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A new day dawns in France … well, not really

If this is any indication of how France’s new president elect, Francois Hollande, plans to govern, I pity the French as well as the rest of Europe:

The 57-year-old Socialist has openly admitted that he “does not like the rich” and declared that “my real enemy is the world of finance”. This means taxing the wealthy by up to 75 per cent, curtailing the activities of Paris as a centre for financial dealing, and ploughing millions into creating more civil service jobs.

Add an explicit threat to renegotiate the euro pact to replace austerity with “growth-creating” spending, and you have one of the most vehemently left-wing programmes in recent history.

Of course reading through that helps one understand why, after learning of his victory, President Obama immediately invited him to the White House.  Let’s see, tax the rich, go after the financial sector, grow government jobs and borrow, borrow, borrow to spend, spend, spend.

Huh … sounds familiar.


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43 Responses to A new day dawns in France … well, not really

  • It will be interesting to see how the usual suspects will attempt to convince the haters on the right that this reactionary lurch left and backwards will in fact make the Euro a much stronger currency, settle down the fears of overall disintegration of other Euro pacts, firm up NATO into a meaningful counterweight to a resurgent Putinesque Russia… etc etc.
    On the other hand today was a great day to be selling a bunch of US dollars, the Erb-bots sure helped business today 🙂

    • Here you go:
      France is moving forward.  The ideas in Q&O are reactionary and fading.  The radical free market view has been disproven by the last thirty years and current crisis.   Forward!  🙂

      • When the police round up the usual suspects for questioning, only one criminal genius is dumb enough to not wipe the incriminating pizza sauce from around his mouth.

      • Damn, you must be on some seriously good drugs.  Are there unicorns?

      • “Forward”  really?  really?
        Next time try one of these slogans
        “have a Lark!” “Where’s the Beef!” “Try it you’ll like it!”  “Plop plog fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is” “Doesn’t your dog deserve Alpo?”  “M’m M’m Good!”
        ….uh…maybe you should skip those last two…..

      • One of these things is not like the others…..
        “The Greek election and ensuing political tumult showed that “it’s not clear how they can survive within the euro over the longer term,” said Kenneth S. Rogoff, a professor of economics at Harvard and a former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund. That could have grave implications for the rest of Europe.”
        “The Greek and French votes unsettled investors, undermining confidence in Europe’s plans to cut spending and tackle the debt crisis, given the scale of public opposition.”
        “France is moving forward.  The ideas in Q&O are reactionary and fading.  The radical free market view has been disproven by the last thirty years and current crisis.   Forward!”

      • Forward! Forward! On to victory! Look not at your quality of life, look not at the countless young people with no jobs, look not at the deficits incroyable! Libertie Equalitie Fraternitie ! Vive La France. And please bail us out Non? Merci!

      • Well.  THAT post very nicely strips the remaining shards of pretense off the Erp-ster.  “FORWARD” into Socialism.  “The radical free market” of the last thirty years (!?!?!).  Conservatives and libertarians are “reactionary and fading”.
        Good to get out in the open, innit, Erpy?  It must be dark and dank in that closet.  Now you can cavort with the moonponies in the sunny uplands of unvarnished Collectivism….!!!!  Yea…!!!

        • Well I know for sure that when the phrase “radical free market” is mentioned it is “France” that leaps first to mind… NOT.

        • About the only place where a REMOTELY free market…forget RADICAL…has been practiced in any recent decades would be Hong Kong before the take-over.
          I think they did rather well, and would be delighted to emulate them.

      • On another note –  “I can get what you dish out anywhere, it’s become boring (and it’s also becoming obsolete — your time has (sic) past)”.
        So, why stop by so soon bubby?  It’s been, what, 3 whole days that you stayed away?   Getting Attention Deficit Disorder (GADD) kicking in all ready?

        • Not to mention his stuff is a dime a dozen. I mean how many dying blue state model defenders are there out there?

          See the whole of the left.

      • Forward! Foward! Forward! Into the past!

