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Romney wins in New Hampshire

As expected, and as polls indicated would happen, Mitt Romney won the New Hampshire primary.  And he did more than win, he pretty much cruised to victory.  Second place went to Ron Paul, which, actually, shouldn’t be particularly surprising.  New Hampshire is a libertarian leaning state.  He should have done well there.  Jon Huntsman took third, which is mildly surprising, after the showing Rick Santorum made in Iowa.

And yes, the big loser was Santorum who was pretty much rejected as a candidate by New Hampshire primary voters, negating his Iowa showing.  Apparently his time as Republican flavor of the week may be passing.  As for Newt and Rick Perry … well as Ron Paul said, “drop out.”  Gingrich and Santorum polled 9% while Perry got an anemic 1% in the Granite State.

All of the bottom 3 candidates think that the upcoming South Carolina primary will resuscitate their campaigns feeling their messages will get a better reception there than in New Hampshire.  Frankly, I think Perry is fooling himself.  He hasn’t done well in either Iowa or New Hampshire and he’s not polling well in South Carolina.

PPP has it broken down as Romney 30, Santorum 19, Gingrich 23, Paul 9, Perry 5, Huntsman 4.   Rasmussen has it Romney 27, Santorum 24, Gingrich 18, Paul 11, Perry 5, Huntsman 2 .

If those numbers hold, and there’s no reason to think they won’t, it may be Paul who is looking for the exit poll after SC.  I doubt he’ll do well in Florida.  Huntsman is done and probably the next to leave, and if Perry shows as dismally as the polls show, he’ll be out before Florida’s January 31 primary.

Santorum is looking for a boost for him from what MSNBC calls the “socially conservative and evangelical Christian voters in the Palmetto State”.  If he’s able to pull Rasmussen’s numbers then he’ll stay for a while.  If he ends up second with a PPP  spread, he’s pretty much done whether he’ll admit it or not.  He’s not going to pull good numbers in Florida.

So, like it or not, Romney appears headed toward the nomination at this time.  Watch for Gingrich to remain to the bitter end and be much more destructive to the GOP’s chances than the Obama campaign ever will be.  Obama, after all, has to run on his poor record which means the campaign has to be careful about what issues they raise and what they don’t want raised.   Gingrich is the Attila the Hun of politics, with no such limits and no qualms about pulling out all the stops even if his effort is doomed.  As I said once before, it was only a matter of time until “bad Newt” showed up, and he’s here.

Meanwhile in New Hampshire, Barack Obama only managed 82% of the total Democratic vote.  10% went to write-ins and 1% of the total vote went to Vermin Supreme, the guy who claims to be a satirist and wears a rubber boot as headgear. 


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  • Obama “only” 82%? George W. Bush in a similar situation managed 79% in 2004’s New Hampshire primary. In 1984 Ronald Reagan did do slightly better than each with 86% of the vote.

    While I personally think Obama has done a superb job and will be remembered as one of the greats (that’s always hard to see in the first term, but he’s navigating us through the worst crisis since WWII), I agree Romney is a strong candidate and would be a decent President. I could see Obama vs. Romney as an election where I’ve got a choice between two good candidates not simply the lesser of two evils. I like that. Romney may actually win every primary, something rare for the party challenging an incumbent. Polls show a slight edge to Obama at this point in a head to head race with Romney, but a lot can happen in a year.

    • @scotterb This confirms my belief that Romney is nothing more than Diet Democrat.

    • @scotterb “one of the Greats” – good that you didn’t specify one of the great ‘whats’. Yep, I’ll agree with you, he’s definitely one of the greats, and will be remembered as such.

      • @looker @scotterb Obama is definitely one of the greats. He’s up there with Lenin, Mao, and Fidel (who is too still better than Batista!).

  • Hard to say if it is meaningful yet, but Romney received 27% of the independent voters, a significant dropoff from McCain’s 40% in 2008, and the self identified Tea Pary voters (you know, the one’s who won’t sacrifice their principles) held their nose and voted for Romney. Exit polling shows that Tea Party voters held beating Obama as a greater priority than electing a “true conservative”.
    Romney’s electability has been tied to his assumed greater potential to woo independents, which may be true relative to the field, but may not be true enough to capture a majority of the middle. I have read that less 50% of the Ron Paul voters go GOP in the general election, so this may be problematic for Romney.
    And that Obama’s record thing is subjective, with most people judging him not on what he has gotten done or not, but on how they feel about their own personal situations and the nation’s economic condition. If the current trajectory continues towards November, Obama is going to look pretty good to more people. I can’t see people buying the argument that it would have gotten better faster if it weren’t for Obama, that only works in GOP blogs.

    • @CaptinSarcastic

      To me, McCain’s votes came from Democrats listed as Independents attempting to shape the Republican nomination. The lack of support from those Democrats is slightly encouraging.

  • I’ve always had this paranoid notion that Republicans powers that be really want to recreate 1994-2000. Gridlock excused a lot. Some got done. But deals with sweetners and pork were the order of the day.

    Gingrich was definitely in hoping to win in order to lose category. Santorum was pulled out of the dust bin when Gingrich looked out of it.

