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Indiana voters spit out a Lugar

I’m sure McQ will have plenty to say tomorrow about Lugar’s 40-60 thrashing in the Indiana senatorial primary. In the meantime, though, a few points of my own:


1. The left’s insistence that the Tea Party is just a bunch of fringe extremists with no real influence should have been shown for the wishful thinking it is by the Congressional elections in 2010. Of course, it wasn’t. Lugar’s defeat should demonstrate again that it was silly wishful thinking.

Not that the left will ever get it, because they can’t really face the reality of this situation. A mass movement around limited government is their worst enemy. The left exists as a parasite on the rest of society, with government as the way to extract sustenance from the host. Even the Tea Party, which advocates what I consider a mild form of limited government, could dry up some of the left’s nourishment, and they might well have to go into a Kilkenny cats resolution to that problem. Which, I admit, would be fun to watch.

2. Lugar was 80 years old. He would be 86 at the end of the next term. Like Byrd, he clearly wanted to be taken out of DC in a hearse. I’m sorry, but that’s sick. It’s an addiction to power and self-importance. That alone is a pretty good reason to get rid of him.

3. Lugar prattled that “Over 60% of my life has been serving others.” That kind of sanctimonious drool really gets on my nerves. So you’re serving us, Senator Lugar, but you’re the one being treated like royalty everywhere you go? The one being chauffeured around? The one being schmoozed by every lobbyist on K Street? Wow, what an incredible burden that must have been while you were serving us. Schmuck.


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19 Responses to Indiana voters spit out a Lugar

  • He’s friggin’ 80?
    Forced retirement, Lugar. Let someone else have a job.

    • The Richard Mourdock win is an illusion.
      We have been told for months that the “Tea Party” movement is dead.

  • Erb doesn’t understand. He and his ilk sees the OWS crowd rioting and raping and trying to blow up a bridge and assumes it’s strength. But the Tea Party is organized and going from grass-roots up. They forced one Senator into a primary (though he’ll probably win it) and just retired another mossback.
    That’s real strength pally. Talk to me when OWS gets someone elected or retired.

  • Tango Sierra, Dick(head).

  • good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Steven Green said that Indiana “hocked a Lugar”.  Heh.  But the guy was a billboard for term limits, which I think we NEED to have now.

    • Let’s put a number on that .. say .. 12 years for Congress-critters and 12 years for Senators

  • While we’re on the subject of elections, a good night for Walker in WI.  The left’s tears when he wins that recall will be delicious

    • Mourning in America for the Collective pretty much all around after yesterday.

    • Thinking of the money they squandered that could have been spent maligning Romney and getting ‘the one’ re-elected is even better.

  • 80 and thought he was entitled to win – adios loserito!

  • Ah…more REAL world repudiation of the Erpage…!!!  Pretty damned effective for an astro-turfed, dead movement of angry old white people.
    How did those OWS candidates do…???

    • LOL!  watch and learn, erp….ping ping ewrrrrrewerww ping (clang, boink) LOL!

  • “Over 60% of my life has been serving others.”

    ‘Sanctimonious drool’ is an understatement. There are millions of others who spend just as much time serving others for a lot less money and no press coverage. Not to mention the millions who serve others, for free and with no adoring political groupies/press hacks,  in organizations such as the Shriners, Knights of Columbus, etc. ad almost infinitum.

    Years ago I saw him on television discussing nuclear war and such . That goofy grin was on his face the whole time. There is something wrong with someone who can have a conversation about megadeaths and grin the whole time. Even adolescent (of whatever age) Rambo wannabees who know the TO&E of every SS Panzer division have better sense.

    Of course the expertise and knowledge of someone who can manage a 600 acre farm while holding down another full time job thousands of miles away will be sorely missed.