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More evidence that there is nothing particularly alarming about climate change today

Some pictures of Greenland taken in the 1930s have revealed glacier melt that is worse than that taking place today:

Recently unearthed photographs taken by Danish explorers in the 1930s show glaciers in Greenland retreating faster than they are today, according to researchers.

The photos in question were taken by the seventh Thule Expedition to Greenland led by Dr Knud Rasmussen in 1932. The explorers were equipped with a seaplane, which they used to take aerial snaps of glaciers along the Arctic island’s coasts.


It’s difficult to know exactly what’s happening to the Greenland ice in total and very different estimates have been produced in recent times. However Professor Box says that many glaciers along the coasts have started retreating in the past decade.

It now appears that the glaciers were retreating even faster eighty years ago: but nobody worried about it, and the ice subsequently came back again.

The emphasized line is priceless.  Chicken Little stayed home.  

Why were the glaciers on Greenland retreating faster 80 years ago?

[One scientist, Professor Jason] Box, theorises that this is likely to be because of sulphur pollution released into the atmosphere by humans, especially by burning coal and fuel oils. This is known to have a cooling effect.

Unfortunately atmospheric sulphur emissions also cause other things such as acid rain, and as a result rich Western nations cracked down on sulphates in the 1960s. Prof Box believes that this led to warming from the 1970s onward, which has now led to the glaciers retreating since around 2000.

Or, “we cleaned up the air and it got warmer”.   Other scientists disagree:

Still other scientists, differing with Prof Box, offer another picture altogether of Arctic temperatures, in which there were peaks both in the 1930s and 1950s and cooling until the 1990s: and in which the warming trend which resulted in the melting seen by Rasmussen’s expedition actually started as early as 1840, before the industrial revolution and human-driven carbon emission had even got rolling. In that scenario, variations in the Sun seem to have much more weight than is generally accepted by today’s climatologists.

Variations in the Sun!  Whoda thunk?

Bottom line – nothing particularly unusual or worrisome if you actually have come to the conclusion, based on the evidence at hand, that the earth goes through climate cycles.  The key, of course is the fact that a warming trend that resulted in the retreat of the glaciers in the 1930s was begun almost 100 years before without the benefit of the industrial revolution and human carbon emissions.

Then there’s that lingering little scientific fact that CO2 is a lagging indicator, not a cause, of warming.  The fact the alarmist side continues to love to ignore.

Anyway a little context to the “OMG the glaciers are melting”.


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16 Responses to More evidence that there is nothing particularly alarming about climate change today

  • …but nobody worried about it, and the ice subsequently came back again.

    I suggest that one reason nobody worried about it was because it would serve no different, ancillary purpose, and the immense structures of BIG GOVERNMENT were only at time being developed.
    People only started worrying about it when they had the means and the fell motive to use it to push control over the human population.

    • Well, and their lifestyles gave them enough time, between watching Survivor and football games, to bother to worry about such bullshit while stuffing their faces with potato chips.  It also helps tremendously that by the 90’s Western culture has been adequately trained to believe they were no longer the lords of creation, for which the Earth was created to master, but rather an ugly and unnatural blemish on an otherwise pristine and gardenlike planet.
      Idle hands, idle minds, and the devil’s workshop, all rolled into one.

      • We have been given the luxury of worrying about whether Polar Bears have enough ice, by people who came before us and had to worry about how to cook Polar Bears.
        Progress?  Yes, it has been.  And, as usual, depending on people, it can be a double-edged sword.

    • The photographs confirm this interesting statement from the Nov 1922 Monthly Weather Review, which reads very similar to alamist’s concerns about the Arctic today:
      “The Arctic seems to be warming up. Reports from fishermen, seal hunters, and explorers who sail the seas about Spitzbergen and the eastern Arctic all point to a radical change in climatic conditions, and hitherto unheard-of high temperatures in that part of the earth’s surface. . . .
      “Ice conditions were exceptional. In fact, so little ice has never before been noted. . . . Many old landmarks are so changed as to be unrecognizable. Where formerly great masses of ice were found, there are now often moraines, accumulations of earth and stones. At many points where glaciers formerly extended far into the sea they have entirely disappeared. The change in temperature has also brought about great change in the flora and fauna of the Arctic.”

      • Yeah, the fact that at one point the Vikings were able to settle Greenland, in places that are NOW covered in glaciers….. well…we can just forget that happened.

        • They settled it because they had coal powered long ships.

          • See!  Another historical indication of looting and polluting cultures swarming ashore and pillaging the happy close to nature cultures who only relied only on renewable energy sources like solar, and wind, and water….and slaves.

          • Yes.  The science on that is settled.

    • Ya know, you’d think that a guy who was using past evidence of heating, and cooling, and heating, and cooling, and heating, and cooling, might be sharp enough to notice we weren’t around for the last cycles in sufficient numbers to have any influence on the process, and that, uh, maybe the heating, and cooling, and heating, and cooling, and so on, might be part of a natural cycle that has nothing to do with, uh, us.  You’d think that might occur to him while he was talking about his version of physics where ‘many factors’ are (not) explained as the reason for CO2 sequestration that allowed the planet to cool without us shutting down the coal burning plants, and the SUVs to correct the cycle.  Since the article does a hand wave on it, can you tell me why we just haven’t ‘gone Venus’ a long time ago?
      While you’re at it, I have to know, do you get out there on Dec 21st every year and sing songs and jump through the bonfires to ensure the return of Spring in March of the coming year?  Just asking, since I’m being presented with proof that in the past the world has heated and cooled without us being here, but THIS TIME it’s our fault, for sure, honest (just give me all your shit and I’ll make the sky dragon stop eating the sun!)

    • Ya know you’re running out of time for the predictions Tad.  I’ve been hearing the ‘warming!!!! warming!!!!” now for, what, a good 15 years, and so far, the predictions haven’t been fulfilled.  Guess ya better hope it gets a move on, because pretty soon people are going to see the dire predictions were, like the Y2K scare, bullshit from the get go.

  • Myth???
    You didn’t read the comments, didja…???

  • Cleaner air, warmer temps, that is a win-win for me!