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Daily Archives: March 23, 2012

Quote of the Day: Obama’s new found love for the Keystone XL pipeline edition

And from none other than Mr. Etch-A-Sketch:

“Apparently, the slipping poll numbers have convinced him [Obama] to announce the lower half of that pipeline,” Romney said. “If we can get his poll numbers just a little lower, we may be able to get the other side, too. So let’s get that job done.”

A reminder, one more time with feeling – the portion that Obama is now for doesn’t need his permission or approval to be built.

Just to be clear.

This is a blatant and obvious political attempt to pretend he’s behind something that was going happen anyway.  But, of course, we knew that, didn’t we?


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Economic Statistics for 23 Mar 12

Today’s economic release schedule is pretty sparse. The only thing on tap for today is new home sales. Speaking of which, new home sales fell 1.6% in February to a lower than expected 313,000 annual rate. Prices, though, rose by 8.3%, though this is counterbalanced by a 5.3 month supply of homes, the third lowest supply amount of what I laughingly refer to as "the recovery". February sales rose in the Northeast and West but fell sharply in the South, which is the key region for this series of data.

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