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Tina Brown: Obama just doesn’t like his job

Aw, Bunkie doesn’t like his job?  The smartest guy in the room? 

You know I think back to all the times in the past three years I’ve pointed out the man has little if any leadership skills and now, it seems, even liberals are having to admit it, even if obliquely and wrapped in spin.  Check out this transcript on Morning Joe with Tina Brown:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Tina, what has happened to this president, the president from hope and change?  What has happened?

TINA BROWN: Well it’s so interesting. I think that Obama doesn’t like his job, actually. I think that he is genuinely of a professional disposition in the sense that I think that he’s interested in chewing over the pros and cons, and he doesn’t like, he doesn’t like power and he doesn’t know how to exercise power. And I think knowing how to exercise power is absolutely crucial.  He doesn’t understand how to underpin his ideas with the political gritty, granular business of getting it done. And that kind of gap has just widened and widened and widened. And so that every time there is a moment, a window where he can jump in, like something like a Simpson-Bowles as well, he just doesn’t do it. He hangs back at crucial moments when you have to dive through that window.

SCARBOROUGH: And regardless of your ideology, it is very safe to say, I think most people would agree: LBJ he is not, Bill Clinton, he is not, when it just comes to understanding how to make Washington work.

MIKE BARNICLE: It appears off of what Tina just said, you just said, it appears that you could make a case that Barack Obama doesn’t like politics. [emphasis mine]

He doesn’t like power?  Nonsense.  As Ace says, this is just a way of spinning failure.  It is an apologia.  He loves power.  He thought this was all about power.  All he had to do was win and have his way.  But a funny thing happened on the way to the Oval Office.  He found out he had to lead to wield his power and he hasn’t a clue about what that entails.  You see, he never thought he’d  have to actually do the “political gritty, granular business of getting it done” … i.e. lead.  He’d just wave his hand and demand it be done.

Just check his reliance on executive orders and executive branch agencies to see how he’d prefer to do business.   Dictate. 

And this claim just floored me:

He doesn’t understand how to underpin his ideas with the political gritty, granular business of getting it done.

State Senator and US Senator and he doesn’t understand the basic nature of politics today, the process  and what it requires?  And he’s the smartest guy in the room?  That’s just absurd.  He knows full well what it takes, he just doesn’t want to have to do it.

As the discussion continues, Tina Brown agrees with Mike Barnicle’s claim that Obama just doesn’t like politics:

BROWN: Right. I absolutely feel that.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Well who would today? I mean, I think it’s great that —

SCARBOROUGH: Oh come on. If you don’t like medicine, don’t be a doctor. If you don’t like politics, don’t put yourself out there to run the free world, Mika.

BRZEZINSKI: You know what?  Politics today need to be changed.

SCARBOROUGH: Stop the apologizing!

BRZEZINSKI: I’m not apologizing.

SCARBOROUGH: You’re apologizing. [Sarcastically imitates Mika’s voice] Who would like politics today?  You know what?

BRZEZINSKI: Who would?

SCARBOROUGH: He is running the free world. He better know a lot of people love politics.  Bill Clinton loves politics. FDR loved politics.  Ronald Reagan loved politics. Great leaders love what they do. So who would love politics?

BROWN: Isn’t it really also about, well the other word for politics is just doing what it takes to get it done. Like, one of the things that’s interesting about Obama is that he kind of, and I think he does believe in this, that his idea of being a transformative figure who can cross many persuasions and orientations and aisles. And yet when it is actually taken to reaching out and really bringing that in, and trying, I don’t think that it really —

SCARBOROUGH: He doesn’t do that.

If he doesn’t like politics, why did he run?  If the first word that springs to your mind is narcissism, I think you’re on to something.  As many have already noted, to include authors on this blog, he took over in the midst of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression and what did he do?  He immediately began working on his legacy – healthcare.   He waved away what was important and concentrated on legislation and the politics it took by the way, to get it passed.  Meanwhile, the real crisis was ignored.  For two years he had a Democratic Congress and he did nothing to address jobs or anything else economic.

Brown would like to spin his narcissism as his belief that he’s a “transformative figure” who just can’t be bothered with doing the mundane stuff necessary to get things done.  Again, and once more for the slow among us, ObamaCare.  It gives lie to the premise.  His problem isn’t that he doesn’t like politics, it’s that other than jamming through his health care fiasco, he’s been a failure.

His withdrawal now, spun as “staying above it all”, is because he’s never been an obvious failure in his entire life.   Remember this is the guy who won the Nobel Peace Prize without ever doing a single thing but winning a presidential election.  And he took it as his due.

