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How To Manipulate Women Voters: An Obama Campaign Primer

If it’s not painfully obvious by now, the Obama campaign is banking on women voters being the key to re-election. Running on “Hope and Change” isn’t going to work this time around, and the specter of George Bush will only get about as many miles as a Chevy Volt on a full charge. The usually reliable grievance groups, identity cohorts and college students are not as enthused this time around, and the Obama campaign is apparently worried about that $1,000,000,000 in cash won’t be enough to get it past the finish line. So, naturally, some voting bloc must be pandered to and manipulated in order to secure a second term.

Enter the Contraception Wars (a major battle of the General War on Women). Relying on the various Democratic identity politics to get your voter base out is tedious, time consuming, and requires a lot more vote-buying to pay off the different interest groups. Seeing as how they may not be a reliable base anyway, then why not go for the largest voting bloc out there: women!

In recent elections, voter turnout rates for women have equaled or exceeded voter turnout rates for men. Women, who constitute more than half the population, have cast between four and seven million more votes than men in recent elections. In every presidential election since 1980, the proportion [of] female adults who voted has exceeded the proportion of made adults who voted.

The one thing that all women have in common is that they alone have the necessary biological equipment for having babies. If they were made to feel that their equipment was under attack (“Republicans are coming to steal your ladyparts!“), and that only Obamamagne can defend their honor, then perhaps they will race to the polls in support of their hero. Of course, there will have to be some “free” stuff thrown in to sweeten the pot and make women feel as if they are losing something unless Obama is re-elected. Accordingly, what follows is the multi-step process for ensuring the women vote goes solidly for Obama in November:

1. Raise awareness: Subtly introduce the subject of contraception from out of left field at a Republican debate. This will get the tongues wagging and foreshadow who the villains are.

2. Free Stuff: Using your arrogated powers, mandate that all employers who provide insurance must include contraception (including abortifacients and sterilization) in their plans, regardless of conscientious objection, the First Amendment or, y’know, any of that freedom nonsense. By giving women “free” contraception, etc., you necessarily pit them against those who would deny them their grant. Executing this step is vitally important to framing the villains and carrying out Step 3.

3. Create the wedge issue: Because certain quarters will predictably howl at the intrusion upon their liberties, this Step is almost self-executing. Once the villainous voices are set to wailing, pretend to show concern for their plaints and then offer an “accommodation” that changes nothing but highlights your Solomonic wisdom (aided, of course, by a compliant media). The results of this Step are two-fold — (a) it politicizes the issue so that people will have to choose sides, and (b) it creates the illusion that you are fair and just, while your opponents are rigid and uncaring.

4. Flip the issue: Up to this point, the issue has been “I want to give you free stuff, but the greedy bastards don’t want to pay for it.” That may raise legitimate concerns among a sizable portion of the voting bloc you are courting. So, instead, change the narrative to “I want to protect your ability to get the free stuff, but they don’t want you to have it at all!” In flipping the issue from “don’t want to pay for” to “want to ban” you have neatly cleaved your intended voting bloc from your political enemies. Under this telling of the story, the villains are out to get women and only you will stand up to protect them.

5. Generate sound bytes: This Step is a bit tricky and must be followed carefully. The basis for any campaign is a good PR strategy. There will be plenty of older sound bytes out there already, but those will be generally stale and unhelpful. What you need to properly execute this Step is a current controversy. In order to do that you will need a public forum (such as Congressional hearing) in which to force the issue. Start by finding someone to represent your voting bloc and push her presence at the forum in a way that is sure to keep her from actually appearing. (As an added bonus, falsely claim that no representative of the voting bloc was allowed to appear.) Be sure that this speaker will be a sympathetic victim such as a lowly “college student” (regardless of whether she is or not). Now, and this part is very important, have your willing victim draw enemy fire by testifying about activities that perfectly fit the definition of “slut”, all but openly daring your opponents to use the word. Don’t worry about someone taking the bait — someone always rises to occasion.

