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Saturday Link-O-Rama

Hard to find the words to find the uh, “winning” in this quote:

“We were winning. We were winning in a very different way because we were touching hearts. We were raising issues that, well, frankly, a lot of people didn’t want to have raised”—Rick Santorum in his concession speech this week.

Um hmmm.

Is Crony Capitalism the reason your cell phone bill is 80% too high?

Factory farm raised beef is horrible, but organically raised beef?  It’s worse.  For what?  Well global warming of course:

Grass-grazing cows emit considerably more methane than grain-fed cows. Pastured organic chickens have a 20 percent greater impact on global warming. It requires 2 to 20 acres to raise a cow on grass. If we raised all the cows in the United States on grass (all 100 million of them), cattle would require (using the figure of 10 acres per cow) almost half the country’s land (and this figure excludes space needed for pastured chicken and pigs). A tract of land just larger than France has been carved out of the Brazilian rain forest and turned over to grazing cattle. Nothing about this is sustainable.

Is the Federal Government making a move to take more control of Natural Gas production in the states by Executive Order?

The federal government is concerned, since natural gas volumetric exploration in 2011 was so large, it eclipsed the all-time high production record of 1973, it must “ensure that we can successfully tap this critical resource for decades to come, we must develop it safely and responsibly.” Translation, we must control it and reduce its production so that our air and water are safe according to the EPA dictates. This is interesting because natural gas is one of the cleanest sources of energy.

Why Obama is no “Energy President”, or, perhaps, is the Anti-Energy President.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright makes the point that he’s never changed his preaching style and that Obama listened to that preaching for 20 years.  Who is lying here?

Secret Service agents misbehaving?

If you’re up for reading about one of the most absurd wastes of money it has been my misfortune to run across, hit the link.  In the big scheme of things, it’s not a lot of money, but when you read the whole story my guess is you’ll be seeing red … just like the financial red ink our country is drowning in precisely because of bureaucratic, wasteful and downright stupid spending like this.

The recent end of one man’s “white guilt”.  Mine died decades ago.

A pretty poor attempt to justify the healthcare mandate legally.

About those “green” jobs.

Farrakhan – Don’t breed with whites!  And get a load of this as well.  And finally, this.

DoJ has become a horrible joke.

Enjoy your Saturday.


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15 Responses to Saturday Link-O-Rama

  • Thought you’d LOVE this, too…

    Ever since Islamists took office in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, they have been trying to convince us that they are advocates of moderation, democracy, women’s rights and individual freedoms. And most people in the West, after jubilantly watching the Arab Spring’s amazing revolutions last year, wanted to believe them.

    But now we can see that these Islamic groups are taking us for fools…

    We should never have believed them.
    ———————————————————————————————- Erp…???

    • @Ragspierre Erb? erb? You lookin for erb? We got no erb, it got all burnt up man! It was good!!!! and necessary dude!!!!!!

      • @looker “Whoa…colors, dude…!!! See the lights…??? Watch and learn, man….”

    Thought THAT was too cool to just pass by…

  • “Farrakhan…….”—————-Careful there, you are starting to sound like John Derbyshire.

  • pssst, the ‘pretty poor attempt’ link goes to the “white guilt” story.

  • “Rev. Jeremiah Wright makes the point that he’s never changed his preaching style and that Obama listened to that preaching for 20 years. Who is lying here?”

    If only there was some written record of Wright’s leanings from before 2008 – like maybe a church bulletin that supported Hamas

    Or one that tried so hard to push a racist narritive that it would claim that CBS (you know, the guys that broadcast forged documents to slander the Republican candidate) was run by right-wing consevatives

  • “At times it seems President Obama believes the Buffett Rule — his proposal that Americans making more than $1 million a year pay at least 30 percent in federal income taxes — is the only solution needed to solve the nation’s staggering fiscal crisis.”

    Once we have the “Buffet Rule,” we will be able to end income taxes to everybody else because it will bring in so much revenue, $4 billion at last reckoning, that the federal government will wither on the vine..

    • @Neo_ Well, the Buffet Rule is more acceptable than shouting “Hate the rich! Vote for me! I’ll give you free shit, really! Your gas, your rent, your birth control pills!!!! VOTE FOR ME, that’s BARACKA HUSSEIN OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT”

  • Cell Phone bill too high? How about unlimited text, unlimited voice and unlimited data for the $19 per month from start-up Republic Wireless, now in beta but breaking out this summer. The secret is not a secret at all. These folks have programmed an Android-based phone to seek Wi-Fi connections first and foremost and then fall back on the Sprint backbone if there is no Wi-Fi available. One-Hundred-Ninety-Nine bucks due in month one, which includes the phone, and $19 per month thereafter. Money back if not satisfied.

    • @gad_fly — Wasn’t LightSquared the Obama Admin push boy whose signals would interfere with GPS navigation?

      • @Sharpshooter – Don’t know the LightSquared history well enough to comment on its relationship to the Zero administration. My point only covered cheap cell phone service.

  • I think the phone companies get everyone on the data and other squeezy stuff like charging you a monthly fee to get lower international rates..uh, how about just lowering your international rates and I will actually call overseas? (ATT: no, we like having people make the mistake of making that call without knowing the rate will be 200 dollars a second or making people sign up for 5 bucks a month to make a cheaper call but that sucks if you need to make 6 calls a year.)

    Taiwan has very low cell phone costs, very low international rates…calling America from a cell or a land line costs the same literally cents on the minute. But they do now have the data plans…those will get you.

    I wish ATT would play less games with their pricing and “services.” They also bill me for stuff that I never even signed up for. I find that to be very sleazy.

    • Note Taiwan has an extremely competitive market and the government once in a while threatens to investigate high cell phone rates. I suspect they don’t have enough lobbyists.

      Why lately they have been trying to raise electricity rates but everyone demands the state run electricity company get rid of super benefits bonuses and perks FIRST.

      I can’t decide if that’s socialist or awesome Tea Party cut-spending first attitude, or some combination.

      They have their idiots as well…like the idea of banning the one private refinery that exports 75% of its gasoline so that it will be forced to sell domestically and lower the gas price.

      Hmmmm, why are they exporting so much? Probably because the government run competitor sells at a loss/subsidized rate. So wouldn’t it make more sense to raise rates and attract more suppliers and make exports less attractive?

      NO, the people want their cheap gas, man.