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Markets at work: College and jobs (and what that may mean to Obama)

The Wall Street Journal provides an interesting infographic which fairly well outlines what the market for college graduates is looking for.  Or said another way, employers determine what majors they’ll hire, not college students.




So we have college recruiting picking up – a good sign – and we have a buyers market.  Bottom left tells us all what they’re interested in and, more importantly, what they’re not interested in.   Of course that’s of the 160 employers surveyed.  That obviously doesn’t mean that the bottom five can’t and won’t find employment.  It’s just likely they won’t find it with those 160 surveyed.  They indicated, however, a trend we’ve talked about quite often.  Hard skills or business related skills. 

Bottom right shows us how the market for college graduates has changed in the last few years.  Only 25% are hired while still in college, most, one would suppose, in those top 5 categories.  The huge difference, however, comes in the last number for 2009-2011 graduates.  45% still have no “first full-time job”.  That means some are going on 3 years.  That adds more credence to the last chart on this post

As for this year’s college grads, they face even tougher prospects when it comes to finding a job.  They not only have to compete against their peers, but against the graduates from from previous years still seeking their “first full-time job”.

Which brings us to the politics of this situation.  In 2008, Obama charmed the college age crowd who treated him like a combination of a rock-star and the second coming.

With the sort of situation the chart depicts now being the reality and with the youngest demographic (which includes these college age job seekers) the worst hit by the still staggering economy, one has to wonder whether or not he can pull them back into his orbit again in any significant numbers with the promise of saving them $7 a month on college loans. 

I’m guessing the answer is “no”.


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23 Responses to Markets at work: College and jobs (and what that may mean to Obama)

  • A little confusing, McQ.  I wonder if some fields are typically recruited on-campus?  Health sciences and ag. people, for instance…can’t recall a recruiter on campus for either one.  But…truth to tell…it has been some years…

    • One of the reasons I mention the 160 employers specifically is because those numbers are dependent on who those employers are. If ConAgra had been one of them, it is possible Ag would have been higher. Had it been Humana Health Care Svc, health care svc might have been up. And we know that the government is hiring teachers. My guess is the 160 surveyed are businesses.

      But it still points to a trend in what the market for college graduates is looking for. Hard sciences, hard skills, something that would contribute to the bottom line.

  • “and we have a buyers market”

    What? You are in error, sir. When social Science grads (especially Poly. Sci., the ultimate science) are not in high demand it is called a ‘market failure’. We obviously need massive government intervention to correct this structural failure.

    • Oh!  The humanities…!!!

    • If only Erb hadn’t abandoned us because you various and sundry whackjob conservatives hadn’t spent so long filling the echo-chamber with mind numbing conservative viewpoints, he’d come, like unto our President, and lead us to wisdom.  But no, you made him partake of the virtual hemlock in his despondency over not being able to save even one of us, and now he is gone.

      • Gone…like a sock with a hole in it.  The first thing to come to hand when you need something…NOT worthless.

  • I notice that MisFyre is no longer with us. Our long national nightmare is over.

  • Timactual is right, we must pass legislation that hard science hiring companies must display a better, more ‘fair’ balance in their hiring practices.  For example, for every 2 engineers they hire, they must be made to hire 1 student from the humanities or social sciences (the teachers unions will cover the ed grads, and those ag students are probably fundamentalist bible reading gun toting rednecks and they deserve slow death by starvation anyway).  And those pay scales!!!! ridiculous, those humanities and soc-sec grads should be able to anticipate being paid no less than $75k per yer to start, with annual guaranteed COLA of 3% and an additional 10% minimum raise guarantee until their retirement, 4 weeks paid vacation to start, and a 6 month paid sabbatical every 5 years.

  • Meanwhile back at the sciency science ranch – Unable to let go of the idea that it just HAS to be gas and being almost certain the dinosaurs had no SUV’s or coal burning facilities, global warming enthusiasts claim past global warming may have been caused by dinosaur farts.

    • Just out of curiosity, do whales fart? That might explain the ‘rogue wave’ phenomena. How come sea critters don’t get any of the blame for this DGW theory? 

      • YES!  Whales fart with glorious enthusiasm!  More whale-lore…the greatest ejaculate volume of any mammal is from a whale.  Now you know why the sea is frothy…

    • Step 1, assume your ancient giant sauropod is biologically the same as a modern cow…
      Step 2, errrr…
      Step 3, profit (grant money)!

      • Well, it must be observed that the Krebs Cycle is pretty much constant in its products and by-products.
        But the assumption, I like to think, was based not on a modern cow, but on Bwarny Fwank, who most closely resembles the giant sauropod both physically and behaviorally.  Equipped with that visage, the whole mad theory DOES become more credible.

        • I knew there was an piston engine in there somewhere!  Bunch of Kreb’s Cycles huh?  Big bikes are they?  Shoot, they must have been pretty big to hold dinosaurasous man.

          • Hey, we know that they had bikes back in biblical times.  “Moses’ Triumph was heard across the land”.  You can probably still trace the wondering of Israel by looking for the ancient oil puddles…

        • Methane production is mostly dependent on gut bacteria and digestive efficiency in breaking down cellulose. Modern moos make lots because they are 4 stomached ruminants, which I am fairly sure sauropods weren’t. Perhaps we could ask a certain political dinosaur how good and necessary his methane production is in relation to other bloviating bovines.

          • Yep.  But remember…cows do not really eat grass.  They eat bacteria that eat the grass the cows provide for them.  Cows are great fermentation machines.
            IF I were a really smart bio-techie, I would create a strain of micro-flora that cows could use to convert woody cellulose, like the ones that termites use.

  • Obviously, most employers must be Republicans.  How else can you explain the difference in starting wages of men vs women in the graph.
    I mean, the Republican “War on Women” just can’t stand to have the playing field leveled by by our “understanding” government. (LOL)