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Meanwhile, in Libya

Unicorns are dancing, fairy dust is in the air and Arab spring continues to flower:

Libyan revolutionaries captured and killed Muammar Gaddafi more than seven months ago, but the dictator’s brutal tactics and antidemocratic ways live after him. Human-rights workers say that’s true not only within the high walls of the dictator’s former Ain Zara torture center but at other jails and penitentiaries across the country. Abdul is among at least 20 Ain Zara inmates whose relatives accuse guards of subjecting detainees to severe and regular beatings with everything from fists to sticks, metal rods, and chains. Family members say some of the prisoners have been repeatedly beaten on their genitalia, a form of punishment that—in addition to being excruciatingly painful—could leave its victims infertile. Others, according to relatives, have been tortured with Taser-style electroshock weapons.

R2P, baby, R2P.


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5 Responses to Meanwhile, in Libya

  • “No actual US ground troops (we know of) were killed in making this re-make of the music video of The Who’s We Won’t Get Fooled Again…although a LOT of your money went into the production.”

  • Hey, there is an anti-Scott Walker add running below this post.
    Everyone make sure to click it. Money from the left morphing into money for QandO!

  • Question: Are we the policemen of the world? Given that evil is all around us, does that mean it’s always up to us to ‘fix’ it? Almost every time we do intercede, we end up playing the role of bad guy. I work for the DoD, and even I am getting cynical about our role in all these foreign entanglements. This one has ‘tar baby’ written all over it, we need to sit this one out.

    • We need to sit them all out. I was a reluctant cold warrior because International Communism did offer a possible existential threat to our nation and to human freedom. (Although heaven knows not everything we did in the name of fighting Communism was good or useful).
      But I do not believe radical Islam, for all of it’s horror, is the same sort of threat. It is a radical version of a major religion that is going to have to be confronted mostly by the members of that religion.  IF a lot of backward ass desert nations fall to it, they will suffer for many years, but it is not really our problem.
      If they screw with us then bomb the shit out of them and exterminate their leaders, but don’t go mucking around in their affairs in the first place and they probably won’t.

  • Of course Lybia will go through hard times. But it will come out much better and enlightened for the experiece. This is, after all, a twitter and txtng revolution. The forces of calm moderation will prevail, because Obama’s fine leadership and tenor will ensure a good outcome.