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Quote of the day: Rutherford B. Hayes edition

President Obama fumbled a historical anecdote about as completely as one can when he tried to tie our 19th president to backward thinking.

Mark Steyn, as is does so well, looks at the real backward thinking one of the two:

But obviously Rutherford B. Hayes isn’t as “forward-looking” as a 21st-century president who believes in Jimmy Carter malaise, 1970s Eurostatist industrial policy, 1940s British health-care reforms, 1930s New Deal–sized entitlements premised on mid-20th-century birth rates and life expectancy, and all paid for by a budget with more zeroes than anybody’s seen since the Weimar Republic. If that’s not a shoo-in for Mount Rushmore, I don’t know what is.

Sign him up.


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7 Responses to Quote of the day: Rutherford B. Hayes edition

  • Heh!

    That dog hunts, but what it hunts you don’t want to catch.

  • The President who bitterly lamented the rise of ATM’s and internet travel options accused the GOP of wanting to bitterly cling to the past. He himself continues to cling to the 50’s view of industrial America and the unions that thrived then.

    • @Neo_ But when do you think that Obama last booked himself an open-jaw multi-segment trip, needing travel on different airline alliances, with a visa or two thrown in? Oh yeah, that is dead easy on the interwebz. I am thinking that the loss of jobs via consolidation of the travel agent market has probably been outweighed by the new jobs needed to accomodate the enormous increase in travel by people who never used to since easy and cheap travel options developed over the last decade or two.

    • @Neo_ I also wonder if he laments the jobs lost when flushing toilets were connected to municipal sewage systems and all the shit-shovellers lost their work.

      • @DocD The same skill set could see you shoveling shit, digging wells, and burying the victims of the disease that came with the close proximity of the first two. For an Obamic misanthropist…good times….