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The law of unintended (but obviously expected if you know anything about human nature) consequences

Remember the “digital divide”.  The bloviating over the “right” of access to the internet and how the “poor” were being left out and that was hurting their chances of advancement?

Remember how government decided it would fix that and take your money and provide hardware and connectivity to the poor?

Well it did, with predictable results:

As access to devices has spread, children in poorer families are spending considerably more time than children from more well-off families using their television and gadgets to watch shows and videos, play games and connect on social networking sites, studies show.

This growing time-wasting gap, policy makers and researchers say, is more a reflection of the ability of parents to monitor and limit how children use technology than of access to it.

Is it?  So if it is a parent problem, what’s the solution?

Ha, ha, ha … you already know the answer, don’t you?

The new divide is such a cause of concern for the Federal Communications Commission that it is considering a proposal to spend $200 million to create a digital literacy corps. This group of hundreds, even thousands, of trainers would fan out to schools and libraries to teach productive uses of computers for parents, students and job seekers.

Yes, friends, the solution is just as predictable as the problem.

More government, of course.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Like other researchers and policy makers, Ms. Boyd said the initial push to close the digital divide did not anticipate how computers would be used for entertainment.

“We failed to account for this ahead of the curve,” she said.

Ya think?  Name another government policy or program that ever has accounted for consequences ahead of the curve.  Back to our most recent Quote of the Day.  How in the world do we continue to let this sort of inept, wasteful, ill-thought-out nonsense continue?

Who knew, when free access was provided to the internet, that most would use it to entertain themselves?  Nothing like free YouTube and porn, right?

Thanks, taxpayers.



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24 Responses to The law of unintended (but obviously expected if you know anything about human nature) consequences

  • Right up there with the plan to install “bird alert” radar on wind turbine systems to cut the number of bird deaths…at a cost of a couple of million per system (which, I call bullshit upon….I suppose this whole interface between these radars and the wind turbines is ‘off the shelf’, right?)….not to mention the unintended consequences of such a radar interrupting the collection of wind energy, and so on and on and on.
    And going back to the post topic, and we can’t possibly take these systems AWAY from the little dears now, that would upset their entitlement applecart (probably cut into many body’s profits, those systems and the access to the net are NOT free…), so no no, this spending hole isn’t deep enough, if we make it deeper, it will be better!

  • Given that most school libraries and public libraries, for that matter, suck, I really didn’t have a problem with this program. The problem arises when they say it was unexpected that kids would spend time on social networks and the like. Really? You didn’t expect children to do what children do these days?
    Then same goes for the stimulus. I don’t think it was a bad idea, I think that no thought went into where the money went. Green programs will never stimulate anything, except maybe some pervert lefties. The American auto industry was failing for a reason, they made, and still make, crap vehicles. How many of those “too big to fail” banks have failed anyway? I said three years ago that the government was moving too fast. My lefty friends would tell me,” we HAVE to do something NOW”, well we did, and we are no better off for it.
    A little thought can go a long way.

    • I think that no thought went into where the money went.

      Oh, bless your innocent lil’ heart…!!!  The whole deal was a grifter’s wet dream…funneling money into future power-bases and re-contributors.

      • Okay, say that that is true, how’s that working out for them?

        • The reason I ask that question is, the wet dream didn’t turn out to be the beautiful girl from up the block, she’s actually the homeless transvestite from behind that old restaurant.

          • It worked out pretty well for all those folks who were on the receiving end of those billions of dollars. That beautiful girl was for the grifters, the rest of us taxpaying schnooks got the transvestite.

        • Working well for the power bases and re-contributors.  What makes you think they got the screwing we got as taxpayers?  Is the President of Solyndra hurting today?  Are the bundlers that were the part owners?  Is the UAW hurting at GM?  The Wall street executives who got bailed out?  The banks?  And those are the ones that are easy to point to.  Who REALLY gets hurt if they pay off a bunch of contributors, and the contributors company folds, but the contributor doesn’t lose a dime in the end game.   They’ve already proven the stimulus money went more to blue states than red, so if they kept or re-elected blue politicians and kept the status quo alive in the states who does that benefit?
          And they did it with the treasury.  Sweet deal really.

  • … did not anticipate how computers would be used …

    So now they want a “digital literacy corps” … what could go wrong with that ?
    Perhaps … next the poor, with the aid of the “digital literacy corps” will be writing viruses and trojans to steal money from banks and online vendors

  • How about the unintended (intended) consequences of government intrusion into a woman’s womb with trans-vaginal ultrasound equipment on the religious basis of preventing abortions.

    • Your stupid knows no bounds.  Ultrasounds are REQUIRED by the standards of medical practice in ANY abortion, idiot.  Google the Planned Parenthood nearest you for LOTS more intelligence.

    • More kids grow up with sullen angry moms?
      Seriously, I don’t agree with that, but we also stick needles in people (ouch) and inject dead viruses in them for the sake of public health. Are you against vaccinations on that grounds as well?

    • Eh, another lame attempt to divert a thread.   You’re a Marine, is TAD CF a deliberate choice for your name or a fortuitous coincidence?

    • You won’t find supporting it. So do you support this sort of intrusion?

    • Do you even look at which window you type into?
      Just asking…

    • Having worked in the ultrasound field a while back, I can tell you that these EV (endo-vaginal) probes aren’t exactly uncomfortable.
      We never had any trouble getting “models” (human test subjects) to test an EV probe.
      For all practical purposes, it’s a dildo.
      There is this one story about the company that built a dildo ..err .. EV probe into a chair .. that was never empty

      • As I noted above, the standard of care for ANY abortion mandates at least one ultrasound (depending mostly on the type of procedure).
        The ONLY change these laws make is that the doctor has to make the visual available to the mother…NOT EVEN THAT SHE HAS TO LOOK.

    • Shorter tadcf:  “I have no respsonse to the subject matter in the post, so I am trying a diversion.”

  • Before we REALLY get going on this, will it be necessary for the Digital Literacy Corp to have ARMED AGENTS like the EPA does?

  • So I guess what you’re saying is “there is no government program so bad, that another government program can’t fix it”.
    I don’t like the sound of that.

  • “, Ms. Boyd said the initial push to close the digital divide did not anticipate how computers would be used for entertainment.”
    Ms. Boyd and her friends must live in Lake Wobegon, where all the children are above average and only use their internet connections for research and learning.