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I don’t know about you, but I left my lights on last night

You may not have even known about Earth Hour last night when environmental activists were urged to turn off their lights from 8:30 to 9:30.

Instead I celebrated “Human Achievement Hour” by leaving mine burning brightly.  Helen Whalen Cohen explains:

Technology and innovation have made our lives immeasurably better. We can fly to other countries in hours. Medical achievements have made formerly deadly diseases curable. The poorest people in the United States have what would have, until recently, been considered luxury items. There are seven billion people living on this planet, and lives have never been so long and so prosperous. Talk about a cause worth celebrating.

Nothing makes that clearer than the light at night made by man.

Of course that doesn’t mean, then, that I am against good stewardship of the earth’s resources, all for  wiping out animal species or want dirty air and water.

Hardly.  That, of course, is the usual false choice set out there by radical environmentalists.  I, and most people like me, believe that human achievement and good stewardship can coexist.

What we don’t believe is that human beings are a blight on this earth and that technology does more harm than good.   In fact, I think Earth Hour is probably a good thing for demonstrating that point.   I’d even go a step further for those who like to do that and tell them to go to the breaker box in their house and trip the main breaker and turn off all the electricity.  Then turn off the gas.  Finally, walk out to the box in the front yard and turn off the water.  And let’s extend it for a while.  Say a day?  2 days?  A week?

A few days of drawing water from the creek, washing clothes on scrub board, cooking over a fire and reading by candle light might drive the point home. Oh, wait, no books … produced by technology, right?  No phones, fast food or driving a car either.  Have a doctor’s appointment during that time?  No CT, MRIs or much of any sort of test.  Sorry … but enjoy!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with what humans have achieved and we should celebrate it.  Not sit in the dark for an hour each year pretending things are worse.  That doesn’t “save the planet” … the planet is fine, thank you very much.

Anyway, I’m pushing for “Earth Days” next year.  Let’s see these folks put their actions where their mouths are.

2 to a week of fun without technology.  Make it attractive and better and you may get my attention.

In the meantime I’m planning to celebrate of "Human Achievement Days” during that time where I will essentially live as I am now (yup, I celebrate HAD every day).

Guess who will enjoy their days more?


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13 Responses to I don’t know about you, but I left my lights on last night

  • Having just come in from 4 straight days “in the field” under rain and sun, don’t forget all those lovely creatures that share our lovely world and who view us as an opportunity for a free meal. Ticks, and fleas for starters, because everyone was providing meals for them. Fire ants took a random toll of a bite here and there just because we happened to pass too close in our various perambulations. And for the faint of heart, there are so many more that have no intention of dining on you, but have no respect for your person as they hasten to and fro on the natural business of their own and think no more of traversing your parts than they do of crawling up tall grass or the side of a tree. And the mud, and the damp, and the rain….let us not forget them.
    And really this one was certainly not nearly the worst, being reasonably pleasant actually…good company seems to have a salubrious effect sometimes, despite natures little reminders that when we are truly IN her realm she cares no more for our lofty status than she does the tent caterpillars we were forever flicking off our tents.
    So, yes, celebrate the warm shower, the soft, warm, dry, bug free, bed (New Yorkers need not apply) and the lights that don’t need matches (that won’t light properly owing to the damp). Celebrate being able to travel 500 miles in a mere 9 hours and consider the distance in terms of a man with a decent walking speed of 3mph covering the same distance. I know I DO, and celebrated the hell out of them all last night 🙂

  • Oh, YAH. As usual, I celebrated with red meat, good booze, a fine cigar, and LOTS of electrical use in the form of lights, music, and general comfort.

  • I had a scan of the neighbourhood during the holy hour… from what I could see everyone was either blissfully unaware of their green Gaian Goredian guilt or was too happy to have the power on with the sudden return of an Arctic blast and new snow.

    Is it also a coincidence that we switched to summer time the week *before* the holy hour so that if the weather is fine the need for lights is 50/50 at that hour and so it looks like their are more observers of the Church of the Unelightenment?

  • North Korea has been celebrating earth hour for decades. It must be a gaian paradise!

  • 8:30 to 9:30??? Mark me down as politically incorrect, with all I had to do yesterday (so much for a day of rest) it was 8:30 before I got the chicken off the grill and came in to eat. Since it was me and my 15 year old twin grandsons I didn’t think a candle light dinner was in order.

  • I survived a close encounter with room temperature last year. Mother Nature will try to kill you any way that she can and I use any and all means to ward Her off!

  • “Anyway, I’m pushing for “Earth Days” next year”——————–lExcellent idea. Sign me up. As another of those who have had more than our fair share of ‘Earth Days’ I would be happy to assist in helping the devout observe their holydays. Ah, the joys of life in the bosom of Mother Nature. Ummmm, Good times.

    • @timactual Say, a lot of these Gaia worshipers could join the Army. We used to have “Earth Days” regularly. The Navy and Air Force not so much. They are rapers, you know…

  • Well, let’s see. During that idiom, I was:

    1) Cleaning 400 cases of .45 Auto brass in the small case vibrator.
    2) polishing 300 cases of .308 Match brass in the big vibrator.
    3) running the Dillon SL-900 (with all the bells and whistles, electronic goodies) to load 600 12ga shells.
    4) Toby Keith was playing on the stereo, piped into the garage.
    5) All the lights were on in the garage.
    Etc. Etc.

    • @Sharpshooter I’m confused, could you explain why you took Sharpshooter as a handle?