Free Markets, Free People

Wonder why health care insurance costs so much?

Well, how about government mandates?



If government wants to lower the cost of health care, there’s an immediate means of doing so.  Health insurance should be like a Chinese restaurant menu – pick one from column A and two from column B.  But if you don’t want acupuncture coverage or massage therapy or, in fact, have a uterus, why in the world should you forced to buy coverage for all of that?


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7 Responses to Wonder why health care insurance costs so much?

  • Kick open markets for insurance and health care generally, and watch the “magic” take over.

  • Open markets across state lines as well.

  • Here’s one of those “greater good” examples Darragh McManus was talking about. You pay higher premiums to serve the “greater good”, like unions, the American Hospital Association, and the multitude of exemptions in Pelosi’s district.

    Just be happy they’re not executing people for opposing ObamaPelosiCare, yet.

  • Oh, if it were only that simple, like in conservative dreams.

    • @tadcf How’s that new computer workin’ for ya? The one created by market forces?

  • I want a policy that covers unforseen disasters with a deductable, say $5000/year. I’ll pay for non-disasters, eg checkups, vaccines. Isn’t that what “insurance” means?