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Perhaps Romney ought to talk about what he stands to inherit from Obama

It would seem that would be a fairly potent means of campaigning and keeping the issues most important to the forefront.  It might take care of this.

Look, one of the reasons we’re going through this “I killed bin Laden” self-congratulatory orgy right now is a day spend doing the bin Laden back pat is a day not spent on having to discuss this awful economy.

It wouldn’t be hard to compile a list of problems a new president would “inherit” from Obama.  That was (and still is) an Obama strategy – blame Bush.  It may be time for Romney to begin to blame Obama:

-For 8.2% unemployment

-For doubling the debt

-For anemic GDP growth

-For large increases in major regulations

-For ObamaCare

-For green energy boondoggles based in crony capitalism and a nonexistent energy policy

-For increasing dependency on government

-For the first credit downgrade in US history

And, that’s just a short list.

I like the “inherit” scheme.  It’s a good way to frame the debate and put the Obama campaign on the defensive.  If and when the Romney campaign and certain elements of the GOP can stop shooting themselves in the foot over gay spokespersons that is.


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14 Responses to Perhaps Romney ought to talk about what he stands to inherit from Obama

  • If and when the Romney campaign and certain elements of the GOP can stop shooting themselves in the foot over gay spokespersons that is.

    IF you refer to Grenell, he was NOT a spokesman, and, aside from people like Jen Rubin CLAIMING it, nobody I read gave a rat’s ass about his gayness.  So, displaced snark, seems to me…

    • Well except for Brian Fischer and a bunch of social cons who described his resignation as a “big win”. And he was a foreign policy spokesman. That was what he was hired to do.

      • “A big win” after the fact of his resignation, and disconnected to his gayness.  He was rightly slammed for his misogynistic crap, McQ, and that appears to have been what brought him down.  Poor vetting by the Romney people, but I don’t see how you implicate a whole GOP in foot-shooting.

        • Where is the focus right now? Not on the things I mention.

          • For you, apparently.  For me, they are on the things you mentioned (not on the things you could have beneficially left unsaid) and a LOT FLUCKING more.  Like a racist DOJ, a CRAZY, UNscientific EPA, an outlaw Interior Dept, an IRS that’s giving away $$$ to illegal aliens, while expanding into my medical records (coming attractions).
            I don’t care a whit about Grenell, but you seem to.

          • I seem to care about stupid distractions in case you missed it.

        • By the way, for Fischer, it is never “disconnected with his gayness”.

  • Doesn’t matter if we don’t think it’s much of a distraction, what matters is what’s running on the national news at 6:00 and 10:00 instead of what ought to be running.  But who are we kidding, if it weren’t for this kind of distraction there just wouldn’t be national news, it’d be local news, or international news about France, or about the woman who discovered the meteorite, or a story about tree frogs, or about a dog, or…..they AREN’T going to cover anything negative to Obama anyway.  EVERYTHING is a distraction.

  • Meanwhile the Disassociated Press will, by sheer mental will power, help make sure the unemployment below 8% by election day
    For their follow on act, they will hypnotize the American public and have them dance on a horizontal flag pole 20 stories above the ground on Broadway in New York.

    • Just before election, the AP will also find that E. Warren was fathered by Running Bull, and the forensics showing that Master Chief Petty Officer Obama’s hand-held mini-gun fired the fatal rounds that took out bin Laden…

      • “Running Bull” – so Baracka needs an Native American name too, how about “Eats Dog”
        Master Chief…that really did make me laugh out loud, too funny.  They have to earn that rank, he’s CinC, but Eats Dog didn’t earn it.

    So at a moment like this, do your suppose or gutsy hero will be channeling Churchill or Chamberlain?  For them to even mumble this out loud tells me they think he’s going to channel Chamberlain.

  • Better yet, maybe Romney ought to talk about what he’s going to do about it.