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Quote of the Day: Joe Biden bumper sticker edition

You have to love this guy:

"If you are looking for a bumper sticker to sum up how President Obama has handled what we inherited, it’s pretty simple: Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive,"

Of course, Osama bin Laden would be dead and GM “alive” if Chauncey Gardiner had been president (or VP for that matter … oh, wait).

But don’t tell Joe that.


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12 Responses to Quote of the Day: Joe Biden bumper sticker edition

  • How about “Obama inherited some problems, and passed em on to your kids, your grandkids, and your great grandkids”.

    • @looker This assumes that my descendants will stick around in the USA to pay the bills.

      • @TheOldMan

        At least one of my kids has taken advantage of the opportunities we have offered, and is fluent in Spanish. I bet Chile or Costa Rica need engineers.

        • @newshutz I just got back from a couple of weeks in Chile… there is a lot of money to be made in the mines there for a hard worker. Also, the country is very nice, the people friendly and the women very fine. I could see living there very easily.

      • @TheOldMan Even if they move, they’ll STILL be paying our bills in one way or another. No one escapes. Besides they won’t be able to leave, they owe future bills and the IRS now has the power to take your passport so THIS problem of people fleeing is pretty close to being solved. Just a couple of tweaks and liberal executive order type interpretations and they won’t be able to leave because of their already incurred long term future debt.

  • The regime is saying the war on terror is over now. And that there is a respectable Islamist faction we can work with. Personally, I figure a lot more dead Americans will result. As to the GM allusion, I would much prefer a new GM reorganized under REAL bankruptcy law, and a live rule of law…over the zombie GM and the murdered rule of law Obama gave us.

  • Chauncey Gardiner did not make gaffs. Biden is in no way as good as Gardiner. Even if Joe does like to watch.

  • Pat Quinn, a Democrat who has been governor since 2009, now says “our rendezvous with reality has arrived.”

    Now, THERE is a FLUCKING bumper-sticker….!!!!