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Saturday Link-O-Rama

Another week, another round of stories I just couldn’t get to in any detail:

-Uh, I don’t think this guy understands what “anti-bullying” really means.  And he certainly doesn’t help his case when he does precisely what he denounces.  Dope.

-I kind of think it has: “Has America Been Crippled By Intellectual Idiots?”

-Investors Business Daily talking about “journalists” (yes the scare quotes are intentional): “It’s Cool To Be In The Tank For Obama”.  But they’ll still want us to laud them for being “objective” and “hard nosed”, right?

-About time.  New professional behavioral guidelines have been issued for the Secret Service.  This only intensifies my belief that this sort of behavior was widespread and fairly common and that leadership was either clueless or did the ole “wink, wink, nudge, nudge”.  Either way, higher heads should roll.  And yeah, I’m a hard ass about stuff like this.

-An interesting exploration of the US labor participation rate.

-Students may love the idea of the redistribution of wealth (when it comes to paying their student loans), but when the example is redistribution of grades, not so much.

-The LA Times carries a story saying the US is signaling a major shift on the Iran nuclear program in which the Obama administration might support letting Iran continue enriching uranium up to 5% purity if it agrees to other U.N. restrictions.  Of course that begs the question as to why the administration has also sent a flock of F-22s, our most advanced air superiority fighter, to bases in the sandbox?

-Embattled Attorney General Eric Holder has declared there’s “more work to do” before his term is done.  Like what?  Scouting out country club jails for his future incarceration?  The guy has got to be the worst and most corrupt AG we’ve seen in quite some time.

-How to win friends and influence an industry – “crucify them”.  Remember, the government is a servant of the people … right?

-I know this will come as a complete shock, but did you know that Social Security and Medicare are going to go broke even sooner than we thought?  Who knew?  According to experts, each household owes $538,000 toward unfunded SS and Medicare liabilities.  Or, $63 trillion, with a “t”, dollars.  Anyone out there want to argue we’ve been well served by our political class?

-I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with the Senate race in MA, but Elizabeth Warren, the Harvard professor and darling of the left is finding out that politics is a bit more hard ball than being in the academic in-group.  Especially when you can’t support your claims.

-Finally the Zimmerman narrative has begun to crumble completely.  The man who was portrayed initially by omission as a white man is apparently a man of very mixed race, to include African ancestry.  Also interesting is after you read this story, you’ll most likely have much the same thought as I did – I now know more about Zimmerman than I do about the President of the United States.


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14 Responses to Saturday Link-O-Rama

  • I now know more about Zimmerman than I do about the President of the United States.

    AND…I like him a LOT better. Which is not to say I like him all that much…

    • @Ragspierre So what’s Zimmerman’s ethnicity right now? A white black hispanic?

    • @Ragspierre So what’s Zimmerman’s ethnicity right now? A white black hispanic?

      • @The Shark Zimmerman is the most hated type of person on the left a self-hating black hispanic, who is trying to act white, is a redneck, and has a Joooo name! He is evil incarnate.

      • @The Shark It was just a question of time before the labels that proved we were racists came back round to bite them in their mostly lily white intellectual asses.

      • @The Shark And, Shark, isn’t it interesting that…after Obama…the question of his ethnicity MATTERS MORE than it would years ago?

        • @Ragspierre Maybe they’d be happier if we resurrected all the ‘exact’ descriptive names for someone’s lineage, back when ‘one drop’ was enough to keep you on the plantation. Mulatto, Octoroon, Quadroon. etc.

    • @Ragspierre At least Zimmerman is will to take his own lumps, literally. If Obama were in a traffic with a telephone pole, it wouldn’t be his fault. Zimmerman at least admits to his own actions.

      • @Neo_ Were you saying Obama in sexual congress with a telephone pole? Confusing, but curiously compelling imagery….

  • From the link on America being crippled by intellectual idiots: “1) An Obsession With The Appearance Of Objectivity

    I say “appearance” of objectivity because the intellectual idiot does indeed take sides on a regular basis, and the side he takes invariably benefits the establishment. He would never admit to this, though, because he believes it gives him more credibility to at least be thought of as standing outside an issue looking in. …They often try to approach debate with the façade of detachment, as if they do not care one way or the other. The costume soon wears away, however, when they are faced with an opponent that is not impressed with their educational status.” Man, does that strike a chord.

  • “And yeah, I’m a hard ass about stuff like this.” Geeze, I wonder why, not.

  • “Has America Been Crippled By Intellectual Idiots?”

    I must say that I have considered returning to college when I retire just to provide the missing “monkey wrench”

    • @Neo_ Yeah, it might be fun to be some of the guys that bugged the shit out of me when I was going to school and I knew everything and they were ‘old’.