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Deficit watch: The trillion dollar beat goes on

In case all this contraception talk has distracted you (as it surely was intended to do), you need to know that the deficit continues to grow and is on pace to go over a trillion dollars for the 4th year in a row:

The federal government set a new monthly record deficit of $232 billion in February and has notched a total of $581 billion in the first five months of the fiscal year, according to the Treasury Department’s official count released Monday.

February’s record is $8 billion more than the previous monthly record, set in February 2011, and came chiefly because of a drop in individual income tax receipts.

The overall deficit remains on pace to top $1 trillion this year for the fourth year in a row — but is down slightly from its pace last year …

Sorry to intrude with such boring reality.

Now back to “slutgate”.


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11 Responses to Deficit watch: The trillion dollar beat goes on

  • I’m sure the guy who promised to cut the deficit in half during his 1st term will be running this next campaign on his record. In spite of Obama’s record there are millions who will vote for him again.

    In Jan 2009 gas was $1.85 I just filled up this morning and paid $3.59

    Obama he was for higher gas prices before he was against them.

  • Across the nation, Republicans have focused on about 600 pieces of sexual legislation in 2011, and over 400 sexual bills already in 2012—instead of job or debt legislation.

    • @tadcf Perhaps you can tell us how many the Democrats sponsored, none, I’m sure. That’s why they held the Congressional pseudo hearings with Fluke, that’s why the President wrote an executive order on contraception, because he’s focused with laser like precision on Jobs and Debt Legislation, huh.

    • @tadcf Democrats have even introduced legislation to control access to Viagra. So who’s ‘dicking” around ?

    • @tadcf On the other hand, the Senate Democrats haven’t passed a budget in over 1,000 days.

    • @tadcf “Sexual Legislation” is that when the politicians screw us over? That’s been happening for centuries.

    • @tadcf And the house has also sent 20+ bills to the Senate that are specifically directed at employment, many of them supported by both sides of the aisle and Reid will not let them come to the floor for even a test on fillibuster. Yep, the Dems are looking out for you. By the way, how long has it been since the Democrat controlled Senate passed a budget????

  • I’ve seen reports that the debt ceiling may be reached as early as mid-September.

  • What a difference a month makes: back on February 7, the CBO released its first forecast for the 2012 budget deficit. The number then? $1.08 trillion. Just over a month later, the CBO has released its amended budget deficit. The bottom line this time around: an increase of just under $100 billion, or $1.171 trillion. Since this number is still about $150 billion less than the President’s own scoring, or $1.33 trillion, expect even more revisions.

    • @Neo_ None of the numbers they give us are real any more. I’m not even sure the revision numbers that come out months later even approach accurate. I have truly reached that point where if the President, or one of his people are talking, I know they’re probably lying. It’s that simple now. I used to consider that “if his lips are moving, he’s lying” thing to be a joke, Not any more, and it’s not funny either.