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By now you’ve probably heard the Obama campaign has decided on a new campaign slogan. 

The word “Forward” has been chosen for … yeah, I don’t know.  We’ve done anything but move forward under this administration.  Perhaps it should have been “Okay Now Let’s Try To Go Forward”.  Right, too awkward.

The Washington Times notes that the slogan has long ties to socialism:

The Obama campaign apparently didn’t look backwards into history when selecting its new campaign slogan, "Forward" — a word with a long and rich association with European Marxism.

Many Communist and radical publications and entities throughout the 19th and 20th centuries had the name "Forward!" or its foreign cognates….

The slogan "Forward!" reflected the conviction of European Marxists and radicals that their movements reflected the march of history, which would move forward past capitalism and into socialism and communism.

Ann Althouse notes it also has long ties to … Wisconsin?

"Forward" is the Wisconsin state motto, and I’ve heard it used over and over again by politicians.


One has to assume that "forward” is meant to mean to start in a particular direction from the point you now occupy.  And that’s where it gets dicey for Obama.  What is the point we now occupy from which he’d like to move us “forward”?

Well, shall we make a list to help his campaign? 

-Forward to an unemployment rate lower than 8.2% (oh, wait, that was the job of the stimulus.)

-Forward from the first ever credit downgrade (a unique first for a president, no?)

-Forward toward a total debt that is less than our GDP (yeah, that’s not going to happen.)

-Forward toward more government (it does solve all our problems, right?  Right?)

-Forward toward more executive “we can’t afford to wait” orders (because now an imperial presidency is a ‘good thing’).

-Forward to more green energy boondoggles (at taxpayers expense, of course.)

-Forward to even less fossil fuel exploitation on federal lands (because, you know, fossil fuel is a fuel of the past.)

-Forward to implementing unconstitutional mandates (if ObamaCare survives, what can’t government mandate?)

-Forward to even more Americans on food stamps (a record to be proud of?)

-Forward to another 4 years of poor leadership (like putting pressure on the Senate to pass a budget?  Oh, wait …)

-Forward to another ‘reset’ with our international allies (because they feel so loved right now.)

-Forward to a DoJ that’s even worse than it is now (Fast and Furious?  You ain’t seen nothing yet.)

-Forward to a president no longer answerable to the people (you know, one with more “flexibility”.)

-Forward toward a possibility of making additional Supreme Court appointments (frightening to anyone who values liberty).

-Forward with a president who identifies with the values the OWS crowd (just review his record if you don’t get that.)

-Forward with the push to tax “global warming” (its about revenue, not science.)

-Forward with the class warfare “equality” campaign (it means ‘redistribution’, see identification with OWS)

-Forward with other redistributionist schemes (Student loans anyone?)

-Forward with more divisive partisanship from the most partisan president ever (ask Paul Ryan about that.)

-Forward from 2.2% GDP growth and a jobless recovery (ignore the jobs more oil drilling could bring immediately.)

Yes, I know, a partial list (I’m sure you can add to it), but I need to move on. 


I like it.  Of course, it’s probably not a good thing when those who want you out of office like your new slogan.  They probably have an ulterior motive for doing so (yup, that’d be me).

Any bets on whether or not it will be quietly retired soon in favor of another?  I mean I’m sure the focus groups loved it, but really?  Forward?

This is a bit like the Chernobyl town council declaring “forward” as their slogan after the melt down.

The three headed frogs all liked it.


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13 Responses to Forward

  • FORWARD…over the cliff…!!! Yah, super…

  • I also like ForWARNED As in “fool me once…”

  • What were his alternatives? After all, when you’re an empty suit, your campaign message has to be some generic, feel-good, vapid, meaningless phrase. Only a few of those have political connotations. He can’t just go with “Puppies!” or “Togetherness” or “Life is a box of chocolates”. He has used up hope, change and “win the future” (with it’s appropo acroynm). He can’t do some “we’re all in this together” schtick because he’d never be willing to admit he needs those extremist Republicans who occasionally mention in passing that the government is headed towards a debt meltdown.
    So he is now down to recycling collectivist messaging from the past, which should not surprise anyone who has actually been paying attention to him since he came on the national stage. As I said over at Daily Pundit yesterday, you’ve heard of back to the future – this is forward to the past.

    • @Billy Hollis You know what I look forward to? The next Pres. liberally blaming Baracky for every issue he inherited, and watching this sad shell of a man seething in his Chicago lair

      • @The Shark I hope your vision is vindicated. Mine is that he just moves to NYC, and sets up in the UN.

  • Well, whatever it was, it had to have the letter “O” in it so we could get the obligatory Obama logo in there. One they could use to frame the shot so taken from low and in front of him it would wreath his head like a halo, and he could look skyward for a moment with a Christlike visage. But “FORE!!!!” would be more in keeping with his Presidency.

  • “Forward”, because looking back is oh, soooo ugly.

    • @Constitution First looking around where we’re at isn’t so pretty either.

  • What direction have we been kicking the can on the budget? Forward!

  • Well, there is also this, probably more accurate, definition;—————–“b. Lacking restraint or modesty; presumptuous or bold:”

  • I’d love to go forward from an evil, petty pathetic excuse for a man to a new President in Nov.

  • “Forward” because Obama will have to quit blaming Bush……………… No that’s not going to happen. If he is reelected I can see it now 2014 “It’s all Bush’s fault!” “We inherited this mess!”