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Obama’s attack on SCOTUS not a political “winner” per poll

Obama’s attack on the Supreme Court concerning his signature legislation, ObamaCare, and the possibility of it being over turned can’t help but make one wonder how such an attack would be received by the public at large.

Well, if this Rasmussen poll is to be believed, not very well:

While President Obama cautioned the U.S. Supreme Court this past week about overturning his national health care law, just 15% of Likely U.S. Voters think the high court puts too many limitations on what the federal government can do.

In fact, a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that twice as many–30%– believe the Supreme Court does not limit the government enough. Forty percent (40%) say the balance is about right, while 15% more are undecided.

So in the great scheme of things, given this poll is accurate, more Americans than not (in fact about twice as many) are concerned the Supreme Court doesn’t limit the government enough.  Hmmm …. no leverage there for the administration. 

In fact, 70% of Americans find that SCOTUS is about right or needs to limit government even more.


It points to an argument the administration can start, but is unlikely to win.  In fact, it would appear that most Americans, according to this survey, see the SCOTUS as a vital governor on the engine of run-away government.  And they surely don’t agree that the court has acted out of the main for the most part.  

That, of course, doesn’t bode well for a campaign to smear the court, does it?

Let’s see if this administration realizes that and backs off or, as it has many times in the past, blindly and arrogantly charges on.


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6 Responses to Obama’s attack on SCOTUS not a political “winner” per poll

  • President Fiddle-foot insists on extending his really bad, terrible, horrible week…er…month…um…quarter.

  • Bring on the “Supreme Court attacks Women Circus” with Elephants, Lions, Tigers and dancing Bears.

    • @looker And clowns. Send in the clowns… There ought to be clowns. Oh! don’t bother…they’re here…

  • I particularly love the protest signage – “save our healthcare” etc, et al. This isn’t up for a demographic vote children, it’s up for review by Supreme Court justices to determine if it’s CONSTITUTIONAL. I know that must leave them a bit confused, that their boycotts and protests and vote buying, vote stacking, vote frauding can’t be used en masse as it has been before. “That darned old Constitution thingie, it will just have to go! Those judges! They’re NOT EVEN ELECTED! We should impeach all the ones who vote that this isn’t Constitutional! ”