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Spending and taxes

Sometimes a couple of pictures are indeed worth a thousand words.

The real problem?  Yeah, spending.  Revenues are actually .4% over the normal 18% (that’s right, the government takes 18% right out of the GDP, in addition to all the debt it has amassed (over $15 trillion).


Screen Shot 2011-12-19 at 7.10.52 PM


Oh and that “fair share” thing?

Screen Shot 2011-12-19 at 7.14.36 PM



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6 Responses to Spending and taxes

  • Bruce, could you give me your sources? (I am not doubting them, I just would like to know where you got these charts)

  • But we’re supposed to only look at the chart involving household income adjusted for inflation. Pay no attention to these right-wing extremist misleading charts.

    Man, I miss Ott Scerb.

  • You’re misreading that graph (due to its design, which would make Ed Tufte cry).

    It does indeed say 18.4% out on the far right – problem is , that’s a “projected” number for 2021.

    Today’s number is 14.8% of GDP, well below the “normal” level – and due entirely to the economy, rather than Congress cutting back taxes, but still – the number right now isn’t 18.4%.

    (The spending line makes less difference, since the big spike is all historical rather than projected.)