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Obama Administration: Remember when “Top Secret” actually meant something?

On the eve of the anniversary of D-Day, it isn’t difficult, given their record, to believe that if it was the Obama Administration in charge on that historic day, the Germans would have known all about it.

In recent months, operations which we should frankly know nothing about, have been leaked by this administration.

Most observers have come to the conclusion that the leaks are an attempt to paint a positive picture of Obama the Commander-in-Chief in what promises to be a bruising fight for re-election.  The reason for such an attempt is the rest of the Obama record leaves much to be desired.

Here, from Peter Brooks at the NY Post, is a litany of the leaks:

It started with the Osama bin Laden takedown last May, in which operational and intelligence details found their way out of the White House Situation Room to the press in just a number of hours.

In a slap at the leakers, then- Defense Secretary Bob Gates said, “We all agreed that we would not release any operational details from the effort to take out bin Laden . . . That all fell apart on Monday — the next day.”

The situation was made worse by exposing the role a Pakistani doctor played in finding bin Laden. The doc is now going to jail for 30-some years — and the crafty inoculation program meant to get Osama’s DNA is blown.

Earlier this year, info escaped about the busting of the plot to put an “underwear bomber” on a US-bound aircraft by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

While kudos go to the intel community for this fabulous counterterrorism op, it was revealed that the expected bomber was a double agent who’d penetrated AQAP. Now al Qaeda knows, too.

Then, late last week, came a news story on “Stuxnet,” the tippy-top-secret US-Israel cyberassault on Iran’s uranium-enrichment plant at Natanz that’s been going on since the George W. Bush presidency.

It’s terrific the cyberattack reportedly led to the destruction of some centrifuges used in Iran’s bomb program, but now the mullahs know for sure who was behind the operation.

Moreover, dope on our highly successful drone program continues to ooze out.

All of this has led to compromising networks, having an agent (the Pakistani doctor) arrested and jailed, and blowing other operations.  It has also made it clear to our allies that sharing intel with the US is a risky business, especially if the outcome could help the political career of the incumbent president.

Let’s be clear here – none of this should have leakedNone of it.  A fairly terse announcement of fact that Osama bin Laden was confirmed dead should have been the extent of any sort of information released.  That’s it.

Instead operational details that should never have seen the light of day have been routinely released.  Anyone with an ounce of sense knows you never, ever talk about methods and means.  Yet both have been a part of these releases.

This sort of behavior, for pure political gain, compromises our intel gathering capabilities and is likely to hurt future operations.   We spend years trying to develop human intelligence networks and agents and in one fell swoop we compromise them (the double agent in Yemen and the doctor in Pakistan).

Who is going to trust us now?

"It’s a pattern that goes back two years, starting with the Times Square bomber, where somebody in the federal government, probably the FBI, leaked his name before he was captured," said Rep. Pete King, the GOP chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.

"That’s why he tried to leave the country — he knew they were on to him." Calling the episode "amateur hour" at the White House, King said: "It puts our people at risk and gives information to the enemy."

Amateurs are dangerous.  Amateurs who leak classified information for political gain are even more dangerous.

It’s time to stop “amateur hour at the White House.”


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13 Responses to Obama Administration: Remember when “Top Secret” actually meant something?

  • Amateurs are dangerous.

    Anti-American, narcissistic amateurs are WAY more dangerous.  A well-intended, mentally healthy amateur would not do what Obama has done.  Not nearly.

  • This Administration has be much better than the last keeping secrets about it’s inner workings, so when a “leak” is closely followed by another “leak”, especially when both appear to make Obama look awesome but stupid, we all know it’s not a leak at all.

    • “we all know it’s not a leak at all.”
      Nope, just Joe Biden talking…..

  • So….we can expect prosecutions like we had with Fitzgerald and Scooter Libby, yes?

    • Don’t hold your breath.

      • You know, not actually doing what they were accused of, but of lying to the investigators.   Like, uh, Eric Holder giving House testimony on Fast and Furious, oh, wait.

    • Gawd, remember that brouhaha? Obama gets a free pass.
      Seriously, the media bias is unhealthy and the Augean stables need to be cleaned out.

  • Re OBL demise, it would have been far better to leak that the USA used autonomous robotic insects to find him and a space laser that bored through the walls of the house and through his skull.  Now that would have put fear into the survirors’  minds…

  • Actually, I give a pass on Osama. It was such big news. And if we had kept it really quiet, then people would claim he was still living.

    • Yeah, but OldMan was right, we don’t have to tell them the names of the Seal Team, and their wedding anniversary dates, we could LIE, like we did about Star Wars or Operation Fortitude (D-Day deception).