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Saturday link-o-rama

Good for thee, but not for me – this administration is, well, just something.  Apparently, lowering taxes to spur economic growth only works in China.  If you suggest it here, well, you’re an extremist:

While making positive comments about the most recent five-year-plan developed by the Communist government of the People’s Republic of China, Undersecretary of State Robert Hormats specifically applauded China’s decision to lower taxes because it would spur economic growth.

Instead you’re going to hear the left double down on income inequality as a prelude to their tax the rich panacea.  When they do, keep this in mind:

“Any analysis of taxes paid in high tax-and-spend countries shows that the U.S. has the most progressive income tax system in the world.”

Speaking of taxes, the inevitable is about to happen in Germany.  Inevitable what?  The inevitable “solution” to an out of control welfare state.  Germany has been much more successful than some of the other European states in putting this off, but apparently the time has come.

GERMANY is proposing to levy extra taxes on the young to pay for the costs of the country’s growing numbers of old people, under government plans for a ”demographic reserve” levy.

The usual political over promise that’s been woefully underfunded.  Of course the same problem exists here as well.

I always say there are only a few polls to watch between elections.  One is the “right track/wrong track” polls that measure whether people think the country is on one or the other tracks .  Real Clear Politics presently has that at 60% wrong track and 33.7% wrong track.

Can anyone ever again consider NBC a news organization?

John Derbyshire hits bottom with this piece of garbage.

The Hill publishes a piece that just takes your breath away.  It is so poorly written and argued you have to wonder if they have been hacked by a 12 year old and just don’t know it yet.

Anti-Semite MJ Rosenberg, of Media Matters For America, resigns and hits the trail – sort of.

When you chum for sharks, what would you expect to show up?

Best first pitch ever.

Egypt (Arab Spring you know) continues to pursue pro-democracy American NGO workers.  The country has requested Interpol arrest them.  This while Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is welcomed in the White House.

Economic “recovery” is slow and weak due to Obama Administration policies.

The annual silliness surrounding membership at Augusta National is upon us.  In a free country you get to run your business the way you want too … and suffer the economic consequences of your decisions.  Forcing Augusta to allow women won’t empower them a bit.  Women starting their own “women’s only” golf club will.  And it certainly isn’t the business of politicians.

Global warming alarmists have almost become pathetic in their desperation.  James Hansen puts the cherry on top of that desperation.

Obama declares “women are not an interest group” although he and the Democrats clearly believe they are and have spun up this phony “war on women” with that in mind.

Finally – the real unemployment rate, as we’ve pointed out for quite some time, isn’t what is officially touted (8.2%).  Instead it is more like 10.9%.

Enjoy your weekend.


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  • Curious, McQ about your take on the Derbyshire piece, along with the others here.

    • Well I can tell you that Dale and Henke have called for NRO to fire him. The sad thing is that he did mix some legitimate concerns into his peice, but then stirred in a whole lot of outright racism.@Ragspierre

      • @kyle8 I’m not looking to start a fight here, but genuinely asking a question. What did you consider to be outright racism? (I will happily share my own mixed impressions, if anyone asks)

      • @kyle8
        “a whole lot of outright racism”———Care to be more specific?

        • just read it. He is equating cultural tenedencies to inheireted traits. @timactual

        • @kyle8 Really? So he claims violence against whites (or other outsiders) is an inherited trait? Where?

      • @kyle8 Here I thought it was a satire of a piece with all the “white” references changed to “black”

    • @Ragspierre I don’t have any doubt that a lot of his facts are true … I just don’t like what he did or where he went with many of them. I.e. I don’t agree with much of the reasoning or conclusions he reaches.

      • @McQandO I said this elsewhere…
        “Avoid concentrations of blacks not all known to you personally.”

        Bullshit. You can go into Black churches with impunity. Even if you go into Rev. Wright’s racist hotbed, you will be welcome unless you are hostile to them first.

        There are many places in the rural South where you are perfectly safe at any hour.

        SOME of what Derbyshire relates is factual.

        A LOT of it is not. I don’t live according to statistics, but take every individual as they come.
        I also NEVER had “the talk” with any of my kids. All of whom are adults.

        • @Ragspierre Heh, I had one with mine, and told them assholes come in all colors and it wasn’t restricted. I might have been more delicate I suppose if I’d had daughters, but maybe not for that one.

