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Newt the victim

Just what the GOP needs:

Under siege from Mitt Romney and conservative elites who seem to be conspiring against his candidacy, Gingrich abandoned his stump speech on Thursday in favor of an angry tirade against his most daunting Republican rival and the Washington establishment. He isn’t the candidate who vowed to stay positive in Iowa, or the nose-to-the-grindstone guy he was in South Carolina.

As he took the stage before a tea-party crowd here, Gingrich seethed at Romney for the avalanche of negative ads blanketing the Florida airwaves and bashed the Beltway denizens for coalescing to obstruct his rise.

“There’s the Washington establishment sitting around in a frenzy, having coffee, lunch and cocktail hour talking about, ‘How do we stop Gingrich?’” he said, referring to a spate of prominent Republicans who painted him Thursday as a philandering egomaniac comparable to Bill Clinton and not as close to Ronald Reagan as he would like to think.

The former House speaker told the tea party crowd that they shouldn’t be confused by the attacks coming from the right because it’s still part of the scared establishment.

“Remember, the Republican establishment is just as much an establishment as the Democratic establishment, and they are just as determined to stop us,” he said.

And Newt Gingrich used to define the Republican establishment. 

Frankly, though there are two of them,  this is boiling down to GOP voters having a sort of Hobson’s choice – pick one of these two or Obama wins.  The problem, of course is that picking either of the two could mean an Obama win, and voters know that.  Both are about as much establishment candidates as one could imagine.  And neither offer the depth of message that Tea Party and conservative voters are looking for.   When watching these two, voters are reduced to wondering which one has the best shot at unseating Obama.

That person isn’t Newt Gingrich.  And Romney is only marginally better in that regard (I’m not endorsing Romney, I’m simply pointing out that in the big scheme of things, I think he’d have a relatively better shot than Gingrich).

As was obvious Gingrich is as thin-skinned as Obama and if he thinks the Romney attacks (along with those by the Democrats) are tough now, he ain’t seen nuttin’ sport.  This is just a warm up.

On Thursday, Gingrich went off on Romney for his negative ads, some of which are being aired by the former Massachusetts governor’s campaign and others by his super PAC. The ads depict Gingrich as misrepresenting his consulting work for mortgage broker Freddie Mac, which Romney says was really lobbying. They show him sitting on a couch with Rep. Nancy Pelosi and cite her comments about his 1990s House ethics case.

“This is the desperate last stand of the old order throwing the kitchen sink, hoping something sticks because if only they can drown us in enough mud, raised with money from companies and people who foreclosed on Floridians,” Gingrich said as he pounded on the podium. “Let’s be really clear, you’re watching ads paid for with the money taken from the people of Florida by companies like Goldman Sachs, recycled back into ads to try to stop you from having a choice in this election.”

Gingrich is referring to the fact, he says, that Romney owns stock in Goldman Sachs, which he claims is partially responsible for the mortgage crisis in Florida.

Yeah, and Freddie Mac is as clean as a pin concerning the mortgage crisis, isn’t it?  And did he or did he not do the Pelosi thing?  And if it were Mitt Romney on the couch, what would Gingrich be running in his ads?

Here we have another arrogant politician who thinks he should be able to wave away his record and pretend it never happened, because, you know, he’s got great ideas (I don’t want to hear about a freaking moon base when we’re 16 trillion in debt) and is the self-declared savior of our country.  Oh, and then there’s stuff like this.

Anyway, we’ve got one like that sitting the the White House now and chances are, given the GOP choices, he’ll be there next year as well.

“There is something so grotesquely hypocritical about the Romney campaign that I think it’s just going to melt down over the next six or eight weeks as the American people learn more about him,” he told reporters after the tea party rally.

Pot, meet kettle.

I don’t know who characterized this race as the Indy 500 in clown cars, but it certainly is living up to that billing.


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  • I never watch these “debates”, so it is interesting to read the take of others on who won, lost, scored, etc.

    I am…disappointed…in our nomination process, which seems the near-absolutely worst possible that could be designed.

    Not one of these people really has “limited government” stamped in their hearts. (I am not including Paul, because he is just nuts.)

    A moon base? Really? Isn’t a “prize” a back-loaded subsidy?


