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Open thread

I’m in a series of meetings today so I’m unlikely to get any serious blogging done.

You guys talk among yourselves.

Suggestions: “flip-flop” is now “evolution”?  Really?

And, dealing with just the politics of Obama’s gay marriage announcement, guess what we won’t be talking about again today?


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33 Responses to Open thread

  • I’m unlikely to get any serious blogging done.

    Not gonna say it…
    No sir.  Wouldn’t be prudent….
    (But seriously, travel safely.)

  • For security reasons?
    Which is worse, a crowd of gawkers who know what’s going on? or a crowd of hysterical people flooding 911 and possibly thinking they need to defend themselves and dragging out their for sure real lead slinging weapons ?
    Security reasons?  Where they expecting Al Queda to interdict the operations?

    • How about Al just watching?  I can support the whole exercise.  Where are they going to train otherwise?

      • Oh, assuredly, the problem I have is scaring the shit out of the locals for no good (that I can see) reason.  If armored vehicles and choppers/gunships suddenly roll into my neighborhood my first thought is not necessarily going to be ‘training exercise’.  Not that I can DO much about them so there’s no danger I’d try lighting them up.

      • It’s a total disregard for civilians.  Their job is nominally to serve you, but their leaders don’t respect your rights or your peace of mind.  You’re just backdrop material.

      • Guys, you missed the part where they DID put the word out to the community.  There will ALWAYS be the thunderstruck who get late to the ball.  “Huh, wha…”  Geez.

        • There was a claim that people who went to look for said announcement afterwards couldn’t find it.  Make of that what you will.
          On the other hand -
          “Miami Police Department Major Delrish Moss said there is not need to panic. “A lot of people have called in a panic. There is no need to panic. These operations are quiet, they are efficient, and they are fast,” he said.
          Sites near Miami City Hall and Peacock Park also saw military action. Moss said, “They practice here in an urban environment, and they work with local law enforcement so that they can do their jobs better there to keep us safe.”
          And “Officials have being going around putting notices under residents’ doors to notify them about the training.”  Obviously that’s NOT going to show  up on Google.
          Even so, this is odd – why all of a sudden?  We’re living in the same country, ever hear of this before this year?  Do they have wind of a Mumbai(2008) style plan in the US?  Troubling, when you consider the logistics that would make this the effect planned countermeasure.  We both know before the hecky-lopers show up in Texas to respond the hostiles will be under fire by James Ray, Ray James, James James, Ray Ray and their assorted beer drinkin buddies.  I’m not sayin the good old boys will win, but Achmed better bring lots of ammo if he tries to play Mumbai here.

          • They used to do those sorts of exercises in Atlanta quite often in years past.

          • Thanks for the info – with all the data available on the net now, it’s hard to tell if things that happen TODAY that one has never heard of have in fact BEEN happening for years and locals knew it, but it wasn’t making it’s way across the country (world) because the mechanisms weren’t in place.  The ‘new media’ has downsides too, and wildass rumoring is certainly one of them.

    • Will Chuck Norris be making an appearance ?

  • A pure Breitbart Lives moment, brought to you by Rush.  His instincts are amazing.

    • If this NOW dope is fighting Rush, it’s a win because you know what her assigned task is – to fight against Romney and perpetuate the “war on wimmen” crapola.
      I laugh very hard at feminists. They really don’t understand just how much their agenda makes it a man’s world, at least in terms of the increasing ease of men getting consequence-free sex. Especially down in the schools. So they fail here, and they don’t dare to open their mouths about real abuse of women abroad.

  • Conservative must discern a legitimate change of mind from a flip-flop.

    • No, Conservatives appreciate the difference between calling something an ‘evolution’ and a ‘flip-flop’ is based on whether or not we’re discussing a Democrat or a Republican.  “Evolution” being the result of a nuanced thought process over time examining the issue and coming to a conclusion after much consideration, whereas flip-flop is based on current poll numbers for an issue.   You’ve already demonstrated a considerable taste for being lied to so you won’t mind it being called an evolution, as if that’s what really happened.
      You haven’t had the need for training, conservatives are now trained to understand if the headline says  “Confused politician annoys bovine” it was a Democrat and the political party will be either mentioned in the last paragraph or not at all, because otherwise the headline would read “Drunken Christian Republican Senator rapes cow”.  And you’re okay with that sort f thing, because it fits your world view.  You aren’t into truth, you’re into winning.

