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Obama asks for another increase in the debt ceiling

If you wonder why there is this focus on the left on taxing the ‘rich’, part of it can be found here:

President Barack Obama asked Congress for another $1.2 trillion in government borrowing authority, the third and final request under an August deal with lawmakers that averted a U.S. default.

The president’s notification to congressional leaders yesterday starts a 15-day countdown for lawmakers to consider and vote on a joint resolution disapproving of the increase.

An “August” deal and we’re already on the “third and final request”?  August for heaven sake.  5 months.  Does that at all demonstrate how absolutely unconcerned this administration is with out-of-control spending?  Does it help explain the class-warfare, anti-Wall Street, shift-the-blame campaign in which the President has been engaged?

We’ve already exceeded the national yearly GDP with our debt under Obama and now he’s going for more.

Well, except at DoD.  There’s he’s slashing muscle and bone on the one hand while proposing a pay-hike for other federal employees on the other.

The debt ceiling increase is to meet commitments already made by the government. The Treasury Department has been relying on accounting maneuvers, similar to the ones employed during the year’s earlier dispute, to ensure that the previous $15.194 trillion limit wasn’t breached.

Since the budget law was approved, the debt limit has been raised twice, by a total of $900 billion. In the latest request, the limit would rise to $16.394 trillion, which the Treasury Department estimates will fund the government until late 2012.

We are so ill served by our current crop of politicians that it almost defies description.  We’re past the generational theft of our grandchildren’s money and are working on that of our great-grandchildren.

This is simply inexcusable, yet like an alcoholic or drug addict it seems our politicians can’t help but do whatever is necessary to obtain their next fix of borrowed money.  Meanwhile the credit rating for the country has been downgraded and is at risk for further downgrade.  And the economic drag on the economy in general this sort of a debt load carries continues to increase.

You want a national tragedy … here it is.  You want a national nightmare … its playing out right in front of you and there doesn’t seem like anyone is able to stop it.

But most rational people understand that at some point it has to stop … it has to come to an end.  And when it does, this recession will look like child’s play, all thanks to the selfish short-sightedness of our political class.  Oh, and yes,  the gutless votes who keep rewarding this sort of behavior because it benefits them.

At the risk of sounding like some sort of extremist fanatic, the end is near.   And it isn’t going to be a pretty end either.


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11 Responses to Obama asks for another increase in the debt ceiling

  • As a perennial cock-eyed optimist, all I can say is, “GLOOOOM”.

  • Bruce you are being too hard on the president don’t you know it’s all Bush’s fault?

    “But most rational people understand that at some point it has to stop” And don’t you know Mr. Obama is a democrat, rational doesn’t enter into anything. ” … it has to come to an end.” Sadly I think we may have reached the tipping point. There are too many people willing to look the other way and ignore the obscene spending and debt this administration is piling up.

    I suppose I am a racist for disagreeing with Barry and his band of free spenders.

  • Could someone do a video with a starving Obama as Oliver Twist quietly asking “please, Sir, I want some more” from the evil Republican workhouse administrator?

    • @DocD I’d prefer one with a hugely corpulent old farmer trying to get milk out of a starved old cow.

  • But, but, but don’t you know he killed Osama bin Laden!

  • Blame the public as much as anyone. Almost nobody has the stomach for the medicine. Anyone telling the truth can’t get elected

  • I hear this kind of thing is irresponsible and unpatriotic.

  • I wish people would quit calling it a debt ‘ceiling.’ If it goes up every time you bump your head on it, it’s a hat.