Obama’s biggest problem is he thinks he’s smarter than he is and he had a misconception, for whatever reason (for, you know, such a smart guy) of the role and demands of the presidency.  Apparently the unicorns and moon ponies deserted him, he found out it is damned hard work that demands a competent leader and for the first time in his life, everyone wasn’t praising every little thing he did.  In fact, instead his shortcomings were being headlined.  And he has plenty of them.  Additionally, he’s now forced to actually run on a record of accomplishment if he wants to be reelected.  Of course, that’s slim to nonexistent.

No, he and his apologists are beginning to understand that they’re going to have to spin everything – everything – to try to make him the attractive candidate he was in 2008.  He’s really not cooperating which is what prompts people like Tina Brown to begin spinning like she does.  Its fairly obvious that even the liberal elite are having problems dealing with his failure and are in full “explain it away” mode.

Unfortunately, Obama has finally bumped up against “hard America” after spending most of his life in “soft America”.  Soft America is where everything done is touted and worshiped as wonderful and performance really doesn’t matter as much as just showing up.

Hard America demands performance and accomplishment.   He has precious few to show for his time in office and plenty of failure.  Its not that he doesn’t like politics or power.  Its that he is inept at both and is just now discovering that for himself.   Reaction?  Pull back.  He’s never “failed” before and doesn’t really know how to handle it.

And thus we have our present situation … a president who refuses to lead, tries to stay aloof and is seen to be withdrawing from his duties.

Gee, sure wish I could have seen that coming.

Oh, wait …


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10 Responses to Tina Brown: Obama just doesn’t like his job

  • MIKA BRZEZINSKI: “Well who would today?”

    You go to war with the army you have, but Obama clearly want to rule pre-2008 without Iraq. when there was more money to spend. When his decisions would have made him lots of friends … and nobody would have complained about his wagyu and golfing.

    • @Neo_ He still spends what he wants and no one he actually knows or reads ever complains about his wagyu or golfing. He has no idea why his numbers are down, except maybe he hasn’t done enough speeches.

  • This line of “he doesn’t like his job” doesn’t provide any real insight into Obama.

    I’ve concluded, but won’t reargue it here for the sake of brevity, that Obama is a genuine and orthodox Marxist. “Liking his job” would be too crudely bourgeois for him. He was chosen by a party that is a progressive socialist party (the American equivalent of British Fabian socialism), but he is a pronounced Marxist. He hides this, of course, but a close look at his background tells the real story about him.

    So, things like “he doesn’t like his job,” or that he’s not competent, or that he’s not very smart, are really beside the point, even if they are all true. As an orthodox Marxist he is totally uninterested in judgements based on bourgeois principles. He is interested in restarting the engine of class struggle, here and worldwide. At this point he’s still holding onto the poll numbers that he had two or three years ago. They’re slightly down, but not that far.

    He could be re-elected. He would like to be re-elected. I think that OWS is just a light taste of the kinds of “active measures” he would be willing to use to get re-elected. He knew when he passed that hideous health care law that he might not get there. But he’s laid in a generation’s worth of damage in the event he loses.

    What’s he really after? I sum it up as “America delenda est.”

  • “Hard America demands performance and accomplishment. He has precious few to show for his time in office and plenty of failure. Its not that he doesn’t like politics or power. Its that he is inept at both and is just now discovering that for himself. Reaction? Pull back. He’s never “failed” before and doesn’t really know how to handle it.”

    Too bad he didn’t at least sub-consciously realize this ineptness earlier in his life, and trot off to get another pointless degree and teach some opinion-is-everything social science subject at a backwater college somewhere. He could have maintained the surface fiction that he was smart, and understood the world better than the rest of us, for his whole life.

    • @Billy Hollis It’s easy to see why Rahm wanted out. Obama must have made his life a living hell, while Rahm must have been incredibly frustrated that this novice, this inept novice was actually in charge.

  • What a coincidence, I don’t like his job (performance) either!

  • Chris Mathews has let slip similar things “you won’t believe the stories I hear” about him not calling people on the phone – like Congressmen, or BP’s CEO, etc. (I hate calling people, too, but i ain’t president)

    You have to know the MSM has all of this stuff on background, and yet won’t run a real story about it. You know that his staff that have left know Obama;s problems, but won’t write a tell all book. They are all waiting until Nov. next year I imagine.

    • I wonder if there will ever be an explosion of stories about Obama or will they try to hold it all until 2016?

  • Obama promised to unite the nation around a shared idea.

    He has fulfilled that promise.

    Obama doesn’t like his job. We ALLLLLL agree.

  • wow, it would be hard for me to assemble a more horrible round table of repugnant idiots and losers.