  • There are some sorts of contorted logic that you can make from all the BS.

    Now we find out that Newt wasn’t tight with Reagan, who we found out the other day would be a Democrat today. Logical conclusion, Newt is not in with the Democrats.
    Romney recently closed out his Swiss bank account that hasn’t ever shown up on his financial statements.
    And this from Obama … “First of all, I don’t put people on food stamps. People become eligible for food stamps. Second of all, the initial expansion of food-stamp eligibility happened under my Republican predecessor, not under me. Number three, when you have a disastrous economic crash that results in 8 million people losing their jobs, more people are going to need more support from government.” Yep. 3 years later it’s still Bush’s fault. The man won’t ever grow some balls of his own.

    • @Neo_ “The man won’t ever grow some balls of his own.” Bullshite!
      HE GOT OSAMA! shame on you! shame!

      • @looker Those were Seal Team 6’s balls.

        • @Neo_ No no! Obama got Osama! He looked at the TV with his steely eyed gaze, pushed the button on his game controller, and remote guided his Seal to pop Osama. Biden was reaching for his Coke and wasn’t paying attention and that’s why the helicopter ended up in the compound yard.

        • @looker Was this a Wii, a “DreamBox”, a X-box or a PlayStation ?

        • @Neo_ I think they ported it across all of them, but they couldn’t get the motion sensor working before the raid, so they got stuck with controllers. Otherwise they’d have had to move the conference table out of the room and it would have made for a lousy photo op.

  • But this is better … Romney after much foot dragging releases his tax return; it gets crowd-sourced …

    In one case, the trustee for one of the Romney trusts sent two letters to the Internal Revenue Service electing to use an apparently irrelevant section of the tax code, and in the process misstated the facts involved.

    That mistake did not affect the taxes owed, but another error was more significant. It appears that the return filed by that trust overstated capital gains realized by nearly $300,000, causing Mr. Romney and his wife to pay about $44,000 more in taxes than they owed.

    Now, he gets a refund.

  • “The vote pump”.

    Worth a gander.

  • “There’s the Washington establishment sitting around in a frenzy, having coffee, lunch and cocktail hour talking about, ‘How do we stop Gingrich?’”

    He’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!

  • There were three viable candidates in the GOP process: (in my order of preference) Santorum, Gingrich, and Perry.

    All three (only two are left in the race) have reasonably conservative Republican credentials. All present a distinct contrast to the Marxist Democrats, although never as much contrast as I would prefer.

    I leave Ron Paul off this list because he’s an ideologist more than a candidate; a candidate has to take his ideological preferences and show how he would interface them with current policies and Paul rarely does that, particularly in the area of foreign policy,

    Romney is not on the list because he is a liberal. You can say about the others that they sounded like a liberal on this or like Obama on that or sat down on a couch with Pelosi, but they are not liberals. Romney is a liberal, and he’s very deceitful about it. His defenses of Romneycare at last night’s debate were ably picked apart by Rick Santorum. They were clever defenses, but transparent and lame. Everyone here understands that Romney is still defending Romneycare, right?

    But the big bomb that’s going to hit Romney if he gets the nomination, and why he will not be able to win no matter what happens after that, is the Mormon bomb. I’ve seen just the edge of what’s coming on that, and it will devastate him. The conservatives are trying to ignore it, and I have a theory why that is. But the Democrats will kill him with it.

  • The GOP deserves this. Sure, the usual suspects will blame the Tea Party, but hey – they tried to shove Romney down people’s throats and that was a bad idea.

    Many would rather vote for a Dem than Dem lite

    • @The Shark If Romney is nominated that’s an opening for the Tea Party to field a third-party candidate. It’s too bad that Rick Perry was such a flop; if he had been a tad more zesty he’d be perfect (then again, if he’d been a better candidate he’d be on his way to the GOP nomination). Romney-Obama should be a ticket, not the choice.

  • It might be that I’ve just had a few beers already today – but I’m thinking about a Newt (given he loses the GOP nominee) would become so mad at the perceived injustices towards him by Romney and the “establishment”, that he fires up a third party run.

    Forget about a Paul third party run, it would be Newt third party run that would make this an interesting year.


