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Can we actually have an honest conversation about race or would those trying be labeled “racists”?

It is a good question.  My guess, given the way I’ve watched the subject treated over the years, those who try would be labeled racists.  The reason?  Watch the video:


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14 Responses to Can we actually have an honest conversation about race or would those trying be labeled “racists”?

  • Excellent.  Bill Whittle is really doing some excellent work.  Watch this, too…
    To answer McQ’s question: no.  We cannot have an honest dialog about race.  For one thing, it has too much utility as a surrogate for “SHUT UP!” with the Collective as against us, and too much value for cheap, false moral superiority for them, as well.

  • We can’t have a serious dialog since one side is decidedly DISHONEST about the subject, engaging in a con-game.

  • We can never have an honest discussion about race, as one side of the body politic directly benefits from playing races (and classes) against each other.  Al Sharpton – one of the biggest race baiters (with blood on his hands I may add) is high in that party, and carries great influence. What discussion can ever be had with one such as this?


    • Hey…Resist we much…!

    • Don’t forget the Rev Jesse “Hymietown” Jackson.
      He is imfamous for his shakedown of Toyota Motors to keep up his personal income.

  • This comes from the site

    Is Arizona’s Ban on Equal Opportunity Having an Effect?
    Following Arizona voters’ approval in 2010 of Proposition 107 — which placed a ban on equal opportunity programs in public higher education, employment, and contracting — state university officials are saying it is still too early to determine the law’s impact

    Darn, it’s just too bad that using schemes to enforce “Equal Opportunity” through unequal means has been banned. And worse, they can’t detect any difference big enough to complain about.

  • Obviously, the left benifits by using race as a weapon, which is why the Zimmerman / Martin shooting received such media coverage and why Obama decided to chime in on how Martin looked like his son would have looked. After all, Obama’s re-election is in doubt (increasing every day), and poor little Martin’s shooting was seen as a good distraction that could kick up minority turnout in November.

    On top of this is the inherent social taboos involved in race. No researcher is seriously studying race because no one wants to say anything good or bad about any specific race. Effectively we have a taboo against serious racial research. Gender research has come under the gun of feminists on a number of occasions, and that is a much safer avenue of research.

    • I remember seeing an interview of Charles Murray (“The Bell Curve”) shortly after “The Bell Curve” was published.
      He said that given the situation with race, if a researcher ever found a link between race and any malady, it would be whitewashed into oblivion.

      • Awwww – there are plenty of maladies linked to white European males every day.

      • Can you say whitewashed…???

      • I think you would be in a safe position if your research proved the inferiority of those with Western European ancestory. But a scientist can’t pick the results in advance. It isn’t a field you can study seriously.

        I think culture is far and away the key predictor of success, not race, but the fact remains that no serious research is done in this area. And I know I wouldn’t want to research this and put my family at risk if taboo results were obtained.

  • Syndrome: I’ll sell my inventions so that *everyone* can have powers. *Everyone* can be super!
    And when everyone’s super… [chuckles evilly] no one will be.

    Drawing on the logic of the “evil” Syndrome in the movie The Incredibles

    And when everyone’s a racist… [chuckles racially] no one will be.
    The obvious solution to the reacial problem is to reduce the term “racist” from a pejorative to a salutation by calling everybody you meet a racist, whether they actually are a racist or not.