6. Profit: Now that you have created a wedge issue, identified victim and villain, and staked out your claim to your voter bloc, all you have to do is pound the wedge home. Using your newly generated sound byte(s), you are firmly on the path to political nirvana. Your friends and allies will eagerly disseminate, distort and decry the outrageous outrageousness of your political opponents, firmly ensconcing your coveted voter bloc on your side. It will be the talk of the town for quite some time, ready to be refreshed at the right moments. In addition, it will provide a welcome distraction to your pathetic record, a flailing economy, and impending dangers that show you unequal to the task.

That is, of course, unless you’ve miscalculated. If your premise is wrong that women are all the same and will all vote the same way if given the proper motivation, then this plan could backfire.

Or maybe, just maybe, women aren’t as manipulable as you believe, and they actually care about their families, their jobs, their home budgets, and their liberties. If that’s the case, then you might just be screwed no matter what you do.

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26 Responses to How To Manipulate Women Voters: An Obama Campaign Primer

  • Obama believes he can be elected by appealing to teh stupid. It worked once…

    • @Ragspierre I’m waiting for the third portion of Lincoln’s adage to take hold, “you can’t fool all the people all of the time.”

    • @Ragspierre While their giving out free stuff, I’m hoping that I can get a therapeutic yacht.

  • The downside that the Progressives haven’t come around to is that ObamaCare will severely impact Roe v Wade. Previously, the government had little involvement on your private medical matters and Roe v Wade was based on keeping that privacy private, but it is pretty clear that ObamaCare changes that completely (single payer would completely obliterate that privacy).

    • @Neo_ You assume consistency, Neo. Bad mistake. ObamaCare mandates my medical records be Federalized, as I understand. But you can get in a LOT of trouble by accessing someone’s records, or making them available even as a professional without their consent.

      • @Ragspierre Well, unless the guy has said something bad about Obama, then his information will all become public knowledge as if by magic.

      • @Ragspierre Computerized patient records are unlikely to cut health care costs and may actually encourage doctors to order expensive tests more often, a study published on Monday concludes.
        Industry experts have said that electronic health records could generate huge savings — as much as $80 billion a year, according to a RAND Corporation estimate. The promise of cost savings has been a major justification for billions of dollars in federal spending to encourage doctors to embrace digital health records.
        But research published Monday in the journal Health Affairs found that doctors using computers to track tests, like X-rays and magnetic resonance imaging, ordered far more tests than doctors relying on paper records.

  • “Subtly introduce the subject of contraception from out of left field at a Republican debate.”

    It was Rick Santorum who not but a few days earlier when asked by Jake Tapper if he believes that the states should have a right to ban contraception, Santorum – talking about activist judges – said “the state has a right to do that.” So your claim that it was “out of left field” is crap. Not to mention that Santorum, before and after the controversy, has taken every opportunity to talk about it.

    In case you didn’t notice, no one is holding a gun to Santorum’s head making him talk about his antiquated beliefs about contraception.

    “Now, and this part is very important, have your willing victim draw enemy fire by testifying about activities that perfectly fit the definition of “slut”, all but openly daring your opponents to use the word.”

    You’re a class act, Wade. Forget about the 1.5 million women who take oral contraception medication for reasons other than birth control. To you, they all fit the definition of a slut.

    • @PogueMahone : Reading and Comprehending are not your strong suits, are they.

      • @MichaelJosephWade
        Writing isn’t one of your strong suits, is it?

        • @PogueMahone : Actually, it is. Which is why your inability to understand is so perplexing. No worries though. You not getting it is old hat and of no concern to me.

    • @PogueMahone Unusually full of shit, Poque. First, there is no question about states banning contraception. It is settled law. Second, Snuffleupagus did not POSE the question to Santorum, idiot.
      Third, FLUCK put herself in the public eye, making FANTASTIC, PROVOCATIVE, LYING statements about the cost of contraception, the puuuurrr lil’ stupid Georgetown chicks who cannot read, etc. Making her a lying slut. Women who take hormones are not taking “contraceptives”, idiot. They are taking hormones.

