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The Health Care Czar speaks – “free” contraception for all!

Yes, Czar Kathleen (Sebelius, Czar Secretary of Health Care HHS and the final arbiter of all things ObamaCare) has declared that your insurer will now, without compensation or charge, do the following:

The Obama administration said Friday that health insurance plans must cover contraceptives for women without charge, and it rejected a broad exemption sought by the Roman Catholic Church for insurance provided to employees of Catholic hospitals, colleges and charities.

You may take a knee in thanks. Said Czar Kathleen:

“This rule will provide women with greater access to contraception by requiring coverage and by prohibiting cost-sharing,” Ms. Sebelius said.

Because, you know, the devices and services are delivered by magic fairies and don’t cost anyone anything.

No wonder Obama chose Disneyland as the venue for his speech yesterday.

The religious question aside, where in the world does this bunch get off deciding I have to pay for someone else’s contraception?

Because that’s what is going to happen … the bill, just like taxes to corporations, is going to find its way into my premium in some form or fashion (TANSTAAFL). 

The order is an administration interpretation of this:

The 2010 health care law says insurers must cover “preventive health services” and cannot charge for them.

“Preventive health services”.  Wow … how broadly can that be interpreted.  Well, broadly enough to include contraception as a “preventive health service” I suppose.

Which means, I assume, that the sky is the limit.  Creative interpretation is only limited by … not much, huh?

We have a czar.  She has an agenda.  She is the final, unaccountable “decider”.

What could possibly go wrong with that?


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7 Responses to The Health Care Czar speaks – “free” contraception for all!

  • This is a terrible, terrible thing. I stand by the Catholic Church in their fight against this. It seems they are also including abortion as preventative care.

    • @Above Ground Pools You would have to argue that post conception but pre-implantation methods of contraception like the “morning after pill” is abortion. In any case, from a cost standpoint, it’s far cheaper for insurers to pay this cost than it is to pay the cost of pregnancy. I don’t personally apporve of the morning after pill or abortions, but as long as the decision is in the hands of the women, it works for me.
      Besides, it won’t matter, all the people covered under the Catholic Health Care plans are good and decent God loving (and fearing) people who would never need such coverage, so it is superfluos. Right?

  • They have been dreaming of creating their Oceana utopia since the mid 1960’s and now they finally have their chance. It’s full steam ahead.

  • The 2010 health care law says insurers must cover “preventive health services” and cannot charge for them.

    >>> So why not just euthanize newborns?

    After all, killing them in the pram would prevent a lifetime of diseases, wounds and ailments

  • Demanding more services and less costs will eventually make private insurance so expensive that the public will look to the government to form a National Health Service. All part of the plan…

  • Do the math, the only reason not to include contraceptive coverage are moral objections, not financial. Providing contraceptive coverage with no cost sharing reduces overall costs according to The National Business Group on Health, The Mercer Human Resources Group, The Guttmacher Institute. When the FEHBP (the largest private insurance group in the country) added this coverage, they found NO increase in costs.
    Besides, this is already the law in 23 states.
    So my question is, will insurers pass the SAVINGS to premium payers? (don’t count on it)