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The “Gimme Generation”

I‘ve mentioned before about the seemingly unbridgeable ideological divide confronting our federal representatives in Washington, DC. This seems to be a generational version of the same thing (my emphasis):

Young folks today appear to have the same dreams and ambitions that my generation had at the same age. We wanted an education, a good career, a home of our own and a happy life. The main difference between today’s youthful opinion is that most of us expected to stay in school, work hard and earn a good life instead of having it given to us at someone else’s expense — a point of view expressed by many young adults today.

Proof of the pudding showed up this fall in a survey conducted by Professor Jack W. Chambless at Valencia College in Florida. He asked his students to write a short essay expressing their view of The American Dream.

Most of the students responded with the familiar notions of youth expressed by my generation with one important and notable exception. Instead of taking personal responsibility for their future, they noted that the government should, “Pay my tuition, provide me with a job, give me money for a house, make sure I get free health care and pay for my retirement.” If necessary, “… raise taxes on rich people so that I can have more money …”

What else would you expect from young Americans, who, after several generations, have grown accustomed to a “Nanny State” in which the Federal Government has taken more and more license with the lives of individual Americans? This entire process has resulted in a citizenry in which one-half of wage earners pay no income tax at all and, indeed, in some cases even get a “refund” even though that refund comes from one of the other half of Americans who have paid income tax. If this is not a prime Marxist example of government, “From each according to his ability; to each according to his need,” I don’t know what is.

In fact, according to clip below, 80% of the students opined that health care, tuition, down payments and jobs should all be provided by the government at no cost to themselves. And, while this certainly isn’t a scientific poll or anything even approaching the sort, it should be noted that this was from a class of 200 college kids. So, at least 160 of them thought this way. Which is more than just pathetic and sad. It’s a harbinger of terrible things to come.

I truly pray that Valencia College has cornered the market on freeloaders, thus making this a terribly skewed sample. Or maybe the students surveyed are just a bunch of smart-asses having fun with their professor. Indeed, I’m sure that something far less than 8 in 10 college students believes that government should just provide for their every want and desire, paying for out of the pockets of the “rich” if need be (one wonders where they think all these goodies originate?).

But the number doesn’t really need to be all that high before serious issues arise. If, instead, the number is only 20% (or 1 in 5), that would be better, but still alarming. Consider that if 20% of the electorate feels this way, and that the remaining 80% are diametrically opposed on almost every issue, then pleasing that smaller cohort becomes the key to political victory. In short, giving free stuff to the 20% in exchange for their votes. Which is not at all unlike what we have now.

Of course if that number is higher that 1 in 5, the problem becomes much worse. At least, until they run out of other people’s money.

You can see a video of an interview with the professor who conducted the survey here.

4 Responses to The “Gimme Generation”

  • There was a piece on NHK World (Japanese cable) on the evening before Thanksgiving on a related mality of these poor coddled “everybody wins, nobody loses” idiots.

    It’s called “Modern Depression.”

    It’s a special form of depression striking the 20 to 30 year olds (most normal depression seems to occur in 45 to 50s). It seems that they have been coddled so much that they don’t take criticism very well causing them to go into depression when their boss criticize them.

    The best part is when they describe how those poor coddled “everybody wins, nobody loses” idiots are still able to function outside of work .. like going drinking with the buddies .. but are unable to function at work.

    MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Politics today needs to be changed.

    Next, we will all receive a “participation trophy” in the mail from the IRS.

    • @Neo_ I remember a documentary about 15 years ago (give or take!) in which children who were failing school or having other trouble were being classed as “low self-esteem”, but on deeper analysis revealed themselves to have very *high* esteem and began to fail or act up when they ran into a reality outside home or the soccer games where no scores were kept and everyone got a trophy. Those kids would now be about 20-ish I suppose, and leaving university to find jobs right around now…

      Kind of all makes sense really doesn’t it?

      “Modern depression” sounds more like “still acting like a 5 year old” if you are fully functional in every situation except where some other adult holds you to a minimum standard.

  • Somebody needs to inform these delusional students at Valencia College that they are the future 1%. It is their duty to work hard and pay lots of taxes so so people like Obama’s minions can live the “good life”