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Romney wins Florida primary

Does that mean a rapid closure of the Republican nomination process (i.e. will Santorum and Gingrich finally call it a day) or will this continue to drag on interminably?

Frankly, the FL primary wasn’t even close despite many of the pre-primary polls claiming it was a tight race.

Romney received 46 percent of the Florida vote. Gingrich had 32 percent, followed by Rick Santorum with 13 percent and Ron Paul with 7 percent.

Romney won all 50 of Florida’s convention delegates.

Fairly definitive, I’d say.

Ironically, it was Santorum who voiced what many GOP voters feel:

Santorum decried the tone of the campaign Tuesday night, urging the party to focus on the "real issue, which is defeating Barack Obama."

"Republicans can do better," Santorum said. "Really, this campaign went downhill. … the American public does not want to see two or three candidates get into a mud-wrestling match where everybody walks away dirty."

The guy they should all be focusing their fire on is Barack Obama.  Politically he provides a target rich environment.  It is time to start tuning up to address the real problem – the guy in the White House and his record.

One bit of irony as far as I was concerned:

In a positive sign for Gingrich, exit polls showed evangelical voters trending for the former House speaker. The exit polls showed Gingrich with 40 percent among that group, and Romney with 36 percent.

Gingrich?  Evangelicals?  Really?


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8 Responses to Romney wins Florida primary

  • “Gingrich? Evangelicals? Really?” It would not surprise anyone if this indicated an electoral problem for Romney in the general. If Evangelicals vote for the “bad” Christian over the “good” Mormon, where will that put Romney in the general election? Of course it helps Romney that a quarter of Evangelicals think Obama is a Muslim a large majority of Evangelicals really, really despise Obama. The question is not whether they will vote for Romney or Obama, they will vote for Romney by a massive majority, but will they show up in the necessary numbers for Romney?

    • @CaptinSarcastic
      Heh, the good Captin beat me by less than a minute. But yeah, what he said…
      Romney is a Mormon – and to them, he’s no better than a cultist. And a lot of them will stay home in November given that Romney is the nominee.


  • I think it will benefit the nominee for it to be a drawn out race. Personally I don’t see how Romney would be better than Obama, but I also don’t see how Gingrich would be better than Romney. My hope after South Carolina was that Gingrich could help keep Romney’s delegate count down enough that Ron Paul or even Santorum could have a shot in the long run.

  • “Fairly definitive, I’d say.”

    Definitive about Florida, but not about the 94% of delegates who haven’t been awarded.

  • “Gingrich? Evangelicals? Really?”

    Yes, really.


    I expect Romney did worst among anyone who’s a fiscal conservative, and I expect most evangelicals are fiscal conservatives.

  • He’s not a Mormon, which unfortunately must be the reason because I don’t know any other so far unspoken reason behind digging some losers out of the dustbin than aren’t any better than Romney conservative-wise and far less electable as well as generally lacking in integrity and decency.