        • @looker Yep. Assholiness is a state of being uneffected by color.

        • @Ragspierre ‘ “Avoid concentrations of blacks not all known to you personally.” Bullshit. ‘—————–An exaggeration, no doubt. I am sure churches and some other places may be safe for strange white folks, but generally speaking I would follow that advice. I also avoid concentrations of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, for the same reason.

        • @timactual Interesting points. Aggregations of any kind these days are questionable, almost.

        • @Ragspierre It is an interesting problem – course Harley’s have become very popular with the well-to-do, so I can tell you I avoid concentrations of bikes not driven by fat corporate executives out for their weekend wander. This means I avoid certain types of establishment as well. I would be prone to avoid any concentration of males of any color or set of colors who give off a certain ‘air’. If Derbyshire backed up his truck a bit, he’d realize there are white parts of some towns he would give EXACTLY the same advice for. Perhaps he didn’t grow up in an essentially all white town as I did so he never got to experience all the fun you can have with people who are strictly of your own color and hyphenated American background.

        • @Ragspierre As the wife and I discuss it, we never have and never will have a color directed ‘talk’ of this sort. I maintain, you can find anything Derbyshire was warning against amongst people of ‘other than black’ color. I think what hits me is that he’s singled it out specifically to blacks, perhaps for the purposes of his piece. All he’s done is decided to have ‘the talk’ for whites in contrast to ‘the talk’ for blacks. Except, as 10 percent of the population, and with the long and sad history we’ve had, wouldn’t you say ‘the talk’ is a sensible thing for blacks to be having?

        • @looker Yeppers, looker. There are several things in the Derb’s piece I think are wrong, several pretty much correct, and several that were too narrow. “Situational awareness” is the kind of talk I had with the kids. I personally think NR went too far in firing him, though. I also wonder why he’s getting flack and all the other authors of such pieces are not. Well, not really… Typical. In answer to your last question, no. I think that black racism is not a good thing, and we don’t live in history, but in the now. Are their clumps of white people a black kid should be leary of? Sure. There are clumps of white people I should be leary of, too. Goes back to being aware of your surroundings, not the race of people in them.

        • @Ragspierre “Goes back to being aware of your surroundings, not the race of people in them.”
          okay, I see what you mean.

        • I have lived in the South all my life and been in some circumstances with black people that made me uncomfortable, But the two times that my life has been most in danger was in a barroom brawl in a white redneck lounge, and beleive it or not when I got a lot of hippies pissed off by wearing a Nuke the Whales T-shirt back in the late 1970’s. @Ragspierre

        • @looker “If Derbyshire backed up his truck a bit, he’d realize there are white parts of some towns he would give EXACTLY the same advice for”——–I am sure he would agree, but the subject was “The Talk”, dealing with relations between races.

        • @timactual True that, my point would be, he specifically wants to talk about having ‘the talk’ in terms blacks, I’m gathering to counter ‘the talk’ we’re suddenly hearing about from various blacks. Rather than have a talk that directs them to be situationally aware, it’s a talk specifically about one race. Now, does he believe that, or is he just trying to make some kind of counter point that whites could be having ‘the talk’ too? I don’t know, I don’t read the guy. When I gave my kids those kind of talks, it was general situations they can encounter anywhere. Group dynamics and mob behaviors are often the same no matter who composes the group.

        • @looker
          ” we never have and never will have a color directed ‘talk’ of this sort.”——-Neither did Derbyshire. As he stated, ”
          My own kids, now 19 and 16, have had it in bits and pieces as subtopics have arisen. If I were to assemble it into a single talk, it would look something like the following.

          Please share this article by using the link below. When you cut and paste an article, Taki’s Magazine misses out on traffic, and our writers don’t get paid for their work. Email to buy additional rights.

        • @Ragspierre That comment and the comment to avoid black neighborhoods is spot on in many areas of NYC. Even blacks would agree with them ( in private anyway)

        • @Ragspierre Heh… The same thought could be applied to Eagles fans 😉

        • @timactual But my point is, he’s directing it specifically to a color of person. Perhaps this angle of defense is more damning than not, do you see? This entire conversation can be had without bringing race into it. I would concede it’s a more obvious match to the gasoline, but you can get the same volatile situations anywhere, with people of any race, and it’s really not very productive or wise to get your kids thinking it can only happen with black people. The only people I’ve ever been attacked by in 55 years either in bars or on the street have been “other than black”.