    The only other explanation I have is that some groups just don’t like the idea of a Mormon president that much they’re willing to lose again to Obama. Obama the man who has single handedly advanced the possibility of a new radicalized Caliphate more than anyone else in the past 100 years. But is at least Christian in name.

  • If I was truly cynical, I would have to look at all of this piling on of Romney as a great show meant to show his independence of the Tea Party et al, which will convince unhappy moderate Democrats (are they any left ?) that Romney is better than Obama.

    But I’m not that cynical.

  • This was no great win for Romney. He’s benefitting from having no one dominant challenger in a party where an overwhelming majority of the voters don’t want him. He actually underperformed in New Hampshire. He positioned himself there as the boy from next door Massachusetts, a New England neighborhood favorite son.

    What’s the problem with Romney? There are several. First is that conservatives, despite the endless flacking on his behalf by NRO and even Coulter, easily recognize him as a typical Republican janitorial socialist, who takes naturally to the mop. Then, as a person, he has the affect of a game show host, someone whose best chance of becoming president would be playing one on a daytime television drama. Third, he has no core beliefs. He’s a capitalist? He’s a capitalist who in his one signature political mark left a disasterous state bureaucratic health care system behind him. He is, in a word, a fake. To paraphrase Harry Truman: Give the people a choice between a fake and a fake and they’ll take the fake every time.

    • What is the summation of the Bush years? At least he kept Al Gore and John Kerry from becoming president. But then this monster Obama couldn’t have gotten elected without Bush’s feckless political failure. Bush was a good commander-in-chief but he effectively surrendered to the far more dangerous enemy within the gates. Romney is a cross between Bush and his father, with bits of Gerald Ford, Bob Dole, and Richard Nixon thrown in. This is why the Republicans are the Stupid Party. It’s funny how the implications of what is said about Gingrich is still that he’s not a real conservative, yet this mushy nothing who has already proven that he’s little more than a liberal has been touted for his electability.

      I have the luxury of living in New York where they will not even have to get the inhabitants of the graveyards to the polls to give the monster Obama the state’s electoral votes, so saying that I will not vote for Romney doesn’t really mean anything. He won’t be winning New York, not even if the monster Obama is caught having sex with Bill Clinton.

      But I won’t support him in spirit either. I’m not kicking the can down the road because that will invite even worse to step forward in our posterity.

  • No Voter ID required in Cow Hampshire – and……..

    Fraud schmaud, what’s to worry about, the poor, elderly, and particularly the dead, mustn’t be denied their franchise.

    • And then there were the die hard voters of South Carolina, who let neither their recent demise, nor their lack of ID, prevent them from exercising their right to vote.

      I say to them, “Carry on people! You are truly an example to us all, a shining example of Democracy in action! Don’t let those ID demanding bastards deny you your right! If the evil racist Republicans had their way THESE dedicated voters would be denied and that shall not be!”

    • @looker So a guy commits fraud to prove fraud can be commited, and this is your example of fraud? You don’t think the big sign outside that says it is a felony to commit fraud with a penalty of up to five years in prison? Also entertaining was the fact that they were only asking for Democratic ballots, when security for an uncontested election was probably slightly lower than lax.
      I suggst you throw up a simple video camera that captures people as they sign, and go through the recently deceased later, with a nice evidentiary trail to insure a conviction.
      It would be funny if they nailed O’Keefe for voter fraud for just asking for the ballots.
      Once again, I have to ask why the only solution you guys can come up with is one that disenfranchises a lot of people that probably don’t vote for your side. You don’t see it as ridiculously self serving and unimaginative? Especially considering a simple web cam at each poll would cost a LOT less than providing every person with free state ID. And also considering people would still be able to commit absentee ballot fraud with absolutely no possible way of tracing the perpetrators (unless they were morons).

      • @CaptinSarcastic No, I think this is called a demonstration that fraud can be committed quite easily.

        But on second thought, you’re right, it would have been so much less fraudy if he’d gotten Republican ballots to prove his point, and I of course would never have linked to it had he done that, because after all, I really am not interested in any kind of fair play or justice or anything. That would be wrong and foolish of me.

        “You don’t think the big sign outside that says it is a felony to commit fraud with a penalty of up to five years in prison?”
        Yes, and I believe laws make dishonest people stop their dishonest behavior. I believe gun laws stop criminals from using guns, spousal abuse laws stop wife/husband beaters and child molesters will stop molesting children if we can just word the next law properly.

  • This is rather off the Romney topic, but it’s a slow day. The first two parts of a talk by Jamie Glazov, who edits FrontPageMagazine and is from a family of Soviet dissidents (the third part should pop up as one of the youtube options at the end of part two; I’m watching that now). I think this is a pretty good round-up of the sickness…’s-islamist-odyssey/

  • Ah, another election of “vote against that guy”. Course that was pretty much all the Republicans were offering for on the menu anyway.


  • Ah, another election of “vote against that guy”. Course that was pretty much all the Republicans were offering on this year’s menu anyway.


  • Vote Vermin Supreme! And I think Paul has proven himself a real contender.

  • After I picked up Mrs. McP at work tonight and just as we were on the ramp for the Thruway, I quoted her this line from the comments below: “I personally think Obama has done a superb job and will be remembered as one of the greats.”

    “Who in their right mind could say something like that,” was her response.