  • When we get this kind of stuff coming from the Daily KOS, it’s time to send Romney packing ….

    The thing that makes these attacks so absurd is that they are being made on behalf of Mitt Romney, who wasn’t a Republican when Ronald Reagan was president and specifically said in his 1994 U.S. Senate campaign that he was not seeking public office to support either Reagan or George H.W. Bush. Romney ended up getting trounced by 17 points.

    Newt Gingrich, meanwhile, was busy leading Republicans to their first victory in forty years in the House. And the following year, Nancy Reagan credited him with taking up the mantle of conservatism, saying Barry Goldwater had passed it to Ronald Reagan, and that Ronald Reagan had passed it to Newt Gingrich.

    I don’t say any of this to defend Newt. Rather, I’m pointing it out as an illustration of the pathetic absurdity of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

    • @Neo_ ,

      I really don’t see any absurdity there. Gingrich is trying to claim the mantle of the ‘conservative’ candidate. If he differed against Reagan, more or less and icon to many who think themselves conservative, then exposing that seems like a valid point.

      And just take a step back and realize that Daily Kos article is designed to help Gingrich. Do you really think they report it like it is, or report for a desired effect?

      • @jpm100 @Neo_

        They imagine that Newt’s “negatives” are permanent and mean he is more likely to be beaten by Obama than Romney. I have yet to see any case made Newt’s negatives will count for more than did Carter’s vs. Reagan’s.
        Also, Newt’s chief complaint against Reagan at the time is that he was going ball to the wall enough to the Soviets in the USSR and in the Democrat party.
        Not exactly a squish conservative.

      • @jpm100 @Neo_

        They imagine that Newt’s “negatives” are permanent and mean he is more likely to be beaten by Obama than Romney. I have yet to see any case made Newt’s negatives will count for more than did Carter’s vs. Reagan’s.
        Also, Newt’s chief complaint against Reagan at the time is that he was going ball to the wall enough to the Soviets in the USSR and in the Democrat party.
        Not exactly a squish conservative.

      • They imagine that Newt’s “negatives” are permanent and mean he is more likely to be beaten by Obama than Romney. I have yet to see any case made Newt’s negatives will count for more than did Carter’s vs. Reagan’s.
        Also, Newt’s chief complaint against Reagan at the time is that he wasn’t going balls to the wall enough to defeat the Soviets in the USSR and in the Democrat party.
        Not exactly a squish conservative.

        • @tom perkins

          Maybe not squishy wrt to war. Seemed pretty squishy on the bench with Pelosi.

        • He was double-tough on fiscal issues, gun control, etc.

        • Which stance he has apologized for, saying he was trying to make the point there was no opposition in conservatism to actually protecting the environment. Inasmuch as Golbal Warming(TM) was a crock of shit long before the Climategate emails came out, he showed fairly poor judgement.

          Of course Romney has never repudiated or even shrunk from his publicly stated belief in AGW.

          Advantage Newt, still.

          Despite the couch.

      • @jpm100 Have you seen the video of Gingrich “differing” with Reagan. It’s utter BS. All he said is that if Bush 41 was going to try to run as Reagan, he would probably be defeated because Americans always go with whatever is new. This isn’t even “differing” with Reagan … it’s a statement that Bush41 was no Reagan, which history has shown is quite true.

        • @Neo_ @jpm100 I’ve had it with the Bushes and want to fall on the ground twitching at the mere mention of “bring on Jeb.” I never thought that I would quote Jesse Jackson on anything, but in a totally different context than he meant it, I’ll go with his, “Stay out the Bushes.” Stay out the Bushes!

  • Living in Florida, we are getting inundated with these negative ads by Romney and the Romney Super PAC. hese ads are filled with half truths, misrepresentations, and outright lies. I do not care what the law says, these attacks are coordinated at some level. In any case, I am a tepid Gingrich supporter. I have grown to so detest Romney for these ads, I will under no circumstance vote for him If he is the Republican candidate, I will vote for the Libertarian candidate or no one.

