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GOP Primary news

All sorts of things popping within the GOP’s primary venue.

1. Gingrich’s ex-wife to unload in an interview with ABC News who, it seems or at least it is claimed, had some sort of ethical debate about when to air it.  Apparently ratings won and it will air tonight when it could have a very adverse effect on a surging Gingrich’s chances there (at least according to one poll).

I don’t blame his ex for giving the interview, but ABC and ethics in the same sentence did caused me to laugh out loud.

2. Rick Santorum apparently won the Iowa Caucus. My reaction?   *Yawn*  He certainly didn’t come close in New Hampshire and it looks like he’s going to bomb in South Carolina and Florida.  The world has moved on.

As someone ask, why again does Iowa get to go first?  And what does Iowa really mean? If you can’t get the count right, maybe you should go last.  Yeah, if you didn’t pick up on it, I’m not a caucus fan.

3. Rick Perry calls it a day and will quit the race.  That helps clear the field a bit more.  He’ll endorse Gingrich (all the non-Romneys will endorse Gingrich until Gingrich drops out).  If ever there was a case of a missed opportunity, Rick Perry may define it for this election season. 

4. And, after 15 or so "debates", Michael Barone concludes that the GOP candidates still aren’t ready for prime time.  I had hoped this tedious series of debates would have sharpened and toughened them up, but instead, I tend to agree with Barone … still an unprepared field.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled drudgery and thank you for stopping by.


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15 Responses to GOP Primary news

  • If the worst part of Newt’s ex’s testimony to ABC is that he was a hypocrite and a cheat, that’s going get some yawns. If she has a three-way with another guy or a chimpanzee, then it’s bedtime for the Newster.

    The key to the debates for me was not watching the early ones. I studiously avoided them. I’ve seen a couple of the recent ones and I thought that they were not bad. Newt was especially on his game and had the kind of sharpened rhetoric that Republicans so sorely lack.

    If he beats Romney in South Carolina and then has to drop out because of what the Ex says, and with Perry gone, then Santorum becomes the conservative alternative.

    I know that will upset cultural Marxists everywhere. especially those who confuse Gramscian cultural attacks with libertarianism. I know, there’s no one around here like that.

    • @martinmcphillips “I know that will upset cultural Marxists everywhere. especially those who confuse Gramscian cultural attacks with libertarianism. I know, there’s no one around here like that.”

      If you can find a Marxist in libertarian clothing, be sure to point it out. Scott’s weak “left libertarianism” blatherings don’t count.

      As with many words tossed around in propaganda, the word “cultural” is not a magical adjective. You don’t get to redefine something to its opposite by using that term. Marxists are collectivists.

      People who say, “Live and let live,” are individualists.

      • @myweeklycrime I’m partial to individuals. Individual*ists*, not so much. They remind me of non-conformists and health fadists and narcissists. They tend to be free riders on the cultural values that lead to real individuals, while integrating the pretense that those values have no meaning to them. So they wind up painted into corners they don’t know they’re in, much less how they got there. Or, most pathetically, they think that a society can get by on some truncated fragment of natural law which they reduce to an infantile platitude. This affects all of their thinking, which deteriorates to tiresome rationalization.

        • @martinmcphillips “They remind me of…” “They tend to be…” “…real individuals…” “…pretense…” “…have no meaning…” “…painted into corners…” “…truncated fragment…” “…infantile platitude…” “…tiresome rationalization.”

          Are you trying to channel Hitchens? The results are exactly what he would have predicted.

          I’m not about to try untangling that ball of Christmas tree lights, with all the nebulous sentimentality and untethered references.

          In an insane world of debt to GDP parity, decades of foreign bases and exercises in “nation building”, TSA molestations, wrong-address SWAT raids on a near daily basis over plants less harmful than alcohol, and a significant portion of the population justifying bigotry and ignorance based upon fairy tales told by goat herders who purported to reveal the secrets of existence—minus details like germs, vaccines, electricity, plate tectonics, or DNA—I’m amazed that you take such umbrage at the handful of rational people who respect their neighbors’ rights to live their lives on their own terms.

          You’ve got Obama pegged, it’s a shame you have such blind spots when it comes to real advocates of freedom.

        • @myweeklycrime Sorry to set you off so, old boy. Try a pill.

        • @martinmcphillips The stark contrast between this sort of weak-assed straw man rant and your more cogent polemics is neither my fault, nor particularly worrisome to me.

          I’m disappointed *FOR* you.

          If you want to engage in armchair head shrinkage, I’ll give you some material that any good Freudian would leap at. Your social and political opinions strongly resemble those of my father, who was a Christian conservative. He and I had a number of protracted debates over matters like drug prohibition and the G.I. Bill. Despite our differences and how frustrated I would get over his stubborn adherence to many values which were inculcated into him from an early age, I appreciated that he would question authority when he saw obvious wrongs. Though he was raised in Texas during segregation, he had the wherewithall to reject racism and literal interpretations of the bible.

          For those and other reasons, I still regard him as one of the finest men I’ve ever known. He spent endless hours with his children, including teaching me math, science, and writing at the kitchen table, putting me years ahead of my peers. As a consequence, our divergent political and philosophical views were not the product of me rejecting the cultural values which made him such a good man, but rather the result of him raising me to think for myself. My core values are almost entirely taken from him and my mother. I simply don’t see god or government as proper sources for those values.

        • I seem to have a very similar background to you. I, also, still have all of my conservative values, (in fact I am still a Christian) but I just think that I do not have the right to try and make those values a matter of law. Also, if they did become a matter of law, without the agreement of the people, they would be counter productive. @myweeklycrime @martinmcphillips

    • @martinmcphillips

      “If the worst part of Newt’s ex’s testimony to ABC is that he was a hypocrite and a cheat, that’s going get some yawns.”

      Wow, we agree on something McPhillips. Don’t worry though, I’m sure it is only a temporary setback.
      SoCons – you know, the conformist individuals you love so much – are now used to following the “do as I say, not as I do” crowd.

  • The Newt smear is a retread.

    Perry’s endorsement is worth a lot, IMNHO, with TEA Party people.

    Iowa never mattered.

  • If Newt is the last non-Romney candidate, he’s the next President.

    • @tom perkins If you’re right about that, I can live with it. Like a lot of people I wrote Newt off as a nuisance years ago. But he’ll have to do in this pinch. Why the conservative pubs and pundits (Coulter!?) fell down and rolled over for a liberal like Romney is something I’d like to have an answer to.

  • It is not the job of ABC news to decide if when to decide to air the piece is ethical.
    Like any other news, they should report the interview as soon as they receive it.

  • The debates did not toughen up the candidates, they destroyed them. There is going to have to be a big reaction to this election among the GOP or they can expect this type of thing again. It is necessary to slam your opponents policies but the kind of personal viscous smears we saw this time have made me sick to my stomach.