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I don’t think I’ve never seen a more self-centered president in my life …

You’ve probably seen this.  If not, I doubt it will surprise you.  Any idea of what the White House Memorial Day picture was?  Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive wondered what it might be:

A. a tasteful shot of Arlington Cemetery

B. A pic of a Gold Star Mom at her son’s grave

C. An image of an inverted rifle and empty boots signifying the death of a soldier.

NOPE! None of those pay homage to the true hero of the day.

And that hero of the day?




Of course … Mr. “Gutsy call” himself.



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16 Responses to I don’t think I’ve never seen a more self-centered president in my life …

  • I read that the Secret Service closed off the VietNam Memorial early Monday morning and didn’t let anyone close until after President “gutsy call” made his appearance some time in the “early afternoon.”
    A legend in an empty room

  • There were a lot of Vietnam vets who were profoundly pissed that they were kept from the Memorial by Pres. Choom-a-rang’s lil’ photo op.
    Funny he would treat all those guys who fought for him in Vietnam like that…(which is how he sees them, I’m sure).

  • McQ: i have a pretty strong stomach. Almost 20 years flying in the back seat of an F4 or the right seat of an F-111, mostly with ham-fisted students, really tightens you up. But the sight of this doubled me over and I almost ralphed my lunch. I have never seen or known of a man so in love with himself – it is a wonder he ever procreated two children.
    DNA Tests anyone?

  • Hey, better yet, he has someone thinking this shit up for him….isn’t THAT almost as special?  They come up with these photo ideas, and big ears says “Yeah!”.  He isn’t bright enough to compos these himself.
    Choom Choom Choom…Barack Hussein Obama….
    Man will I be glad when he’s out of office.

  • The whole Vietman Memorial will now have to be hand scrubbed and disinfected before any more visitors are allowed near it. Absolutely disgusting how much this lowlife is in love with himself.
    Can I get an AMEN?

    • Amen…though I’d figure he wanted the site disinfected BEFORE he showed up where us proles usually hang out.

  • I served U.S. Army,60-63, in Washington D.C. Kennedy was president, and being stationed at Walter Reed on the Commanding Generals staff Limo pool, I visited every government building in D.C. either delivering something or somebody. I met other Presidents, their aides, and many high ranking officials…..THIS JERK IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE A TRUE AMERICAN LEADER, HIS UN-AMERICAN GHETTO ATMOSPHERE IS RE BULKING TO EVERY FIBER IN ANY TRUE AMERICAN. AS A VETERAN IT IS A CONSTANT REMINDER OF OUR TRUE ENEMY WITHIN.

  • There was a time when a picture like this would never been taken by ‘Team Obama’.  His handlers would have stopped it.  They were smarter than this.  My only guess is that he’s been abandoned by the players that helped him win the first time.  They don’t work for him and never have.  They work for the money men of the Democrat Party.  If they’ve moved on or have a different focus, its because the money men want them to.
    Perhaps they’ve resigned themselves to the loss.  And they know an economic reckoning is coming with either a much larger downturn, massive spending cuts, or both.  They want the Republicans holding the bag.
    Instead they will try a scorched election like Gore did in November 2000.  Instead they’ll work the whole run up.  Probably some class / race based alienation of Romney.  Regardless of their thoughts, if they’ve given up on Obama, they’re working on how to turn a Romney victory into a Pyrrhic Victory.   And, they’re thinking of 2016.

  • We are all, the living and the dead, just extras in the Obama show.

  • He was probably mentally congratulating the VC while he looked at it….

    • And wondering if Al Queda will win in the end.

      • Or wondering how he could facilitate it, once he was re-elected and thus had “more flexibility”.

  • He is just following in the footsteps of his many left wing heroes. FDR, Kennedy, Mao, Stalin, they all set up cults of personality.

    • You can stop at the word ‘cults’, it means exactly the same thing whether you add “personality” or not.