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Wisconsin recall election: How dirty is it?

All you have to do is look at the latest smear against Gov. Scott Walker and its clear that there is no limit to what the opposition will throw out there:

Bernadette Gillick was a college freshman in 1988 when she first met Scott Walker. It was spring semester, and she had just transferred to Marquette University. She was assigned a room in O’Donnell Hall (then a women’s dormitory), which she shared with her new roommate, Ruth (not her real name). Ruth was dating Scott Walker, who was 20 at the time, and, according to Bernadette, Ruth was deeply in love with him.

Midway through that spring semester, Bernadette alleges, Ruth found out she was pregnant. She informed her boyfriend, Scott, and initially he was supportive. That support changed to callous indifference for his girlfriend’s predicament after Scott informed his parents of the pregnancy.

Bernadette reports that at this point Scott began denying that he was the father of the baby, and when Ruth said she was considering an abortion, he claimed he didn’t care, as he wasn’t the father anyway.

Bernadette remembers being present when Ruth was dealing with the wrath of Scott’s mother, who allegedly admonished Ruth for trying to “ruin [her son’s] reputation.”

“I supported her [Ruth] as he [Scott] went from encouraging her to get an abortion, to telling me it was in my best interest to keep my mouth shut, to denying that he was the father and having his own mother call her and tell her to stop erroneously accusing her son of paternity,” Bernadette recounts.

It was a “horrible time” for her friend. “Imagine her being 18 years old and pregnant, walking around Marquette’s Jesuit Catholic campus with her boyfriend denying he was the father,” says Bernadette.

All this was taking place while Walker was running for student body president. As one of his classmates, Dr. Glenn Barry recalled in a remembrance published last week, Walker’s campaign was, “one of the dirtiest in school history.” The student newspaper Marquette Tribune called him “unfit for office” after his campaign was discovered collecting and throwing out copies of their paper that endorsed his opponent. Commenting on the election and Walker’s political career and style at Marquette, he noted, “Walker lost on all counts, but not before destroying a few people’s reputations, and amassing personal power.”

If Bernadette’s story is true, Ruth – and eventually their child – were just a few of the people who got in the way of Walker’s quest for power.

Note the last sentence – “If Bernadette’s story is true …”.

Well, according to “Ruth”, it isn’t.  Too bad the “Wisconsin Citizen Media Co-op” didn’t bother to do the basic verification a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online reporter (btw, as much crap as we give the MSM, its nice to see one of it’s members do some basic work) did rather quickly and easily:

Daniel Bice June 3, 2012 at 3:15 am Reply

I am getting a lot of emails because of this post. Two things: (1) I tracked down and talked to Dr. Gillick’s freshman-year roommate at MU yesterday, and she adamantly denies that Walker is the father of her child. Yes, she got pregnant as a first-year student, but she believes Dr. Gillick is mixing up stories …

Or, the child wasn’t Scott Walker’s.

The “Wisconsin Citizen Media Co-op” then writes a follow up ironically entitled – “Editorial: On Integrity” where it attempts, poorly in my estimation, to justify running an unverified rumor that was quickly debunked. 

Further irony?  The Wisconsin Citizen Media Co-op recalls Walker’s campaign at Marquette as “one of the dirtiest in school history”.

Heh … my bet it can’t hold a candle to the dirt the Wisconsin Citizen Media Co-op just tried to dish on Walker.

But the irony impaired won’t get that either.

June 5th ought to be a very interesting day.


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12 Responses to Wisconsin recall election: How dirty is it?

  • and (2) I Can Read CCAP has taken a family court suit involving Scott Alan Walker and mixed it up with the governor, Scott Kevin Walker.

    So, is the crap about a student body campaign even about Gov. Walker?  I mean, there is ample confusion here.  Plus, all that is apocryphal stuff from one guy…who could be as credible as our Erp.  As a point of comparison, you understand…

  • OMG   This is a step below “Birther-ism”

  • They’re afraid. In the words of that great philosopher Yoda: “Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

    As cheesy as that is, it certainly seems to sum up the left’s journey this election cycle.

    • … or those famous Toy Story III words of (“I hate math”) Barbie ..

      “Authority should derive from the consent of the governed, not from the threat of force!”

  • That wasn’t the way I heard it, I heard Walker abandoned his post flying X-Wing fighters for the Jedi resistance to take up political campaigning right before this really big battle to stop the Death Star.  Dan Rather told me he had documents written by Admiral Ackbar’s brother who is dead now and who’s secretary is still alive, but is a 1000 years old and doesn’t quite remember all the details.

  • “Wisconsin recall election: How dirty is it?”

    Nothing “dirtier” than a contagion of cash from outside of the state of Wisc.  This strepta-KOCHi vote buying virulence is disgusting to a 1 person 1 vote democracy.
    Wisconsinites would do well to inoculate against this rt. wing $ plague & oust Walker.

    • Just CANNOT have that First Amendment, can you?  Fleebagger.

    • vote buying virulence is disgusting to a 1 person 1 vote democracy and out of state cash.
      You’re talking about the Unions funding the recall right?  I know, shocking isn’t it?

      • No, she’s referring to Democrats buying state employee votes with tax payer money.

  • “…amassing personal power…”
    As a sophomore college student? Ooooh. Scary.  I’ll bet the administration was shaking with fear in their barracaded offices while the students scurried about the campus nervously looking over their shoulders. A real reign of terror.
    Having matriculated at several universities, I am quite sure that most of the student body and faculty had no idea who he was, or that there was even an election occurring.