        • @The Shark AND don’t even think of going to Vancouver at all! Some of these discussions remind me of going to Bruins Games in the old Boston Garden….

        • @looker ” but you can get the same volatile situations anywhere, with people of any race”————True, but irrelevant. The subject is inter-racial relations, not intra-racial relations. Hey, I wouldn’t go to a championship soccer match in Great Britain, either, but that is irrelevant. I believe Mr. Derbyshire’s point is that if blacks perceive a racial hostility by whites and white dominated society, there is also a perception by whites of a black hostility towards them. Why is one perception acceptable, if not laudable, and the other racist, despicable garbage that must not be spoken of? ————– “The only people I’ve ever been attacked by in 55 years either in bars or on the street have been “other than black”.”—And just how much of that time have you been in the circumstances Mr. Derbyshire cautions against? Others may have had different experiences.

        • @looker ” he’s directing it specifically to a color of person.”–Yes, probably because inter-racial hostility and interaction is more common between black and white. There isn’t much of a record of unfortunate interactions between whites and Mongolians, for example. ———————There was an unfortunate incident in Baltimore on St. Patrick’s day.. A tourist was assaulted and robbed. There was a crowd present. They laughed and helped strip him naked. Nobody interfered, nobody objected, nobody called the police. Now, what image came to your mind?

        • @timactual Yeah, I saw this one. sure is getting uglier quicker.

  • Speaking of taxes, the inevitable is about to happen in Germany.  Inevitable what?  The inevitable “solution” to an out of control welfare state — when I read about the inevitable happening in Germany, I just assumed it involved boxcars. That’s Europes default mode anyway

  • Hansen is a giant lying POS. That is the only thing to come away from his numerous unscientific comments. He says that the fossil record shows that high CO2 corresponds with higher global temperatures, That is simply a lie. The highest concentrations were during periods of intense cooling.

    • @kyle8 Frankly, I think any employee who makes more money from an ongoing relationship with outside employer than from their primary employer (they simply aren’t a primary employer any longer), should be fired.

  • “U.S. Bancorp (USB) is pulling out of the private student loans market and JPMorgan Chase (JPM) is sharply reducing its lending, as banking regulators step up their scrutiny of the products.

    JPMorgan Chase will limit student lending to existing customers starting in July, a bank spokesman told American Banker on Friday. The bank laid off 24 employees who make sales calls to colleges as part of its decision. ”

    Pop goes the student loan bubble.

  • “Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards. Though race related issues continue to occupy a significant portion of our political discussion, and though there remain many unresolved racial issues in this nation, we, average Americans, simply do not talk enough with each other about race. “——Attorney General Eric Holder at the Department of Justice African American History Month Program
    ~ Wednesday, February 18, 2009————————————————-

    It isn’t often I would agree with Eric Holder, but Derbyshire’s article and the reaction to it tend to make me agree with him. It reminds me of the (in)famous phrase of Lord Alfred Douglas, “I am the Love that dare not speak its name.”———–I read the article twice, and skimmed the cites and frankly I didn’t see anything to get hostile about. Unless, of course, reality causes hostility. Certainly nothing so “outlandish” as to cause Derbyshire to be dropped by NRO. Cowardice, indeed.

    • I agree.

    • @timactual The Derb sees life differently than do I. I do not think in statistics, and he seems to have that vision. I regard that as one of those “diversity” thingys we are supposed to value. Again, without agreeing with him, I did not find his piece outrageously outrageous. Some of it reveals a different perspective, which is a valuable thing generally.

  • Heh kudos to Derb for making it okay to be a racist again – conservative commenters are defending him on every forum. Meanwhile blog owners look on in horror at the audience they’ve courted 😉

    Henke is a standup guy though, way smarter than anyone here. He and Rick Moran are about the only sane righties left.

    • @tdare
      Now we hear from one of the reasons Eric Holder was right.

    • Yeah just who are those conservative commentators defending him, care to name them? Go ahead, there may be a few, I want to know who to avoid. Just remember you are NO BETTER THAN DERBYSHIRE, because you too paint with a broad stroke and bare hatred to people who you don’t even know. Ass @tdare

    • @tdare Also an example of how, alas, it is always okay to be stupid.

    • @tdare or tadcf – whichever eh?

    • @tdare Wait wait! You forgot your password? Bummer man.