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PETA: People Exterminating Thousands of Animals


You have to just shake your head at these hypocrites:

Documents published online this month show that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, an organization known for its uncompromising animal-rights positions, killed more than 95 percent of the pets in its care in 2011.

The documents, obtained from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, were published online by the Center for Consumer Freedom, a non-profit organization that runs online campaigns targeting groups that antagonize food producers.

It is amazing to me how they suck in all these gullible celebrities to do their publicity stunts for them and in the meantime they’re slaughtering animals right and left.

Consider this:

Fifteen years’ worth of similar records show that since 1998 PETA has killed more than 27,000 animals at its headquarters in Norfolk, VA.

In a February 16 statement, the Center said PETA killed 1,911 cats and dogs last year, finding homes for only 24 pets.

Really?  24?  That’s it?  They could only find homes for 24 animals out of 1,935?  A .01% success rate.

Yet they have the chutzpa to go after others about the “ethical” treatment of animals?

Next time you see a group of these yahoos, ask them about the slaughter house they maintain in Norfolk, VA.  Ask them about the thousands of animals they kill each year.

Don’t expect a coherent or rational reply in return.


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43 Responses to PETA: People Exterminating Thousands of Animals

  • If that’s the case, this is just another year at the slaughterhouse for PETA.

    This sort of activity on their part has been documented in previous years.

    Reminds I have to pick up some dog food for the animals I’ve obviously saved from the tender mercies of these hypocritical savages.

    • @looker In the right circumstances, I damn sure WOULD wear my dog. He would eat me, too. We have an understanding, come the zombie apocalypse….

      • @Ragspierre I admit, much as I love the beasts, I sometimes wonder how much coverage I could get from their coats if bad went worse. I realize that would be wrong, but I think we have the same understanding you have. Fierce friends and allies until the zombies turn us into a last meal.

        • @looker I’ve watched my Golden, a downright intuitive friend, reduce a ham bone in nothing flat. I know who his family is, so to speak… It might bother him a little, but his wolf parts would prevail.

      • @Ragspierre
        I bought a parka once, with a fur trimmed hood. Everytime I would wear it our dog would sniff around my face like he would sniff… well, you know. At first I took it as an insult, until I noticed the parka was made in China. Then I realized our dog was just checking out a long lost cousin.

        Also, there is a movie-‘A Boy and His Dog’ – a moving little science fiction movie about thebond between a young man and his dog.

        • @timactual “…she had marvelous judgement Albert, If not particularly good taste.”

        • @timactual You can have a whole pack of dogs humping your leg if you wear your Chinese-made gloves out of the house for a run…

  • Hi, you might remember me as a second tier actor who “made it big” on a show that was long past it’s use by date and, frankly, it was a relief when it was finally cancelled. Obviously I’ve not been doing much since then so I got this gig being all handsome and photogenic for a bunch of raging hypocrites. The message doesn’t make much sense (except in the echo chamber of the LA cocktail circuit), but like most of these outfits we do pretty well using the faux middle-class guilt thing to get people to cough up buckets of cash and the occasional model to get her kit off.

    • @DocD “Get her kit off” – translation for the non anglophiles in the audience – “get nekkid”.

      • @looker Oh, and here was I thinking it had something to do with her kitchen…

        • @Ragspierre Model… kitchen… ??? Pretty sure their contracts forbid that sort of carry-on. Unless that is where the nose candy is stashed.

        • @DocD Now, remember, some of them are working on their hot new Food Network prospects, like “Rabbit Food With Florine”, so lots of them highly trained chefs.

        • @DocD Now, remember, some of them are working on their hot new Food Network prospects, like “Rabbit Food With Florine”, so lots of them highly trained chefs.

      • @looker “get nekkid” Nice to see the art of romance is not dead.

        • @DocD I thought perhaps a simple direct translation, brought on by my fondness for the spare clean lines and beauty of the Southern vernacular would be best.

          Where I grew up, it would have translated as “take off all her clothes”.

          …as you can see, that lacks the rustic homey charm of the choice I went with.

  • Typical of the Collectivist mind-set. What is surprising is that anybody is surprised! The catalog of examples of Rules Apply To Little People is massive. NO standard of behavior or conduct they assert against us applies to them.

    Name your own favorites….!!!

    • @Ragspierre Noble cause corruption. For a stunning example see (a) last week with that nutjob Gleick committing professional suicide over the Heartland fakery, or (b) the relationship of pol sci majors to deepdish defaruding.

