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The new Obama “Change” campaign

Instead of “hope and change”, the new campaign slogan being tried out by the Obama crew is “change is” as in:

"Change is the first bill I signed into law — a law that says you get an equal day’s work — somebody who puts in an equal day’s work should get equal day’s pay."

"Change is the decision we made to rescue the auto company from collapse, even when some politicians were saying we should let Detroit go bankrupt."

"Change is the decision we made to stop waiting for Congress to do something about our addiction to oil and finally raise fuel-efficiency standards for the first time in 30 years."

"Change is health care reform that we passed after a century of trying."

Anyone notice anything about all the above?

They all have to do with his priorities and not much caring about the Constitution, the political traditions of our country or its foundational concepts.

For instance, who gets to decide what is an “equal day’s work” and and “equal day’s pay”?  The market or the government?  Well, per Obama, it’s the government.

Who gets to decide on economic winners and losers?  The market or the government.  Well, in the case of the auto industry, the government.

Whose job is it to legislate and create laws?  The Congress or the bureaucracy?  Well, in this case, Obama says it is the bureaucracy.

Whose job is it to take care of their health care – individuals or government?   Any guess why this has been resisted for a century?  And don’t forget, this was the number one priority of the man while the economy was collapsing.  It is only now that he’s “tired of waiting” on Congress after having a majority Democratic Congress for two years.

He thinks these are accomplishments.

“Change is?”

Change is a new president in 2012.


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3 Responses to The new Obama “Change” campaign

  • Change–as in essentially trashing the law on a daily basis

    Change–as in pissing on contract and bankruptcy conventions to leap-frog TO your union goon base

    Change–as in using regulatory agencies to effect crap you could not HOPE to get even though your Collectivist majority in Congress

    Change–as in OPENLY turning the DOJ into a racially biased thugocracy

    Change–as in waging open war on enterprise, energy, and modern life for the middle class

    Damn. I could go on. But I’d have nothing but depression to keep me company the rest of the day!

  • Change is … for chumps?
    Change is … for other people?
    Change is … what’s left in the treasury after you’ve taxed and spent everything to buy off the 99%?