      • Oh.. For crying out loud.  Since when is having somebody stop lying called an “evolution” ?

        • You want an exact and official date?  January 20th, 2009.  But unofficially it’s been longer than that.

    • Yeah. He evolved from “wink wink .. know what I mean .. say no more” to flat out saying it

    • For alcoholics, they call it “hitting bottom” before they finally are ready to admit that they has a problem and evolve.
      This case with Obama seems to have some parallels.

    • So, now, rockety genius – since the ‘States’ shall decide.  Will the Federal Government now support the States under DOMA? Do they States get to decide how they handle their own immigration policy?  I love the idea of this sudden renewal of Obama’s faith in Federalism.  Tell us how far does his support of State’s Rights extend?
      Yeah, didn’t think of that did you.  It’s just say whatever works when you need it for your gutsy hero.  You guys are like geese, every day it’s a fresh new world.

    • Conservative must discern a legitimate change of mind from a flip-flop
      >>>> My answer has a couple of levels to it.
      SURFACE LEVEL: Eff you. Baracky will get treated the same way Romney would. Alinsky says hello, now choke on it.
      DEEPER LEVEL: If you believe this, you’re as stupid as those gays acting like Baracky is some profile in courage. The gutless wonder has ALWAYS held Dick Cheney’s view on gay marriage. But he had to get elected you see, so he could never bring himself to say it. Now he knows independents are lost and he needs to maximize base turnout, he suddenly changes his mind? LOL. Gay people are such rubes, they fall for this. Pretty funny how Obama never “evolved” when the Dems had supermajorities in congress and could’ve rammed it through without a single GOP vote. But hey, not having gay marriage is 100% the fault of the Dems, not the GOP. They talk a good game, but when they had a clear path to victory, nothing. (Note to Latinos: you’re the other group of rubes the Dems are constantly playing, the playbook is laid bare. Lets see who’s smart enough to see it)
      DEEPEST LEVEL: Eff you anyway 🙂

    • Conservatives have the discernment to see a crass play for campaign $$$ when they see it.
      You?  HA…!!!

    • So, Taddy, tell us if you’d support Obama saying he supported abortion, but thought it was up to the states to decide if it was legal or illegal.  You’d think he could take a braver stance on Gay marriage, no?
      that’s right, you won’t answer because, well, you’ve embarrassed yourself enough consistently here to deposit 6 word turds and then move on.

    • Barack Obama is in favor of gay marriage. He’s in favor of it in the same way he supports closing Gitmo: It’s a nice thing to be in favor of, he’s just not going to do anything about it.
      Steven Green


  • Nice distraction from discussing Barry’s Record of Epic Fail, Don’t you think?

  • Annointing himself as the annointer of “gay marriage” could seriously damage Obama’s reelection chances. What I got out of this is that the homosexual mafia knew they were going to lose big in North Carolina. That’s why you saw Biden and Arne Duncan out there early, before the vote, the mafia wanted support in the shadow of the coming blowout. Obama’s instinct for self-preservation were thrown into contradiction. He needs the money that homosexuals raise for him, but he knew that this was a wrong move vis a vis the election. In the end he looks doubly awful, like the cheesy creep he is.

    • Only the foolish will be fooled by this.
      On another blog, a commenter who works with a gay friend was told by that friend, “I’m not gonna vote for some guy who tries to make me buy a Volt!”.
      For the single-issue voters of the GLTG community, this is dubious…not clear support.

      • It’s not support, it’s like ME saying I support it.   It has precisely the same effect on their ability to marry.  Great, he supports you, but he’s not willing to do anything about it himself!  yeah!!!!!!! VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!   Now they can…oh, wait…. nothing has changed.

      • “nothing has changed”  – I was wrong…..
        Correction, HE is now richer courtesy of their desperate donations, nothing has changed for them.

  • Its great news that Obama is spending his distractions now rather than in June, July, August, etc.
    I think they are saving the Mormon stuff, but I bet they can’t help themselves and start with that too early as well.

    • Interesting point, they have a consistent tendency to spring their surprises too soon.  Their timing seems to be off in many cases except for the simple and obvious.  When it gets dramatic, they always seem to spring too soon.