      • @DocD Indeed. What I find fascinating is that, in answer to the question “Have you no shame?”, the answer is, “Why, no…what a strange idea!”. Dan Blather is STILL being vaunted and honored. Paul Ehrlich is celebrated and accorded all kinds of creds, instead of being a laughingstock and byword. Jabba the Moore is invited to Presidential events. Erp gets up in front of a class without apologizing. To name a few…

  • Ahh PETA. Not realizing, or not caring, that the elevation of animals to human status only leads humans to demote each other to animal status… to wit, see that great animal lover, environmentalist and possible vegetarian Der Fuehrer.

  • Ahh PETA. Not realizing, or not caring, that the elevation of animals to human status only leads humans to demote each other to animal status… to wit, see that great animal lover, environmentalist and possible vegetarian Der Fuehrer.

    • @DocD I’m going to unionize all the animals (“The Won” now tells us that unions aren’t special interests) so I can have my own set of followers.

  • Next up for villification: leather.

    I noticed several product reviews for a cotton military-style belt on Amazon, referring to it as “vegetarian friendly” in comparison to leather belts. I almost didn’t get it because of that, and then berated myself for letting people with that level of cognitive skills influence my decision making.

    I am already preparing my comebacks for when the young snots start b!tching about my leather jacket. Suggestions are welcome.

    • Suggestions are also welcome for how to make this consarned commenting gadget insert paragraph breaks that make it to the final result.

      • @Billy Hollis That seemed to break recently, at least on the version displayed on the web page. I’ve noticed a lot of things changing, specially when using a tablet style machine.

        • @DocD Ditto – it’s now one great word glom no matter what you do short of using ellipsis as place holders.

    • @Billy Hollis “leather jacket” – I’m helpful and tell them where they can get one for their very own.

      • @looker When I wear mine…which weighs about twenty pounds…I find it…unlikely…any pencil-necked twit would accost me.

    • @Billy Hollis

      Hand him/her a container of skin creme and say “It rubs the lotion on its skin”, in a breathy voice and a maniacal grin (think Peter Lorre).

    • @Billy Hollis You could ask if they support fetal stem cell research.

  • Got my great hound from Mighty Mutts in NYC, who rescued him and his three brothers from starvation as strays in Coney Island out in Brooklyn. They rescue; they don’t kill. Every Saturday they take various dogs and cats out to Union Square and people stop by and adopt them. They work hard at it and pull in volunteers to help them from the nearby colleges. My dog was so good the day we brought him home that I had to give the Mighty Mutts people at least some of the credit. They really brought him out of the starvation crisis and nurtured him and got him ready for us to adopt him. He was naturally intelligent (a genius dog really) and very good, but the Mutts did nothing to spoil that and much to draw it out.

    • @martinmcphillips Kind of “Let dogs be dogs”. What a concept. My Golden is a rescue dog, and I could’ve adopted a kid with less hoop-jumping. Really.

  • Noticed the fine print on their poster there… “how can you speak up for animals?”… easily Sir, “I’ll have the veal thanks”.

    • @DocD So, when I speak up for them, shall I say “Stop killing them out of hand you hypocritical bastards”

    • @DocD PETA – I have long translated that as “People Eating Tasty Animals”. But Pets? PETS??????

      ….I gather it actually stands for “Pets Exterminated Throughout America” instead.

  • Great little vignette on the Collective’s creation of demons you just don’t find in nature…

    • @Ragspierre If you can’t find it, manufacture it Rags. The true story will never reach half the people who heard it in the first place, and they’ll do the hero’s work of spreading it far and wide.

  • Nothing has the look, feel and smell of fine leather, whether it’s in my (full-sized, V-8 powered) truck, on my couch, or on my person. And yes, I’ll have the steak, medium-rare. I work too hard for the finer things in life to have some trust fund baby (1%-er) dictate my life. Last time I checked, I didn’t see any Bulldog or Tabby on the big & tall rack.

  • The thing to remember is that “Animal Rights” is not “Animal Welfare” (which also characterizes the difference between the worthless HSUS and the worthwhile state level Humane Societies).

    PETA doesn’t give a damn about killing potential/ex pets – they’re militantly against pet ownership in the first place.

    Their “Animal Rights” is purely anti-human; their goal is to have humans not “interfere” with animals – and that includes not “adopting them out” as pets.