      • Forward to socialism, the utterly failed political system responsible for 100,000,000 murders last century?
        The stupid, short-sighted voters who believe the promises are generally just fools with no functional historical memory.
        But the educated who know the horrors of socialism and still tout it, the way you do, are the real evil men, because you knowingly trick the gullible into supporting what will certainly end in economic disaster, if not more murderous totalitarianism when the situation becomes dire, once again.
        And, the “radical free market view” has never been adopted on any scale.  You know this, yet you persist in lying about it.  The notion of freedom is the one true chance of derailing your goals.  You hate when people have the freedom to choose how they do business with others.  You loathe the people who succeed outside the government/academia bubble, where you could not,Mr. Pizza Thief.

    • Forward to Perdition

  • I like this part:

    “I want to initiate a change in society in the long term,” is how he put it earlier this month, as he outlined a programme which was far more pragmatic than ideological.

    People who want to change society are usually ideologues and are rarely pragmatic.  To drive the point home there is this:

    Mr Hollande is an Enarque – a product of ENA (L’École Nationale d’Administration) France’s elite “rulers’ academy”.

    Elite rulers academy.  I’ll wager he’ll find out the hard way that the view from the ivory tower is nothing compared to the view from the street.
    Unsustainable spending and debt is what is causing the problem that needs austerity as a solution.  More spending and debt will only delay things and make it worse.  Good luck France, I think you’ll need it.

    • “France’s elite “rulers’ academy”.  Ah, they’re restored the ‘rulers’ academy’ eh?  Is it located at the Tuileries Palace again, or Versailles?

    • Elite rulers academy.
      Yeah.  THAT sounds real good.  According to something I read today on the interwebs, Hollande will likely name ANOTHER Enarque as his foreign minister…a guy known to be a Anglophobe.
      It just gets better n’ better…

  • President Obama’s spokesman warned the new socialist president-elect of France not to implement his campaign agenda of ending austerity measures, indicating that such a reversal could damage the world economy.
    “A balanced approach . . . Both fiscal consolidation and efforts to boost the recovery is the right approach for Europe,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters today. “That’s an approach that he thinks ensures that the recovery continues while putting our fiscal house in order.”
    French President-Elect Francois Hollande called for an increase in government spending and taxes. “Europe is watching us, austerity can no longer be the only option,” he said upon winning the presidential election.

  • They’ll get what they deserve.
    And doubtless then blame “the right wing” somehow.

  • Like a dog returneth to his own vomit…

  • I’d laugh at the idea of the rulers academy but all if our losers – er I mean leaders are Harvard and or Yale so were sadly not much better

  • And Erb fiddles while the blue model burns….reality has some eye openers ahead for you pal. If you can take your head out of your azz that is

    • Ah…!!!  The Great Question of the hour…  I am afraid that the Erpish ass-head union is pretty much sealed, so to speak.  The tissues are fused.

  • All this out-worn rhetoric about the left sounds like big talk.  But, when it comes down to it what are Republicans actually going to do differently.  Here’s a piece describing what Reagan, the Republican hero, did—in addition to raising taxes 13 times:

    • Typical imperialist yankee. A post about French elections and he blubbers on about tax in 80s USA.

    • Well hate to break it to you, but this is not a Republican blog. We’re against tax increases as well as spending increases no matter who does it. And we’re on record criticizing Republicans when they do.

      Less government, less spending, less taxation and less intrusion. The Republicans like to think those are their ideas – but they’re not. However, they at least make a pass at adopting them. The Left.

      Forget about it.

    • was founded in 1999 by anarcho-capitalists Lew Rockwell [send him mail] and Burt Blumert to help carry on the anti-war, anti-state, pro-market work of Murray N. Rothbard.

      Dunno about anybody else here, but I always take my authorities from anarcho-capitalists…
      Whadda moron…

      • Hey, ya gotta give him points for actually having a link, unlike some other visitors from Maine.

