughable.  What’s also apparent is the movement is degenerating into what critics predicted it would even while the press continues to give it an overall shine.  One can’t help but think of a rotting fish on the beach with glittery scales.

They are creating a society within their encampment that they’re discovering doesn’t work even while demanding that society be imposed on the whole.  How the press manages to miss that is beyond me.  Well not really.   And it certainly isn’t at all surprising that the left misses it.

But my guess is, when this all degenerates to the state of chaos and violence that the Democrats will end up holding the proverbial political bag of dog poo and trying to explain their way out of supporting this mess.

Should be fun to watch.


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25 Responses to OWS in a nutshell

  • It’s already turned violent and nasty.  See:  Oakland.

    Good job dems, good job

  • I’ve seen this from the start as a reenactment of the 60’s hippie thing, complete with the communes.
    Just take a look around .. how many of those 60’s communes lasted .. till the 70’s.

  • “one disgruntled Occupier is leaving, because someone on the Sanitation Team (???) took a swing at him, and then the Public Relations Praetorian Guard immediately swept in and began telling him no one took a swing at him.”
    Caught that video yesterday – here’s an interesting note – the girl in that same video complaining that the sanitation committee screwed with her stuff and chucked it all out (which is why he got involved).  She happens to be the same girl  that appeared in a video that linked ACORN to being one of the hidden drivers of the OWS movement.
    And her stuff got screwed with and junked, hrmmmmmm, gee, I wonder how and why that happened (I wonder if she’s considered the link herself yet).  Punishment?  Nooooooo, I shouldn’t be absurd, it’s a coincidence, that’s all.

    • Her stuff?  How does she have stuff?  That would require private property rights.

      • Time for an appropriate Python break I think –
        (Short montage of Dennis riding accompanied by the song.)
        Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore
        Etcetera, etcetera…
        (He leaps off his horse and runs to the door of the hut, throws the door open and enters. The little hut is now stuffed with all possible signs of wealth and all imaginable treasures.)
        Male Peasant (Michael Palin): What you got for us today then.
        Moore: Well I’ve managed to find you four very nice silver spoons Mr Jenkins.
        Male Peasant: (snatching them rudely.) Who do you think you are giving us poor this rubbish?
        Female Peasant (Terry Jones): Bloody silver. Won’t have it in the house. (throws it away) And those candlesticks you got us last week were only sixteen carat.
        Male Peasant: Yes, why don’t you go out and steal something nice like some Venetian silver.
        Female Peasant: Or a Velasquez for the outside loo.
        Moore: Oh all right. (turns purposefully)
        (Usual montage of Dennis Moore riding plus song.)
        Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore
        Riding through the land
        Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore
        Without a merry band
        He steals from the poor. And gives to the rich
        Stupid bitch.
        (Dennis Moore reins to sudden halt and looks over to camera.)
        Moore: What did you sing?
        Singers: (speaking) We sang… he steals from the poor and gives to the rich.
        Moore: Wait a tic… blimey, this redistribution of wealth is trickier than I thought.

  • Heh, they’ve advanced the “hold my breath until I turn blue” of childhood into “staying here until we change the system!” of adulthood.

  • A few vignettes…
    A guy from Lefty Central Casting tried to intercede when…get this…WHOLE FOODS was attacked by Revolting Eloi.  He got his butt kicked in short order, and the attack continued.
    Men’s Wearhouse tried to buy off the mob with “solidarity” signs…in its now-broken windows.  (Last time I go NEAR a Men’s Wearhouse store).
    The Leftie governments in NYC and Oakland are being dragged into reality.
    A crazy guy went off at OWS and started stomping on tents and sleeping people.  He was stopped by ANOTHER crazy guy who insists he’s a career Turkish diplomat.
    The 2012 election could have a serious law and order facet…and Bad Luck Barry already identified with the mob.

    • The saddest part of this is so few of them will come out of their little totalitarian effort with any respect for our current system.
      It will all revert to dreaming of how well it would have worked  “if I were in charge” or “if only they did what I told them” thinking without ever pausing to note the irony of what they were saying.
      All while sitting in mom’s basement, posting on Facebook and munching little white powdered donuts.

      • You measure progress in “1”s, looker.  There will be some individuals who…having lost their AirMacs and iPhones through “redistribution”….will BEGIN the process of letting the light shine in…

  • OWS started about the same time Fast & Furious started getting national attention and a majority started to pin the economy on Obama.
    Occupy would A) energize the Dems base while B) deflect attention from the main headlines. It’s done pretty well on part B – Fast&Furious isn’t getting getting much attention anymore and the reduced coverage of the economy in the MSM is limited to ‘Republicans blocked the jobs bill’ with no mention that it’s a repeat of the failed stimulus, or alternate that passed the House.
    The downside for the Dems is that it may end up not just energizing a new wave of young idealists with no connection to reality, it could end up exposing their base for what it really is.

    • And “Solyndra”.
      Wag-the-dog, anyone?

    • Oh, Fast and Furious hasn’t gone away – it’s just plodding along, and I hope, the wheels of justice are setting to grind ‘exceedingly fine’.

  • Think any of the useless idiots at Zucotti and elsewhere will have word 1 to say about Obama buddy and Dem power broker Jon Corzine?

  • But my guess is, when this all degenerates to the state of chaos and violence that the Democrats will end up holding the proverbial political bag of dog poo and trying to explain their way out of supporting this mess.

    Bruce! You know damn well the Democrats never explain ANYTHING.
    They haven’t explained the Democrat ties to the KKK, their collusion with the Soviets, their facilitating the fall of Vietnam and the deaths of thousands of those refugees…

  • “the Democrats will end up holding the proverbial political bag of dog poo and trying to explain their way out of supporting this mess.”
    Cue the Republican sponsored ‘False-flag’ OWS moonbatery.