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Yeah, there’s no voter fraud …

There’s simply no basis to believe that voter fraud exists and that steps to ensure the integrity of the voting system are necessary.  None.

Trust me.

For a year now, LoPorto has steadfastly maintained his innocence, along with current Rensselaer County Democratic Elections Commissioner Edward McDonough, who refused to comment on the case Tuesday. They are the first indicted officials to be tried in a widespread investigation that has implicated eight Democrats, including county and city elected officials and party operatives. Four defendants have already pleaded guilty to a variety of charges, and what has already unfolded exposes just how easy it could be for political insiders to illegally manipulate the electoral system.

Voters told Fox News they never filled out absentee ballot applications for the 2009 Working Families Party primary, and were later stunned to learn the applications were, in fact, turned in to the Board of Elections, with ballots cast in their names. Democratic candidates routinely try to secure the Working Families electoral line to obtain more votes in the general election. The party was associated with the now-defunct community group ACORN.

"Jackals prey upon the weakest member of the herd. That’s what happened here," LoPorto’s attorney Michael Feit said of the guilty pleas in which former officials admitted forging ballot applications and submitting them as legitimate votes.

Feit concedes "there is no question" that someone tried to steal the election. "It is awful, it’s despicable, it’s terrible," he added.

But of course, his client is innocent.

Read the rest.  Then tell me there’s no chance this doesn’t go on in a lot more places than upstate NY.


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39 Responses to Yeah, there’s no voter fraud …

  • Oh, no, there’s no evidence, none, we have the assurances of the usual Democratic leaning operatives, AND the Justice Department, which as of late has been noticeably completely and totally non-partisan in all possible ways.

    Besides! There are laws against voter fraud! Who would EVER risk being caught doing such a thing!!!!!!

    No no, we must face up to the facts, we’re just racists seeking to disenfranchise minorities, the elderly, the young, the dead, the illegally in the country and the otherwise ineligible to vote. I think we’re probably evil too.

    • @looker Consider for a moment that while you have no nefarious motives for pursuing one particular method to address voter fraud, others might. Can you say with great confidenct that no one pushing this agenda has it in their mind to prevent legitimate votes under the pretense of preventing illigitimate votes? There needn’t be any racial feelings for one to desire this method, only a desire to win and willingness let the ends justify the means.
      This need not be about trying to reduce black votes, think of it as simply trying to reduce Democratic votes.
      Their are believers in your cause (and mine) who are so certain of their ideals that they honestly believe that the ends justifies the means. I think you are an honest observer, can you possibly state this isn’t so?

      • @CaptinSarcastic @looker Yes.

      • @CaptinSarcastic And given the history of places like, oh, Chicago, can you say with great confidence that no one pushing same day registration and prevention of necessity of ID has it in their mind to permit illegitimate voters from casting votes?
        Only a desire to win and the willingness let ends justify the means – well, I think that has been more than adequately demonstrated by the Democratic party in the last 12 years. Let’s start with Florida and the ballot created by Democrats that they ended up taking to court because they didn’t care for the results…Let’s talk about 8 years of Democrats claiming the President was ‘selected’ not ‘elected’.

        So, this need not be about increasing the number of black votes, and frankly I don’t think it is, think of it as simply trying to increase the number of Democratic votes, be they dead, imported from the next state (been happenin since Kansas joined the Union…) or otherwise not eligible to vote.

        There are believers in your cause who are so certain of their ideals they honestly believe the ends justifies the means, oh yes, I mean the left, demonstrated, again, and again, and again.
        Good lord, imagine Clint Eastwood suggesting a Republican President be given dictatorial powers for a few years….I’ve heard this how many times about the clown in the White House today, and funny, the mouth breathers saying it seem to be Democrats.

        So, you’re an honest observer, can you possibly state this isn’t so?
        let the internet searching begin, if we weigh evidence, you better be ready to have the Democratic operative put their thumb on the scales (get a Union guy, they know how this goes).

        • @looker This is exactly my point, and it is exactly what I said, that BOTH sides have believers who do the wrong thing to win, which they believes justifying the wrong thing. The difference between you and I is that I began my political life as a Republican activist. What that difference means to me is that I know that even when people called me racist for opposing Affirmative Action as it was done back then, or opposed welfare as it done back then, I knew better. I knew whether I was a racist or not, and I wasn’t. And I have no doubt that you aren’t either. But just as liberal political operatives pursued goals using devious (and wrong) methods, so have Republicans. My main point here is not that one side is worse than the other, it is about this specific issue. The lack of a mandate of a State issued ID is not the problem it is made out to be and does almost nothing to prevent most methods of voter fraud, but it really and truly will prevent people who have been voting legally for decades from exercising this right. There is common ground. I agree that same day registration is problematic, and I would support ending it. That would prevent some from voting, but in this case, I agree that the hardship is negligible and the potential for abuse (though mostly accidental) is significant. I agree that absentee ballots are easily subverted, and I would suppport fixes here as well.