        • Mr. Pizza Thief, the disingenuous fraud, posts links.  Of course, all his links are to the same website, written by him.
          If you like rambling paragraphs, like some starry-eyed teenager breathlessly sharing his latest unorganized brainstorms, with a few shakes of Noam Chomsky and the Democrat talking points sprinkled in, you’ll love the place.  His comments here and the old posts to Usenet are just a sample.  At least here and elsewhere, he got feedback, he was soundly refuted repeatedly, mocked for the more ridiculous arguments, and taken to task for the more unethical statements.  But in his little playhouse, there’s nobody to keep his insanity in check.
          Reading it is a bit like stopping at a mindless talk show or “reality” show while flipping through the channels.  You know you should keep going, but you take in a couple minutes of squalor just to see how low people will stoop and wonder how so many of your neighbors could watch that sort of show.  You turn off the TV, shudder, and feel a bit of despair when thinking about the direction of the culture.
          The only cure is to find something intelligent, celebrating individual achievement without envy or resentment.  Do some productive work yourself.  Or, play with your kids, go on a hike, or go to the range and go through a few boxes of ammo.  Eventually, it will just be a bad memory and you’ll learn not to click on those links in the future.
          Forward?  There’s a reason that the phrase The Endarkenment so aptly describes this era.

          • Please…  That should be Doctor Pizza Thief.  Give the man his props…

          • “Give the man his props…”
            The man writes like a child, especially in the more goofy screeds about quantum physics suggesting some everyone-is-everyone-else connectedness and similar blatherings.  It’s a bit like Obama without the teleprompter–when Scott doesn’t have a pat argument on a particular subject, where he can simply regurgitate what some other Democrat/socialist fed to him, his original ideas expose an immaturity of thought one does not see among intellectuals in other fields with similar credentials.
            It’s one thing to humor a young person who gets excited about ideas.  Sure, you see the logical flaws in his flights of fancy and find it a bit humorous that he seems to think he’s stumbled upon something new when men have been discussing it for centuries (and properly shot down this child’s theories long before he was born).  But you want to nurture the budding thinker, to encourage mental exploration, so as not to squash his spirit.  A diligent parent or teacher will engage the child and nudge him to think about alternatives, perhaps employing techniques like the Socratic method to get him to discover the flaws in his thought.  You don’t want to discourage his efforts.  Nor do you want to send him out in the world to be made a fool of.  Properly done, it’s a beautiful thing.
            Given the childish nature of many of his arguments, I wonder if adults did him the disservice of not challenging him when he was a youth, but simply heaped praise upon him for anything he wrote or said.  That’s a recipe for failure, creating an inflated, yet fragile, ego which is unprepared for reality, incapable of genuine critical thought.  If he had attempted to pursue engineering or medicine, for example, there would be no room for tolerating mushy thought, and he would have been forced to readjust his self image and learn to be more rigorous, i.e., to mature.  When you’re building a jet engine or performing open-heart surgery, there’s no room for someone who measures the superior argument by whether one can illicit anger from an opponent.  That’s a plane that will crash or a patient who will die.
            Instead, he chose an academic path in which his mentors saw him as an easy mark, clay to be molded by their propaganda.  What better way to do so than to continue to heap praise upon his rambling, immature arguments so long as they fell within the socialist lines.  For them, it’s not about solving problems and being logically disciplined.  It’s about making converts, maximizing voting blocs, and destroying the individualist ideas which so easily poke holes in the failed ideology of socialism.
            When one’s philosophy is behind the murder of 100,000,000 people, the enslavement of billions, and the ruination of productivity and innovation, the Republicans who want a different form of bureaucracy aren’t the real enemy.  Those who challenge big government itself are the danger, because they have the potential to take away young, idealistic people before they can be programmed.

    • Hey sparky, maybe your man can run against Nixon too.

    • “what are Republicans actually going to do differently”
      You actually think anyone here is going to leap to the defense of what the Rep.s have done when they acted like Democrats?

      • At this point I’d be happy if they stood around for a year or two with confused looks on their faces after they halted the hole digging machine of socialist government.