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Gallup again points out for all the Republicans out there — It’s the economy, stupid!

I’m not sure how much more plainly it has to be said.  Here, let Gallup try:

More than 9 in 10 U.S. registered voters say the economy is extremely (45%) or very important (47%) to their vote in this year’s presidential election. Unemployment, the federal budget deficit, and the 2010 healthcare law also rank near the top of the list of nine issues tested in a Feb. 16-19 USA Today/Gallup poll. Voters rate social issues such as abortion and gay marriage as the least important.

If making the point graphically will help, here it is:


The top 5 or 6 are your winners.  Any questions?

And in case that didn’t quite sink in and you still want to argue about it, try this one:


Are we getting through yet?  Is it starting to get clearer?   Any talk about anything other than the top 5 or 6 topics, and preferably the top 3 or 4, is a distraction, waste of time and will see voters, especially those in the middle column critical to any electoral win, tune you out.

It is the economy, stupid.  That’s what the people are concerned with, what they’re most likely to base their vote on and what they expect you to be talking about.

Take a hint.


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7 Responses to Gallup again points out for all the Republicans out there — It’s the economy, stupid!

  • It is easier, actually, McQ. It is the math, stupids. We do not have the money. We cannot go on as we are. We are at a crisis, and President Pond-Scum is not the guy. We can’t let Deemocrat operatives take us off message.

  • So why are conservative focusing on women’s reproductive rights?

    • @tadcf Because George Snuffleupagus followed the program laid down by the White House, and introduced the whole thing out of thin air.

    • @tadcf The question is, why are conservatives letting liberals establish the Republican debate questions and stage manage the Republican debates? The answer to that answers your question.

    • @tadcf

      Which conservative has advocated denying women the right to reproduce?

  • Well, no, the election will not be about the economy if Romney is the nominee. It’s going to be hard to make it about the real economy to begin with, because Barack’s operation will be telling everyone how wonderful things are and how it’s important not to “go back to the failed policies of the past.” Pretty incredible that they would try something like that, but then there’s a vast mainstream media on their side. And they’ll probably have some weak growth that they can make look like the real thing to get them through November. “Oh, dear, Martha, we’d better keep Barack right where he is. Things are just starting to improve!”

    And if Romney is the candidate, it won’t be about the “social issues” or the environment, those old worn out things that everyone has heard the song and dance from both sides on a hundred times already. No, it will be about something that most people have never even thought about and that they’ll be learning about really for the first time: Mormonism.

    By July or August every schoolchild will know more about Mormonism than most people thought there was to know.