        • I would even go so far as to say that mandated state ID is not unacceptable as a goal, but if it is going to be done, it needs to be done over time, a decade perhaps, to arrive at a point where the effect is all voters having ID’s without shutting out legitimate legal voters. Think about why Republicans opposed motor voter laws, the combining of registration WITH the obtaining of a valid state ID, which has much stricter ID requirements than just registering to vote. But if you think the scales of righteousness are tipped in favor if Republicans therefore it makes pursuing this bad ID policy okay, I strongly disagree.

      • @CaptinSarcastic And I Love when, anecdotal I suppose, evidence appears to make the point on the same day

        Sure, one incident. But let’s not pretend that only the ‘right’ has believers, shall we?

      • @CaptinSarcastic @looker

        “…others might. Can you say with great confidenct that no one pushing this agenda has it in their m…”


        Oh my. I just can’t resist. Even with this %&%$ comment system. Speaking of things racist, I seem to recall MLK and the rest of the civil rights movement being condemned as tools of “outside agitators” and communists since those ill-intentioned folks had motives other than just civil rights.

        That is in addition to the just plain idiocy of the argument. Very entertaining. Almost Erp like. Thanks.

        • @timactual @looker My point is not about racism and never has been, it is simple political strategy. If the GOP focused on the most pressing problems and solutions to those problems, I’d be all in, but instead they focus with laserlike intensity on the area of the least problems. Occams razor indicates that the reason for this is that the solution to this non-problem provides a benefit unrelated to the problem. The only thing ID laws prevent is the impersonation of another voter at the polls on election day, something research shows a person is less likely to do than the odds one would be struck by lightning. So why the focus here? I don’t need to know your motivation to know it is bad policy, but the focused support does support the argument for motivation.

        • Most proposals to require photo identification of voters do not address the absentee voting process, where fraud through forgery or undue influence, often directly implicating candidates or their close associates, is far more of a threat. See, e.g., Commission on Federal Election Reform, Building Confidence
          in U.S. Elections 46 (2005), available at pdf; Becky Johnson, Swain Voter Fraud Investigation Sent to Feds, Smoky Mountain News (N.C.), Sept.
          19, 2007; Stephanie Taylor, 2 Accused of Voter Fraud in Hale County, Tuscaloosa News (Ala.), Aug. 18, 2007; Laura B. Martinez, Potential For Fraud, Brownsville Herald (Tex.), July 22, 2007; Gary McElroy, Former Candidate Faces Charges of Voter Fraud, Press-Register (Ala.), July 13, 2007; Rex Bowman,
          Sentencing Postponed for Former Appalachia Mayor, Richmond Times-Dispatch, Jan. 19, 2007; Bill Theobald, False Counts, Indianapolis Star, Nov. 5, 2000, at 1A; Marylynne Pitz, Murphy Arraigned on Vote-Fraud Charges, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, May 25, 1999, at B1. See also Minnite, An Analysis of Voter Fraud in the U.S., supra note 12.

        • @CaptinSarcastic @timactual @looker Hey, if having a photo ID would prevent lighting strikes…every right-thinking American should support it.

          More colossal stupid. I mean really, do you even read these?

        • @Ragspierre @timactual @looker It is a statistical analogy not intented for the obtuse. But if you want to go there, do you really think that if such a lightning strike prevention card existed, people would take public transportion 80 miles to the place to get such a card on the extremely unlikely possibility (1/1,000,000) of them being personally struck by lighting? I can even beat you with your own made up arguments.

        • @CaptinSarcastic @timactual @looker Goodness. The places delusion will take you are truly amazing.

          Breathtaking, in fact.

  • I know…LET’S give every voter a PIN…!!!

    You EeeeeeeEEEEvile race-haters just want to disenfranchise brown people. I know, because I was once one of you, and that is ALLLLLLLL I ever talked about with my ami over Chateau Brande and cognac, warmed over the smoldering remains of peasants.

    • @Ragspierre “I know…LET’S give every voter a PIN…!!!”
      And take video, I want to be in charge of reviewing the tapes and matching the faces to the names. Completely workable in, say, Luckenbach.

      • @looker Hater! Brown people are poor. They cannot trudge the many miles over the broken roads to the Palace d’ Photographie and pay the outrageous sums for your “ID” exacted by their baronial overlords (sob). They are forced to sell their matted, unwashed hair to raise the toll. It is past all humanity to expect this of these pitiful ones.

        Jacques, to the barricades…!!!

  • If we made vote fraud a capital crime …. Then we be racists !!

