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Obama: Lazy America

Where has this man been?  Or perhaps the most salient question is what planet has he been hiding on?  This is what he said in Hawaii to a gathering of CEOs at APEC about why we’re apparently in the mess we’re in:

“We’ve been a little bit lazy over the last couple of decades. We’ve kind of taken for granted — ‘Well, people would want to come here’ — and we aren’t out there hungry, selling America and trying to attract new businesses into America.”

Yes friends, the blame-shifter-in-chief says it is we lazy Americans who’ve taken everything for granted these last few decades that are responsible for the economic downturn we are experiencing now.

Never mind the fact that this administration has openly warred on business.  Never mind we have the highest corporate taxes in the world.  Never mind that government intrusion and regulation have only gotten worse.   Never mind that government has actively sought to block businesses which could make a world of difference in both jobs and competitiveness.  For instance:

— blocking oil and gas exploration in the Gulf even after safety and spill prevention procedures were upgraded

— trying to keep one of our major manufacturers, Boeing, from opening a new plant (jobs) in one of our few major industries (aerospace) by attempting to block non-union labor from working in a right-to-work state.

— delaying the Keystone XL pipe line (again, thousands of high paying jobs) for political reasons (delayed until after the election).

Etc.   Not to mention the government policy and enforcement of that policy (Community Reinvestment Act) that led to the housing bubble and financial melt down.

It isn’t about a lazy America.  It’s about an over-reaching, intrusive government whose level of intrusion and market distortion have only gotten worse “over the last couple of decades”. 

And here’s a clue Mr. Obama – we lazy Americans didn’t run up a $14 trillion dollar debt.  You pandering politicians did.  And that debt load is also killing our competitiveness and has led to a downgrade of the country’s credit rating — on your watch.

Yeah, blame it on others, Mr. Obama  — but thinking Americans,  Americans who’ve actually run something and done something, know the score.  Hopefully they’ll put you in a new position in November of 2012, where your primary responsibility will be getting with your wife and picking out wallpaper for your presidential library.


Where on earth has he been?


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10 Responses to Obama: Lazy America

  • Obama says American businesses are “lazy”….!!!???

    Not so much that…

    What this is, is the opening shots in the inevitable decay of a Socialist economy. When productivity starts dropping and there are fewer resources available for redistribution, the leadership notes that the people aren’t working as hard as they used to. The obvious conclusion is that the people have gotten lazy, and the nomenklatura then start on a campaign to get people to work harder and more effectively. Look up some political posters from the USSR of the Twenties and Thirties for examples.

    It isn’t true. What’s happening is that people are working more virtuously — in Socialist class-warfare terms.
    –Ric Locke

    And, by “virtuously”, he means just LESS, because being highly productive in the Collective is EVIL, since it leads to bad stuff…like higher incomes or making your lazy thug union “brothers” look like…lazy thugs.

  • This man is accusing others of laziness? Oh, the irony…

  • This man is accusing others of laziness? Oh, the irony…

  • Obamas just recalling his college days and his days at his makey-fake believe ‘jobs’

  • What a piece of garbage. He really doesn’t have any idea what business people are doing on daily to try to grow opportunities in the U.S. He is so frickin clueless. I know I wrote garbage, but Calliphorid flies, like the one pictured in link, are typically attracted to freshly dropped feces:


    The world has changed. Memory…and access to prove it…has made stupid statements by congenital liars SOoooo easy to show.

  • Yeah, we were lazy all right, too lazy to vet a… gentleman, who had accomplished nothing as a Senator, or at any point prior to that, in his entire life. Too lazy to rise up and punish a media complicit in keeping the cat in the bag well into 4 years after the man should have been exposed as nothing more than a narcissistic fraud. Too lazy to try and prevent a marxist, class warfare pandering politician from entrenching himself and people like him at the top of our political structure.

  • “we aren’t out there hungry, selling America and trying to attract new businesses into America.”

    Typical politician…like nothing happens without the government and especially a politician “selling it”