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UK: Doctors ask patient to go elsewhere because of patient “carbon footprint”

Welcome to the stupid zone.  Of course this is the result of unthinking acceptance of what is now considered by many to be junk science:

An elderly woman was ordered to find a new GP because the “carbon footprint” of her two-mile round trips to the surgery where she had been treated for 30 years was too large.

Avril Mulcahy, 83, was told to address the “green travelling issues” over her journeys from her home in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, to the West Road Surgery.

The letter said: “Our greatest concern is for your health and convenience but also taking into consideration green travelling issues. Re: Carbon footprints and winter weather conditions, we feel it would be advisable for patients to register at surgeries nearer to where they live. We would be very grateful if you could make the necessary arrangements to re-register at another practice.”

Two miles.

She’s been going to the same practice for 30 years.  And note the lie about “greatest concern”.  It is obviously not their greatest concern, is it.  The supposed “carbon footprint” appears to fill that role.

“Green traveling issues” with two mile round trips.


I assume the doctors and nurses live at the surgery, no?


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19 Responses to UK: Doctors ask patient to go elsewhere because of patient “carbon footprint”

  • Translation from the Erbian… Dear Mrs Inconvenient-Old-Duck. Due to NHS rules we cannot simply kick you off our register of patients. But we really would like to since there are a lot of well-to-do folks in this part of the country who would like to use our more expensive services that you stubbornly refuse to pay for. If you could be so kind as to be confused by our bullshit about environmental concerns and just voluntarily buggar-off to some other service that would really be great. Regards, Your Caring Nationalized Health Service.

  • And what if there is nothing closer to her? I can only assume that they’ll decide to withhold treatment and she’ll die for the greater good of mother gaia.

  • PS- I hope her response letter consisted of 2 words, with the second one being “off”

  • “Our greatest concern is for your health and convenience but…you have been declared environmentally redundant, and you will now please drop dead. Mmmk?”

  • So, are they monitoring the old dear to see how she’s covering the 2 miles?

  • Why do we think we would be better managers of other nation’s affairs, when we cannot even manage our own?

    • @tadcf Who is this “we”, white man?

      • @DocD Wait… you mean white man, or “white hispanic” man? I can’t keep track nowadays

        • @The Shark Or the irony of the dimwit thinking everyone on the interweb is a white middle-aged American man like himself.

        • @DocD I think he means us as in “amercians” he just wasn’t very precise in his use of the white anglo saxon vernacular. He’s actually chosen to take this posting not as an observation of stupidity brought on by Global Warming boobery, but as if we’re trying to ‘manage’ something by observing it.

        • @looker Well considering the article in question comes from The Telegraph( and that not every commenter here is “American” you’d think the boob would be less… boobalicious… about being so provincial in his assumptions. Still, maybe some of his best friends are foreigners.

      • @DocD All this talk about boobs is making me think of Sarah’s ample bosom and Erb Scott’s magenta caterpillars..time for my afternoon meds.

    • @tadcf Why do you think you can manage my affairs, when you can’t manage your own? And what gives you any right to try?

    • @tadcf We’re not trying to manage their affairs. We’re pointing out what a great idea the NHS is, and why we should rush rush rush to emulate it here in the US, where we manage our own affairs. And we’re pointing out how WONDERFUL it is to mix a Nationalized medical service with global warming. Clearly the two go hand in hand, yes?
      Again, connecting the dots, practice, practice, practice.

      • @looker What we need here is a revolutionary with the courage of his convictions to, for example, drive the annoying old dears out into the fields and shoot them. You know, because they believe so much in it that you just have to admire their wanton bloodlust.

        • @DocD Well, so long as it’s for the greater good you know. And it would be good if they stopped costing the state money, and if they left their possessions to the state when they snuff it.

    • @tadcf Refreshingly it’s good to see you acknowledge the current President and administration cannot manage much of anything. Perhaps there is some hope for you after all.

  • Relax, just like that school lunch inspector story, my liberal friends assure me this was all some misunderstanding.