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There’s a reason Nancy Pelosi is the least popular member of Congress

She’s dangerously thick but in a position of power.  This is the woman who attempted to redefine what it means to be Catholic (because actual Catholicism didn’t support her views on abortion).  She passed a piece of legislation called ObamaCare without even knowing what was in it.

Now she wants to redefine free speech.  Said Ms. Pelosi, while discussing Citizens United v. FEC (via The Rightscoop):

We have a clear agenda in this regard: Disclose, reform the system reducing the roll of money in campaigns, and amend the Constitution to rid it of this ability for special interests to use secret, unlimited, huge amounts of money flowing to campaigns.

I think one of the presenters [at a Democratic forum on amending the Constitution] yesterday said that the Supreme Court had unleashed a predator that was oozing slime into the political system, and that, indeed, is not an exaggeration. Our Founders had an idea. It was called democracy. It said elections are determined by the people, the voice and the vote of the people, not by the bankrolls of the privileged few. This Supreme Court decision flies in the face of our Founders’ vision and we want to reverse it.

Obviously she’s about as much a Constitutional Scholar as our President. 

The First Amendment pertains to freedom of political speech and requires Congress to “make no law …” that would suppress it.

Ed Morrissey said it best:

The best campaign finance reform is still transparency. If burning a flag in the street is free speech, then so are political contributions, especially when made in the open. If the reformers in Congress want to clean up elections, then force immediate reporting on the Internet of all contributions to all presidential, Senate, and Congressional races, and full weekly financial reports on expenditures. That will do more than all of the speech-restricting, unconstitutional efforts made since Watergate, and make the entire system a lot more honest.

That’s where she and the left should be headed with this (after this campaign season of course – they want all that slime to flow into their coffers for at least the rest of this year).

Bottom line, Ms. Pelosi – “Congress shall make no law …”.

What part of that don’t you understand?


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  • Asked and answered! As you stated earlier in your piece, “she’s about as much a Constitutional Scholar as our President.” This is a woman who “passed a piece of legislation called ObamaCare without even knowing what was in it.” And you expect her to have read, much less understand, “Congress shall make no law . . . ” To say she is “dangerously thick” is an understatement of gigantic perportions!

  • Pelosi should have also mentioned that the Founders intended Congress to have limited powers as explicitly set out in the Constitution. We should not have to rely on the Bill of Rights to stop Congress from acting in areas where the Constitution never gave it power in the first place…

  • “… preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States …”

  • “The US conference of Bishops says that the Republican budget doesn’t meet their moral criteria,” Pelosi said during her briefing today, noting that the bishops called for “shared sacrifice” and a plan for “raising adequate revenues.” … what a Janus !!

    • @Neo_ Point out to a liberal that Jesus would be quite against abortion and that shuts that talking point right up, I’ve found with great success.

  • I’ll go even further. If congress stuck to its enumerated powers then there would be a lot less power whoring going on in Washington. With three and a half trillion dollars per year at stake do they really think there would be no outside interest, no outside sleaze oozing around? The problem is not campaign finance. The problem is what people like Ms. Pelosi are doing.
    Getting back to the classical liberal idea of limited government will solve more of this than new regulations will.

  • I repeat – the botox treatements didn’t just smooth her face, they smoothed the wrinkles in her brain as well.

  • Why would the dems be pushing this right now? Energize their base? Send Romney and Republicans off on another tangent? Continuing their war on business and capitalism? A logical progression for socialist?

  • McQ, I understood Crazy Nanny to be EXPRESSLY calling for amending the 1st, not just writing a law. Even SHE is not stupid enough to know you can’t just gin up a new law in the face of a ruling like Citizens.

  • She can’t be proposing that well financed organizations are actually ginning up physical votes, to alter the outcome of an election can she? No, that can’t be it, that can’t be the acorn of her idea, the union of her thought patterns….No.
    Apparently she is of therefore of the opinion that the people can be lied to consistently enough via the use of money and influence to buy advertising or media program time to get them to vote contrary to their best interests…, I wonder WHERE she got the road map to THAT crazy idea.
    Boiled dog anyone?

    • @looker The whole dog eating thing brings a new meaning to … “And over the past two years, that’s meant taking on some powerful interests. Some powerful interests that have been setting the agenda in Washington for a long time, and they’re not always happy with me. They talk about me like a dog. That’s not in my prepared remarks, but it’s true.”

      • @Neo_ If we talked about him like a dog, wouldn’t we say he’s ” tough”?

      • @Neo_ Eww…code. “…me like dog…prepared…it’s true…” Smoking gun?

      • @Neo_ As you may detect, I am not prepared to be done with the dog thing until the DEIC has vacated the Oval Office.

  • It seems their amendment would also include: Churches, newspapers, magazines, nonprofit organizations that are organized as corporations, have an amendment.,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,Oh and Ben & Jerry’s support this bunch of far left loons. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I have an amendment. Term limits for the senators & congressmen. And there will be no lifetime retirement when their term is over.

  • Congress shall make no law that they, themselves, aren’t beholden to.

  • How about a law forcing Obama to turn on credit card verification on his web site?

    What a mixed up world. Corporations are a grave threat to electoral freedom, but being able to vote with other people’s ballots multiple times isn’t. Gotcha

    • @The Shark And the TSA can stop you on the highway or riding a bus and ask you where you’re going and who you are. Yeah, I’m loving my country these days.

    • @The Shark Listened to an anecdote the other day about a guy who went down to recycle some aluminum cans. He had to show a picture ID by law. Strange, strange world we live in…

      • @Ragspierre I guess the ‘right to return cans’ isn’t covered yet. Soon as they shoe horn into the penumbra of the Constitution you won’t need ID for that. But really till then, that’s awful, it must be a plan to Republicans to oppress you know who, because they’re the only ones who’d recycle aluminum cans and get cash for it, but I’m not calling anyone a racist or anything, you know.