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VUMMF Memorial Day Ceremony

For those who might be interested, below is the Memorial Day Ceremony that Chris and I shot and edited for the Vietnam Unit Memorial Monument at NAB Coronado. They really wanted the piper highlighted.

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4 Responses to VUMMF Memorial Day Ceremony

  • Very nice work, Dale.
    I’m a big fan of the pipes, but The National Anthem just isn’t fitted to them, I’m afraid…

    • I had the easy part. Since my camera was miked, I had the master shot with sound, and was planted in one spot.  Poor Chris was running back and forth with the other camera getting all the B shots.

    • Quite a few aren’t fitted to them. I think J. P. Sousa is a bit irritated. I think he was trying to play the Washington Post March. Marches just aren’t very marchy without a Sousaphone.