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“Forward” is fun

We’ve talked before about how it seems that whatever the Obama campaign puts forward, oops, I mean “out there”, it seems to backfire on them in a way they don’t anticipate.  As Dale Franks opines, the left takes their politics too seriously and so really don’t seem to understand that many times, when they start their hashtag slogans on Twitter or come up with campaign slogans that they’re teeing something up that the right will hit with glee and, for the most part, very snarky humor.

Well the new campaign slogan “Forward” is getting the treatment.  ScottonCapeCod starts us with this one:



I like this one as well:

Obama train

And a couple by Herder Breeder:



I especially like this one of circling the drain:

circle the drain

Get them out there.  One effect weapon that can be wielded against the left is mockery.  And after these last 3 plus years, they deserve every bit of it.


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12 Responses to “Forward” is fun

  • The Collective has been remarkably led-headed lately.  Or maybe they are just getting inevitably more 1984 and Soviet with the passing of time and their coming out from their coverts.
    I was having some fun with #readytogo…another amazingly ham-handed idiot idea the other day.
    #readytogo back to the line at the unemployment office, than to get my food stamps. #julia

    • Obama, yes, he’s #ReadyToGo away, and I’m ready to help.

    • #readytogo…back to my room at mom’s and dad’s house. Teh one with MyLittlePony wall-paper. It wasn’t supposed to be like this…  DAMN my poli-sci professors…!!!

  • Mockery render reason unnecessary.

    • Why does it have to do that? Sometimes mockery is appropriate, especially when the irony is so thick you could cut it with a knife. That’s when people most appreciate mockery – when it is obviously on target.

    • Forward to Perdition

    • Comedy…of which mockage (a term I coined) is a species…is very often used to illustrate and support reason.

    • That was certainly Alinsky’s philosophy huh sparky.

    • So tell us, what was the whole Seamus the dog campaign plan if not mockery?  What is the term ‘teabagger’ if not mockery? What exactly are the writers of Saturday Night Live doing?  David Letterman? Jon Steward? Steven Colbert?  What is “I can see Russia from my Front Porch!”, Bush jokes?  what ARE those Chuck?
      I suppose that sort of mockery is just chock full of ‘reason’ right?

    • “Mockery render reason unnecessary.”……………
      >>> Alinsky says Hello. Like I told you already, this is the age of pushback. Deal with it or choke on it, that’s your problem. Because Obama eats dogs.

  • Fo(rwa)rd Fairlaine… so many a**holes, so few bullets.