  • This is worse … the Defense Budget as corporate welfare for “Friends of Obama” …

    The House Energy and Commerce Committee summarized the push to prop up Solyndra in two letters to Obama Administration officials. “Documents produced to the Committee show that Jonathan Silver, the Executive Director of the DOE Loan Programs Office, contacted the General Services Administration (GSA) in July 2010 about scheduling a meeting with Solyndra to discuss a contract for Solyndra to provide solar panels for government buildings,” Chairman Fred Upton, R-Mich., and Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation Chair Cliff Stearns, R-Fla., wrote to GSA Administrator Martha Johnson. The investigators asked Johnson for all GSA documents related to Solyndra.

    The same month that Silver was connecting Solyndra to the GSA, George Kaiser — a fundraiser for Obama with a massive stake in Solyndra — and his adjuncts were game-planning how to get military contracts from the Defense Department that could solve Solyndra’s financial problems. “What about DOD (and other governmental entity) sales efforts? Do the DOE people focus at all on how a Buy American plan could be a win win win for them and do they have any influence?” Kaiser emailed to some executives in his investment firm, Argonaut Private Equity, according to the House Committee.


    Well…isn’t THAT special…

    “Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, a Romney supporter, let the cat out of the bag last night. The Florida Republican told Greta Van Susteren that Mitt wants Romneycare in every state.
    She also said she would be on Romney’s Health Care Advisory Team when he’s president.”

    Somebody has some ‘splaning to do…

  • When I was a kid, there was a space program that let your imagination go wild. You could imagine space ships and trips to the moon that lead you to engineering, and science careers.

    Today, all we have is hope. Hope that our government might have a (unbalanced) budget this year (the Budget Act requires the President to submit a budget request by the first Tuesday in February, two days away). Hope that tomorrow won’t put us out of house and home. Hope that the hunt for the riches of the “rich” won’t deplete our retirement savings. Hope that out paychecks won’t be raped by politicians who have a never-ending quest to perform a “wallet-ectomy” on the half of Americans who don’t vote for them.

    Yes. Newt did pander in Florida, but a future with achievable dreams is like a day without Obama.

  • Romney is outspending Newt Gingrich at the order of seven to one in Florida. And that’s going to give is predictable results there, I fear. Particularly, since the media seems to be playing along with Romney’s game. At least, for the time being. My fear, here, is that Romney, not being a conservative, will fail on the order of other moderates before him. Once that happens, the left, and the press, (but I repeat myself ) will cast that failure as a conservative failure, despite the fact that Romney is no conservative. Ultimately that will do conservatism and the country more damage than any other factor. Understand; I don’t accept the idea that anybody but Obama is what is needed. Certainly, anyone could do a better job than he can. But unless there’s a real conservative in play, and Romney isn’t it, we will live in the end it gained nothing. As a country, as a party, as a people. As for Gingrich, The man is far from perfect. But Marc Levin does very nicely in answering his critics:

    “Newt Gingrich, if he does nothing else, did more for the conservative movement and to stop the liberal Democrats in the House of Representatives than virtually everybody today who is criticizing him!”

    As for Romney… Romney at this point is outspending Gingrich and Florida on the order of seven to one on ads and whatnot. There are couple of implications worth noting from this.

    First of all with that kind of differential in the money being spent, you would think there would be more of a differential in the way voters feel him that state than there is. The man is clearly a weak candidate. Even, and I stress this, even in the eyes of Florida voters.

    Even with the amount of money being spent, Romney has to rely on lies to get what he wants. The business with Romney attacking Gingrich over supposed ethics violations? Right out of the Democrat PLaybook of the day. Let’s recall the basis of these ethics violations… a group of Democrats frantic to get him out of office by any mearns nessesary. Somehting like 80 different charges… all of which but one didn’t stick… and the one that did was years later proven to be a lie as well.

    A lie which Romney now signs onto. I fail to see how that helps anyone, in the end.

  • “And Newt Gingrich used to define the Republican establishment.”

    No, he never did.

    He played a large role in making it relevant as only a majority party’s establihsment could be, but I recall from those days the silverback backbenchers sniping at him continually, and in the end although he was at the head of the “establishment” as Speaker, they showed him the door with the utterly bogus–to be clear, I mean foreseeably without a shred of merit, bogus–ethics charges.

    He has never been of the establishment.