      • @Ragspierre It doesn’t matter if the question was directed to Romney instead of Santorum. If one candidate holds a position on a particular issue, then it is perfectly legitimate to ask the other candidates what they believe. Now Romney had the perfect opportunity to say something like “that’s settled law, I have no intention to seek it otherwise.” Then, the issue, for Romeny at least, would have been settled. But no, we have Romney who has been all over the map about this, looking like the panderer that he is. But that is not important to the likes of you or Wade, no… it’s the Dem’s pandering that concern you most. And that’s why the GOP will lose this november.

        • @PogueMahone “If one candidate holds a position on a particular issue…” That is absolutely irrelevant, is settled law, and CAN’T mean SHIT to anybody…then to bring it UP is a STRATAGEM, idiot. A means to INJECT a NON-ISSUE into a political campaign. Romney has been “all over the map about this”…??? WTF are you rattling about now??? Contraception??? Liar.

        • @PogueMahone But where did the question come from – the premise you started with is Santorum has been all over the place. Agreed. But it was a question, posed to Romney, out of the blue and no one had mentioned it prior to that in a way that caught anyone’s attention.
          Then it becomes a major issue, and we’re NOT talking about the economy, or the price of gas, or……so the point he’s making was that he believes it was an injected question to draw attention away from other issues. I don’t see how that’s not possible, certainly not as you’ve defended an opposing standpoint.
          Then, we have a ‘committee’ of Nancy Pelosi, who invites a single person to testify, who is not sworn in, who is in fact not a fresh faced co-ed but a woman who has been pushing gender issues for several years, and she gives ‘testimony’ on a ridiculous premise that oral contraception, NOT for medical reasons, bus strictly for the purpose of recreational sex is very expensive, and Rush Limbaugh, who ought to know better, but clearly doesn’t (personally I can’t stand Rush and won’t listen to him) sticks his foot into a redmeat laden trap. And again we’re NOT talking about the economy, or the price of gas, we’re talking about the Republicans invading women’s wombs and sentencing them to death or something.
          I think he has a half decent case, provided you haven’t already made up your mind.

    • @PogueMahone ….what were Santorum’s poll numbers back then? LOL. And why does this question lead up to an actual policy decision by Obama? See, you need to be able to add 1 and 1 together sometimes, mate.

      • Plus, this issue just happens to avoid every single economic issue handily.

        • @Harun Unless of course, we want to assume the Democrats are too stupid to ever think of creating a diversion and all these wonderful diversionary issues just keep falling from out of the sky into their laps.
          I’m sure that’s all this is, it just means the evil Republican really ARE evil, and were just waiting for some unsuspecting media member to ask a question about birth control so they could launch an invasion of women’s lady parts and force them to have children after recreational sex or die.
          Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s the second choice because, well, Democratic politicians, especially ones from Chicago, are just as dumb as a box of hammers, you know?

  • Or, just let the Republican display their true selves.

    • @tadcf Perhaps you’d like to elaborate on your cryptic and ambiguous note.

      • @Ragspierre See my note below, it probably means the Dems didn’t try any diversion, that perhaps Loki the trickster disguised as Jake Tapper (Trapper…Heh) asked the diversionary question out of blue with Romney and that ever since the Republicans have taken that opportunity to launch an offensive on the wombs (and other parts) of American women in an effort to enslave or kill them all.
        What, that sounds unlikely? Come on, we’re talking about the party of the booming economy, who saved the American Oil industry, calmed the savage hearts of Afghanistan with an apology, and single handedly saved Ford Motor company from going out of business by not having to lend them money.

        • @looker “…single handedly saved Ford Motor company from going out of business by…” diverting GM to producing non-competitive products. Brilliant, when you consider…