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Biden–Osama Bin Laden raid the “most audacious plan” in 500 years

From the Vice President at a fundraiser in New Jersey, these quotes have come out of pool reports:

You can go back 500 years. You cannot find a more audacious plan. Never knowing for certain. We never had more than a 48 percent probability that he was there.

With all due respect to our SEAL brethren, I only had to go back a few decades to the Son Tay raid.  So I’ll write the VP’s remark off as the typical hubris and hyperbole of politics and the usual historic ignorance (see Rutherford B. Hayes) this crew displays fairly routinely(“D-day? No biggie”).  No real surprise there.

But, then this – and by the way, this is what all the hubris and hyperbole were leading up too:

Do any one of you have a doubt that if that raid failed that this guy would be a one-term president?

That’s right … politics.  This is an attempt to equate saying “yes” to the raid while sitting in a room in DC to the courage necessary to execute the raid.  That supposedly risking your political future is akin to actually risking your life in the raid.  This is an attempt to frame a decision that really wasn’t very tough at all into an agonizing, courageous and risky choice.


Moving on:

This guy is willing to do the right thing and risk losing.

Two points.  “This guy” didn’t risk anything.  My guess is had the raid failed, we’d never have heard about it in terms of an attempt to get ‘bin Laden’.  In fact, we’d likely have only heard of it as an attempt to get a “high level” al Qaeda operative, if that.  And, there was no real decision to be made and most Americans know it.  The only bad choice he could have made was to not go after him, learn later he was there and have that information go public.

THEN he’d have been a one-term president.  THEN he would have actually risked something.

Oh and finally:

“Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive,” he said, according to the pool report. “Think about it.”

I have.  Trust me.


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25 Responses to Biden–Osama Bin Laden raid the “most audacious plan” in 500 years

  • After barfing, I quickly thought of Doolittle’s raid, D-Day, Midway, and about a hundred other really audacious plans where people really did risk everything. There was really NO risk on Obama’s part in going with what every political force dictated. It was a no-brainer. Like Biden.

    • @Ragspierre “Old men forget, and yet all shall be forgot, but HE’LL remember, with advantages, what feats he did that day”.

    • @Ragspierre “Old men forget, and yet all shall be forgot, but HE’LL remember, with advantages. What feats he did that day”.

      • @looker You really have to wonder at these Collectivist putzes. They simply have NO idea of WTF history tells us. In Biden’s case, he has no FLUCKING idea how much military history is eclipsed in 500 years. Amazing…

        • @Ragspierre And again, not to take a damn thing away from the Seals, but there was frequently at lot less intelligence available in bygone times for some mighty damned audacious actions, especially over a 500 year period of military history. Lee at Chancellorsville, pretty freaking audacious. Scott’s march on Mexico City, Washington at Trenton. Give the bad guys some credit for audacious, the Germans attacking through the impenetrable Ardennes, twice, and as you pointed out the Dolittle raid from “Shangri-la”. Napoleon in half a dozen campaigns, we haven’t even begun to scrape the top of “audacious” in the last 500 years.

        • @Ragspierre Then again, this IS the same party that sends people to Congress who can ask if there’s a danger of an island capsizing with a straight face and had a speaker of the house who understands Catholic dogma better than the Pope.

  • Joe “plugs” Biden is a muppet. A sock puppet. A lapdog. He does what he’s told by his handlers. His step and fetchit act is getting old.

  • Cry Baby Cry: More Obnoxious, Effeminate Self-Pity From Obama—————————————————————– Yep.

  • Does anybody dispute that if it had come to light that Obama (or Bush) had “a 48 percent probability” of getting UBL and passed it up that he would be a “one term President” ? Isn’t this what we pay Presidents to do ? Besides, there is nothing to say that Obama still won’t be a “one term President.”

    But you have got to hand it to these folks, they always have a hand on their own pulse, now if we could get them to pay attention to ours.

  • Biden, you know he’s for real, because no one could imagine anyone really being that dense. He’s like a live action Bevis and Butthead cartoon.

    • @looker Come on, that’s hardly fair on B&B. At least no one put them in charge of anything more important than a fast-food joint and they whiled away their days musing about song lyrics. Hmmmm…

    • @looker Although, if Biden got hopped up on sugar and caffeine, took to the mic at a presser and announced “I am the great cornholio, you will bow down before me!” I know I would definitely vote that ticket just for the history of it!

      • @DocD “I am the great cornholio…” Nice going mate, now I have to clean tuna salad off my monitor. You should post a warning on that kind of thing.

  • Bwahahahahahahahaha!

    no but really…


  • This just in from Biden’s office… The vice-President misspoke himself. He had intended to channel that great 80s movie, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. His speech called for him to say that “You cannot find a more bodacious plan”, however he had just finished reading the President’s most excellent fable “The Audacity of Hope” and accidentially on purpose substituted “audacious” for “bodacious”. Of course the vice-President did not intend to compare the President, in ordering a small operation against a single man, to the likes of Napoleon, Guderian, Zhukov, Eisenhower or Washington. That would be most heinous. The Vice-President merely wished to honor the bodacity of the President in ordering into action an operation with an even chance of success that nobody would have doubted was a good idea to chance even if it did not come off.

    • @DocD Biden, when he’s done being Vice President, there’s a Leslie Nielsen type part waiting for him in a new Naked Gun movie.

  • “We never had more than a 48 percent probability that he was there”

    In which case Obama was an idiot for ordering the raid with such a low probability of success. Not that Biden’s figure can be believed given his record of “inaccuracy”.___________________________________

    “You cannot find a more audacious plan”___The Israeli raid on Entebbe, Desert One(not a success but still audacious), etc. Not to mention the plans that remain secret.

    • And let us remember that VP Bozo is just a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

      • @timactual Think of it this way though, the focused push towards progressiveness will end because Biden just isn’t sharp enough to be that malignant to liberty.

    • @timactual “48 percent probability.” That’s a pretty funny number. What that suggests to me is that that was the limit of what the military command was willing to tell the White House, because I think they knew 100% that bin Laden was in that house. I’m guessing — I’m *guessing* — that they called it at 48% because that was the limit on the intelligence that they wanted the White House to know about and were willing to show. Of course, there’s always the chance that Biden just made that number up; he lies like a little kid (imagine having an idiot scumbag like that as vice president of the United States).

  • First, for valor beyond courage without regard for his own health and aggravation, in the planning and the execution of this raid. Then, second, for the extraordinary valor beyond endurance, risking all, including the superiority of his own demeanor in official photographs, in sitting through the live report of the raid, Obama should be awarded two Congressional Medals of Honor, one for either side of his Nobel Peace Prize.

    What’s fair is fair. What’s right is right. By the high standard he met to win the Peace Prize, his work on the bin Laden raid was a thousand times greater. Was it not?