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Quote of the day: About those self-styled “elite” edition

The quote comes from Walter Russell Mead and is pretty self-explanatory needing little in the way of explanation or exposition from me.  Needless to say, I agree:

There was a time — as recently as early 2010 — when the Great and the Good, the Champions of the Conventional Wisdom and the Oracles of the Davoisie identified the UN’s forlorn climate change negotiations as the wave of the future and the last best hope of man. Let the futility and failure to which all this led be a reminder to us and to them: those who guide the world’s destiny aren’t nearly as discerning as they think they are. Between the American housing bubble, the European meltdown and the climate policy disaster, it almost begins to look as if the Establishment consists mostly of overpaid, egotistical blowhards.



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25 Responses to Quote of the day: About those self-styled “elite” edition

  • it almost begins to look as if the Establishment consists mostly of overpaid, egotistical DELUSIONAL blowhards

    A necessary inclusion…seems to me…

  • As if the world economy isn’t in bad enough shape, if the US Congress hadn’t slowed things, and China & India had given in at Copenhagen in Nov 2009, just image just how screwed up the world could be today.

  • “it almost begins to look as if the Establishment consists mostly of overpaid, egotistical blowhards.
    And then, there’s the President of the United States…….

    “it almost …..”
    There is no better argument for small government than big government.

  • I recall how Democrats pointed to the bright future Spain had, due to its excellent socialist medical system and its forward looking advancement of green energy.

  • And, of course, there needs to be a “path to the elite” (or at least the appearance of one) …
    “What an uncomplicated solution to generating wealth–just award scholarships, build more colleges, hire more faculty, and just watch as the American Dream comes to everyone.”

  • Maya Anjelou having written it.
    You won’t be able to eat or drink the rest of the night…

  • That’s one person’s elitist position.  By the way, have you heard, instead of spending so much time arguing about climate change—like American conservatives—German scientists are doing research on how to convert CO2 to a material that can be made into biodegradable plastic bottles.

    • First, define “elitist” as you misused it.
      Second, even you are not so stOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooopid that you can’t see that “arguing about climate change” (and the argument is pretty much over now, isn’t it?) and doing research engineering are not mutually exclusive, and involve two mostly separate populations.

      • Rags,t dickhead obviously knows nothing of how science (methodology) works once they get past publication.

    • Yeah.  Even in this country there have been attempts to sequester CO2.
      The best was when they pumped it into the ground and managed to do what “fracking” can’t, make soda water in the neighboring wells.

    • You have to buy into human forced global warming first, and assume CO2 is a leading indicator, not a lagging indicator, to get excited about those things Tad, but science isn’t your forte, talking points is, so I can see how you’d get a tingle up your leg over that announcement.
      Cause ya know, that CO2 sequestration thingie, it’s free.   You can thank the rest of us when your retirement isn’t cold and dark and hungry.

    • That has to rank up there with one of the silliest attempts to change the subject I’ve yet seen. You’re beginning to rival Erb.

    • Actually, that has already been receiving venture capital IN THE UNITED STATES since 2004. The concept itself, though expensive, has been around for over 40 years. Do your research, dolt.
      The problem is the same thing presented to decades of chemistry students: breaking the molecular bonds requires tremendous amounts of energy. But I suppose you’ll just turn to Obama to have an executive order forbidden atomic collusion.

    • Wow that’s nothing. I have almost perfected a method to convert CO2 into food and building materials using only free sunlight, rain and other natural substances. Please send me money to invest in my green technology, I think a few million will be enough to bring this amazing new technology to market. All we need is a butt-load of space to implement this technology, but I am sure with faulty promos, bribes and backhanders we can get the government to eminent-domain us what we needproper business practise we can get what we need.

      • Your process undoubtedly involves more than lethal quantities of Oxidane or Hydrogen Hydroxide and cancer causing solar rays and will eventually be banned for the well being of all creatures.

        • Did I mention I was a scientist? Send no checks, just unmarked bills or possibly a tenure contract somewhere with guaranteed vacation study trips to quaint European cafes and red-light districtsEuropean cultural centers.

      • AND you get Christmas Trees…  BONUS…!!!

  • Well, again McQ – Obama has upstaged your comment of the day with his usual foot in mouth dumb ass smartest man in the world ignorance –
    the Poles are just a little bit upset over the “Polish death camps” comment he tossed out today during one of his speeches.   Funny thing, history probably doesn’t mean much to big ears, other than his part in it, but other countries, somehow, they take their history seriously about certain things.   That probably escaped the notice of the arrogant little snots he surrounds himself with, and “Arrogant in chief”.
    Smartest man in the world, gonna make the world luvvvvvv America and Obama…mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm.  Well, except for people we might need as allies….screw them.

    • Hey, the Poles have been our allies.  Cannot leave them un-offended.  Pres. Choom-a-rang is consistent, anyhow…