  • But minorities can’t get an ID, so we can’t require IDs at the polls! (for some unknown reason, it seems to constitute an unreasonable burden akin to a poll tax or a Jim-Crow style literacy test)

    • @The Shark A Poll tax….wait…..if underprivileged people can’t pay it, then we know who CAN….that’s right, THE RICH!!!!!!! So, we should institute a 50% income poll tax. That will fix those rich capitalists!0 But only for people making over $350,000 a year, or maybe $250,000, or maybe $100,000. And if they’re smoking and drinking and buying yachts, well, we’ll fix income inequality AND the deficit in a couple elections!

      Hang on a sec, I think I just felt my island listing to port. I TOLD my wives not to park those limo’s next to each other……

    • @The Shark

      What gets me is that you have to register for vote, but you can’t get a voter ID card. WTF?

      • @jpm100 Ah, see, now you’re making it logical, don’t go doing that man, cause you know you’re just a racist, and racists aren’t logical.

  • Irony of ironies, the fraud described here is absentee ballot voter fraud, and yet every single comment is about state ID requirements that don’t apply to absentee ballot voter fraud.
    Could this be a function of disappointment that actually addressing the primary fraud method does not create the desired disenfranchisement of the “right” people?
    go ahead, require that people have a valid state voter ID and they enter the ID number on their absentee ballot, I can live with that. Can you?
    None of this has anything to do with people walking into polls and casting a vate under a fraudulent name because valid ID was not presented..

    • @CaptinSarcastic Could this be a function of disappointment that actually addressing the primary fraud method does not create the desired disenfranchisement of the “right” people?

      Oh, damn, you caught us. Now we will have to resort to the sheets and torches.

      What an idiot.

    • @CaptinSarcastic ST. PAUL, Minn., Oct. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Minnesota Majority today released a report on voter fraud convictions to date stemming from Minnesota’s 2008 general election. The report finds that 113 individuals who voted illegally in the 2008 election have been convicted of the crime, “ineligible voter knowingly votes” under Minnesota Statute 201.014.

      “As far as we can tell, this is the largest number of voter fraud convictions arising from a single election in the past 75 years,” said Minnesota Majority president Jeff Davis, “Prosecutions are still underway and so there will likely be even more convictions.”

      All election-day fraud, near as I can tell.

      Google is your friend, unless you just like being proving a liar.

      • @Ragspierre Holy crap Raggy, you have identified an issue totally unrelated to either absentee ballot voter fraud or voting with a false ID voter fraud, and then pretended it was related to either. Do you realize that these people convicted in Minnesota most likely possessed and presented valid state ID and whether they did or did not was completely irrelevant to the charges filed. They were registered to vote, they were on the voter rolls, and they voted. The problem was the individuals voting had their voting rights stripped and neither the individuals or the state, managed to prevent the violation of this law,
        So tell me, how is your bid state ID plan going to even address the problem you claim is the proof of my mendacity, much less address it.
        I’d say nice try, but it wasn’t, it was lazy and irrelevant and served only to show your lack of consideration of the real issues.

        • @CaptinSarcastic Holy crap, CmdrStupid, you didn’t bother to research, did you???

          No. Thought not.

        • @Ragspierre You do see that ID is irrelevant to the problem as described in the article, right? I’m guessing not.

        • @CaptinSarcastic Wrong. But you always seem to be “guessing”.

        • @Ragspierre Ahh, so you actually did not grasp that, sorry, I gave you the benefit of the doubt that you were just being intentionally dishonest rather than incapable of understanding that point. ID was irrelevant to the problem described in the article.

        • @CaptinSarcastic But, according to you, ID is always “irrelevant” because people are willing to break the law.

          Which is, of course, stupid. The ID makes breaking the law MORE difficult, AND likely to be punished.

    • @CaptinSarcastic Dude, why don’t you just call us racists and be done with it. Stop standing over there, get out on the floor and do the “you’re racists!” finger pointing dance. You know you want to, you do it every time you post. In your mind there can be but one reason we advocate an ID, and no argument we produce changes your mind.

      So, just, say, it. We’re racists, we want to stop people of color from voting because we’re all clinging to some allegedly Republican (which is bull shit) view of the past.
      You’re a voter from the Party of the Confederacy, the Party of the Ku Klux Klan, the party of Jim Crow laws, the Party of separate but equal.
      Yeah, we’re the racists all right. You snuggle up good with your liberal blanket, forget the history, and tell yourself it’s us that are the racists.

      • @looker I don’t know if this is because the liberals false assumption of racism as much as projection. Twice already this century, Democrats threw out hundreds of absentee ballots in close elections purely because they would probably go to the Republicans. They just assume their opponents are doing the same thing.

  • “We just recently learned that there are over 900 individuals died before the election and at least 600 of those individuals died outside window when absentee ballot could be sent. So we know for a fact that there are deceased people whose identities are being use in South Carolina.”

    Huh. That can’t be…