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Photo ID required for Mass state Democratic convention

For the irony impaired left, a look at your own requirements:

In recent years, Democrats have argued that requiring voters to show photo IDs prior to voting is an egregious act of voter suppression. Ben Jealous, of the NAACP, has gone so far as to argue that such requirements are tantamount to modern-day Jim Crow laws. In the world they inhabit, lots of voters don’t have access to photo IDs, so requiring voters to provide this will "disenfranchise" them and leave them out of the democratic process. Funny they don’t feel that way for their own party conventions.

On Saturday, Massachusetts delegates will meet in their state’s Democrat party convention. The votes of these delegates will determine whether there are primary elections for their party nominations. With so much at state, Democrats have decided to implement Voter ID requirements:


Yeah, they still won’t get it.


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8 Responses to Photo ID required for Mass state Democratic convention

  • Yeah.  The Collective is made up of liars.  They lie.  It makes them funny to watch.

    • They rose to their feet when a local teachers union head screamed that Walker is a serial liar.
      And they cheered wildly when Jackson compared Walker to segregationist Alabama governor George Wallace.

      Does Jackson remember that Wallace was a Democrat?

      • Hard to say what Jackson remembers.  Lies corrupt memory.  Damn sure, though, he does not want others remembering reality.  This “champion of the working man” arrives for this appearance in a Mercedes, escorted by an Escalade.

  • Massachusetts Democrats must really hate minorities .. or something

    • The poor, elderly, and minorities, yes.   But they feel bad that they hate them and won’t let them in, so, it’s okay.    I understand they ARE letting in 1/32 Cherokee’s though even if their composite grand mothers were died before they had any kids while driving a wagon during the Oklahoma land rush (the story depends on, well, seems like the day of the week).

      • Okay, I admit, I liked Livefyre for ONE reason, I could correct my fat finger brain fart grammatical errors.

  • You don’t have to be a democrat to be a liar or a hypocrite, but you have to be a liar and a hypocrite to be a democrat.