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Economic Statistics for 20 Dec 11

Today’s economic statistical releases:

Housing starts jumped 9.3% to an annual rate of 685,000. But that jump is led by a 25.3% jump in multi-family dwellings, so don’t assume that individuals are getting ready to buy single-family homes again. Also, the surge is led by a 53.8% increase in the Northeast, balancing off an  18.2% decline in the Midwest.

ICSC-Goldman reports a big bump in retail sales, up 3.4% for the week, and 4.6% over last year. Redbook, however, shows a far more modest increase, with same store sales only up 0.5% from last week, at 3.4%, while the month-to-month number is actually down -2.7%. That doesn’t bode well for the government’s retail sales report for December.

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